Hello World! Gamma Radiation in America 2020.8 This includes a Special Report occasioned by the Russian nuclear reactor “accident.”

The US has not responded.


Special Report occasioned by the Russian nuclear reactor “accident.”




First published in the Bob Nichols Veterans Today column on 11 July 2020. Read it here:


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Hello World! Hmm, wonder what the fitting punishment is for these Crimes and for the Psychopaths committing them

Continue to Dodge The Rads! Why? Watch and Learn More

Tell your friends and neighbors; Your Governments already know.


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See the VT RadNet city to city detail chart for your particular city or area. All 97 cities listed exceed the maximum safe level.

The Allied Generals filled a Gymnasium to watch the Top 10 War Criminals hang. Master Sergeant John C. Woods, Third US Army, was the official 3rd Army Hangman.


Total Gamma Radiation in the US since 2010 = 42.906 Billion CPM; or  42,906,429,723 CPM. 

Email questions to Bob Nichols at duweapons@gmail.com 

First published on 6/20/2020 in the Bob Nichols Veterans Today column; subscribe here to get email updates.


More on Fukushima Since March 2011

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner, a Veterans Today columnist, a former correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publications. He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant. Follow Bob on YouTube channel, Nichols on NuclearTwitter, and visit his web site YourRadiationThisWeek.org You are encouraged to write Nichols at duweapons@gmail.com

First published on 6/20/2020 in the Bob Nichols Veterans Today column; subscribe here to get email updates. 

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Dear World! Uh Oh…. It’s not Fukushima





UPDATE:  7/7/17   In light of the questions presented regarding this article, it is hoped that these videos will aid and assist in cognition.

Watch Think Share and continue to #DodgeTheRads.  #StayOuttaTheStreets!



Hello World! What, you’re still alive so how could Fukushima be an #ELE? D’oh!

Typhoon in Japan to disperse more rads? S**t.
That #5 reactor story is moving too.

Yes, it will. Nothing quite like a typhoon or hurricane to move lots of Rad quickly.

Note that this is the 20th something typhoon this year. Meanwhile, the us has experienced one hurricane.

All the pumps, tanks and water lines have “useful lives.”

They are at the end.

Expect more of these, not less.



“Mais, évitons l’alarmisme, ces estimations de dose interne ne valent que pour ceux qui respirent. La précision a son importance.“

“But avoid alarmism, the internal dose estimates apply only to those who breathe.  Accuracy is important.“




WE CAN SEE YOU. As you reflect on current alarmist news about#Fukushima today, remember remember: #StartWithTheScience: 1,946 #ISOTOPES

If you don’t start with the science, the pro-nuker and fake-anti-nuker teams can distract you every which way, and you’ll think people who share facts are just ‘mean and scary’ and if only they would ‘meditate’ they could help ‘transmute’ those nasty ol’ negative thought forms of lethal isotopes…’

There are 1,946 known lethal isotopes….and if you still believe a little plutonium and a little americium, and maybe too much cesium and tritium can be good for you, have a nice shortened life span. POST RESPONSIBLY. WHEN IT DOUBT, LEAVE IT OUT. Stay out of the way,  huh? Thanks.

ask about the isotopes now  bob nichols veterans today project censored



The #NuclearState is highly invested in your delusions and belief’s that any#nuclear danger is ‘future tensed’.

They count on your inability and refusal to grasp the horrors of the on-going triple nuclear meltdowns, a completed depopulation event of 3.11.11.

They have a well functioning propaganda machine, and many of you nearly ‘diefy’ some of their top mouth pieces…their well paid tag-teams of mouth-pieces. D’oh!

isotopes and homer

[Can’t fix stupid, huh?]

What, you’re still alive so how could it be an #ELE? D’oh!

fukushima workers
DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATHS: Yeah, we’re surrounded. The good news is… ‘we know where they are’… The video, Defense Against The Psychopaths, is a good, empowering study in what we are up against….individually and collectively; see it and share it with your friends and neighbors….afterall,


Ingesting isotopes

Do your own research. Draw Your Own Conclusions.


Read early ASK ABOUT #FUKUSHIMA NOW blogs…https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/list-of-posts/ along with ALL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME…..http://allreactorsleakallthetime.com/and early Lucy Occupy posts and blogs….http://lucyoccupy.com/lucy-occupy-said/



Hello World! #FUKUSHIMA ON FACEBOOK — Does Anybody Know What Time It is??

3.11.11 to 3.11.14 = 1,096 DAYS

Tonnes of 1,946 known lethal isotopes everywhere.

Do something more today.

“You and your friends have all breathed 25,287,840 Times since Mar 11, 2011[2] [3]. Everyone breathing is Radioactively Contaminated. Everyone’s included. No one is left out.”
“There are enough radioactive particles in the air right now to kill us all thousands of times, many have already died. One, or more, of the RadParticles has your name on it. How good are you at dodging invisible bullets?”
ProNukers Spread Death and Pestilence – Always
Connecting the Dots
… by Bob Nichols (San Francisco) So-called “connecting the dots” is hard to do. We all know that radiation is evil deadly nasty stuff. On top of that, it lasts forever.
http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/01/12/pronukers-spread-death-and-pestilence-always/We are the Media Now, ever grateful that Anonymous PRECEDES Unanimous. Carry on.

 time for change

地球上で最も放射能汚染された場所 TOP 10:

#FUKUSHIMA  STILL #1!!!  “The Champion”

Most Radioactive Place on Earth

Top 10 Most Radioactive Places on Earth

#Op#FukU  #StayOuttaTheStreets!

we me me we


Think locally. Act Globally. OCCUPY VIRTUALLY.  #Fukushima Radiation is Everywhere.

We are the Media Now. We are the #Fukushima Nuclear War Correspondents.

On March 11, 2014, it will have been one thousand ninety six (1,096!!!) days of continuous global radiation contamination from Meltdowns of Reactors #1, #2, #3 at Fukushima Daiichi…. Other reactors badly mangled in March 2011 also.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS; YOUR GOVERNMENTS ALREADY KNOW.
1,946 known lethal isotopes…..  #StayOuttaTheStreets    #OpFukU

#ProNukers Spread Death and Pestilence – Always

“….But if #Fukushima keeps going on for years and years, it’s going to finish everyone. … At some point it becomes an ELE…..”

 “Don’t let anyone get away with telling you “no one knows” what it is from. Tell them that is a lie. The Nuclear governments and their government or privately run nuclear weapons labs know exactly what is going on…..”

…..See More:  Short URL: http://www.veteranstoday.com/?p=283913
spit spit spit
When you do create a virtual event, bring your link to this event wall….no nuker disinformation/disinformationist propaganda……please.    #StayOuttaTheStreets.
Dead Protesters Don’t Get the Job Done.  R-A-D-I-A-T-I-O-N   D-A-N-G-E-R-S
Three Eleven Fourteen   Virtual Events

FB Virtual Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Awareness Events March 11, 2014:  (so far)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

FB Virtual Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Awareness Events March 11, 2013:

Monday, March 11, 2013


(Most appear to be volunteer groups; one openly solicits money for info, one selling t-shirts and one seems to be selling oils; do your own research, draw your own conclusions, and refer to The 25 Rules of Disinformation and The 8 Traits of Disinformationists )

Is your group also in this Directory?? As usual yes it is again! Hmph! Who knew!

April 12, 2012 at 12:43pm   https://www.facebook.com/notes/lucy-occupy/is-your-group-also-in-this-directory-as-usual-yes-it-isagain-hmph-who-knew/381344848567097

THE NUCLEAR GRAVY TRAINSNuclear Evacuation Plan  please post visiblynuclear lessons and lies

Yes, We Were Warned, and We Warned.


FUKUSHIMA GROUPS ON FB as of January 2014

Find all groups name “Fukushima”   https://www.facebook.com/search/str/fukushima/groups-named

Open Group
We are against media black out. This group is to reveal and share the facts that governments try to conceal. About Fukushima, nuclear plants, violation of human rights.. 日本の窮状を世界に! 閉ざされた窓を開け、日本の闇に光を当てよう。 1st Rule You do not talk about this group. 2nd Rule Don’t be nasty. 3rd Rule This group has nothing to do with next Presidential election. 1st list: resource Index 5.31 – Potential Identifiers for elements, subject areas for individual threads: index. Add, query, comment… Organization 読まなければなりません チャリティー リソース|索引人材 望月チェシャーローリ 修正|安全|エンジニアリング 水 容器のリーク|排出| SPEEDI DB 地図|モデル 核物質は、識別された|テスト結果 メディカル 人権 会社名:構造(S) 機関:WHO、IAEA、NRC NISE、NIC、USEPA、米国農務省、環境省、… メディカル Enformableアーカイブ 政治|社会| MSM 環境アセスメント:海、雨、土壌、生物相、種&もっとこのようなデータ 利用規約|”憲法” |ルール マニュアル|ガイガー命令 その他の問題 管理|お問い合わせ Must Read Charity Resources | Index | Talents Mochizuki Cheshire Lori Remediation | Safety | Engineering Water Vessel Leaks | Emissions | SPEEDI DB Maps | Models Nuclear Materials Identified | Test Results Medical Human Rights Company: Structure(s) Agencies: WHO, IAEA, NRC, NISE, NIC, USEPA, USDA, Ministry of Environment, … Medical Enformable Archives Political | Social | MSM Environmental Assessments: Oceans, Rain, Soil, Biota, Species & more such data Legal | “Constitutional” | Rules Manuals | Geiger Instruction Other Issues Admin | Contact Us
2,940 members
John WeedPhilip de Souza and 72 other friends are in this group
Open Group
Fukushima On Facebook … Open Group, about #Fukushima. revised 9/15/13 Fukushima on Facebook is dedicated to revealing and sharing the truth of the Fukushima reactors meltdowns of March 2011 and what it means to Humanity around the planet now, and exposing those who are complicit in the deceptions and cover up in this global disaster and extinction level event. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. NUKERS AND NUKER SYMPATHIZERS NOT WELCOME HERE. ‘EXPERT’ PROPAGANDA-ISTS POSTS ARE NOT WELCOME. No exceptions. That includes, but is not limited to, ‘Arnie, Helen, Chris, Robert’ and their ilk and devotees. Time-wasters and and trolls will be simply and immediately removed as soon as noticed. YOUR IGNORANCE IS THEIR POWER; FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS STAY IGNORANT. At this point in time [Sep 2013], group posts will be related to UNDERSTANDING FUKUSHIMA, What happened, What didn’t happen, and what it means to you and yours now. Resources will include content from: Nuke Ignorance Busters https://www.facebook.com/NukeIgnoranceBusters ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOWhttps://askaboutfukushimanow.com/fukushima-we-are-the-media-now-more-blogs-share-freely/ ALL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME http://allreactorsleakallthetime.com/about/ http://allreactorsleakallthetime.com/ ASK ABOUT ISOTOPES NOW (there are 1,946 known lethal isotopes; they increase in lethality over time) https://www.facebook.com/AskAboutIsotopesNow Bob Nichols, Veterans Today, Project Censored Award Winning Journalist http://www.veteranstoday.com/author/bobnichols/ Lucy Occupy & Friends – http://paper.li/LucyOccupy/1375548394 This blog from last year may clarify the tone of this update: ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW: Hello World!! “Group Infiltration with Plausible Deniability” ???!!! AGAIN! Not on our Watch!!! http://wp.me/p22TzT-jV Lucy Occupy & Friends NO PETITIONS EITHER. THERE’S ENOUGH TRACKING ON FB WITHOUT ASSISTING THOSE GROUPS AND PROCESSES. If you want to sell shoes, sunglasses, handbags and other ‘consumer goods’…. if you think its acceptable to do it on this wall….. you’re wrong. If you are promoting magic potions to contain the on-going triple meltdowns, or to extend shortened-life spans, this is not the place for you. Additional content is to include more on PSYCHOPATHS…Some resources include the following; additional resources welcome. ASK ABOUT #PSYCHOPATHS NOW….. lots of info on and off FB… ************ ABOUT THIS GROUP, ORIGINAL STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: THE purpose of THIS group, “FUKUSHIMA ON FACEBOOK”, is to function as a directory resource of a variety of Fukushima related facebook groups, walls, pages, prayers and actions, that contain information, actions, prayers, etc. for and about the matters of the global nuclear disaster we now know as “FUKUSHIMA” that currently continues to contaminate the world with lethal radioactive materials…. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW; WE DO NOT….FORGET.
2,105 members
John WeedAnnaßelle Žeta and 68 other friends are in this group
Closed Group
We are here to try to help SAVE the people of Japan in any way that we CAN! We have grown as an out-branch from the original group, Fukushima 311 Watchdogs, whose mission was to break the silence. We are going further, with making sure that silence does not take hold again, and doing anything within our power, as citizens and fellow human beings, to help the people suffering from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster… We pick up the fight from here in this fight to save humanity from the nuclear machine.
3,450 members
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Closed Group
[ Veuillez lire — Please read ] (Fr) Lire “Fukushima Information フクシマ情報”, nom correct de ce groupe. Outre une faute d’orthographe, nous sommes désolés de notre erreur de traduction que nous ne pouvons malheureusement changer. Veuillez nous excuser pour la confusion que cela peut occasionner au lecteur japonais. Le but de ce groupe est de rechercher et partager des informations sur la catastrophe nucléaire de Fukushima, sur toutes ses conséquences, tant au Japon qu’en France et partout dans le monde, en vue de les diffuser notamment sur la PAGE du même nom, et à laquelle vous pouvez vous abonner pour un meilleur suivi et un partage aisé: >>> https://www.facebook.com/Fukushima.Information <<&lt; Par conséquent, nous encourageons les membres du groupe à vérifier et citer leur source pour toute publication. Merci à chacun d’adhérer à la charte du groupe avant de poster et de garder une attitude courtoise et respectueuse, indispensable à une bonne ambiance et à un travail efficace. ******** (En) Please read “Fukushima Information フクシマ情報”, right name for this group. Besides a misspelling, we are sorry for our translation error, which we cannot change unfortunately. We apologize for any confusion this may cause to Japanese readers. The purpose of this group is to search and share information about the Fukushima nuclear disaster and about any of its consequences, in Japan as well as in France and all around the world, with the aim to spread it in particular through the PAGE of the same name. We invite you to subscribe to it for you to better keep updated and to easily share the news: >>> https://www.facebook.com/Fukushima.Information <<&lt; Therefore, we encourage group members to check and cite their source before any publication. Many thanks to everyone to read and to comply with the group charter before posting and to keep a courteous and respectful attitude, which is essential for a good atmosphere and an effective work.
4,956 members
John WeedNicole Elary and 60 other friends are in this group
Closed Group
Fukushima will release a MASSIVE, lethal cloud of Radiation that WILL kill BILLIONS and force the relocation of billions more. This is only a matter of time. It is mathematically impossible to be successful in the attempt to remove the damaged, corroding fuel rods. The Pacific Ocean is dying and will be DEAD within 5 years…..
4,884 members
Open Group
We need an archive, a database, neutral ground where we can accumulate the records. Here is that place. All things nuclear are welcome- from the uranium mines to the fast breeder reactors… here is a place to record it and save it for posterity…
198 members
Closed Group
Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network FFAN http://ffan.us/ is a coalition of groups and concerned citizens who share information and resources in response to the ongoing radioactive fallout of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and then act to find solutions to the ongoing health threat of radioactive fallout (primarily in food). FFAN is committed to holding elected officials responsible for protecting the US food supply, as well networking with the people of Japan who are trying to protect theirs as well.
1,466 members
Closed Group
Fukushima: Reële bedreiging voor de wereld op aug.13, 2013, Situatie véél ernstiger dan voorgespiegeld Kerncentrale Fukushima vóór de aardbeving Eindelijk begint de wereld te beseffen dat de ramp bij Fukushima vele malen groter is dan hen is voorgespiegeld. Afgezien van alle lekkageproblemen dreigt er een nog veel groter gevaar. Reactor unit 4 Dit gaat om het wegzinken/instorten van de beruchte Reactor Unit 4. De Fukushima kerncentrale is gebouwd precies boven een zogenaamde ondergrondse aquifer. Dit natuurlijke fenomeen, uit het Latijn voor water en dragen, is een watervoerende laag in de ondergrond (bijvoorbeeld zand). Hieruit kan water gewonnen worden via een bron. Het ziet eruit als op het hiernavolgende plaatje en dan moet je je voorstellen dat Fukushima is gebouwd op de plek waar zich in het plaatje de bomen bevinden. fuku 2 400.000 liter radioactief besmet water per dag Iedere dag opnieuw komt er ongeveer 400 ton water van de heuvels naar beneden waar dit water vervolgens onder de Fukushima centrale radioactief wordt besmet. In plaats van dat dit water daarna in de oceaan kan stromen wordt dit tegengehouden door een ondergrondse dam die door de Japanners is gebouwd. Het gevolg hiervan is na inmiddels 2,5 jaar dat 365.000 ton water het grondwater zodanig hoog heeft opgestuwd dat dit nu over de dam in de oceaan dreigt te stromen. Dit op zich is al een grote ramp want dit betekent dat er straks iedere dag gigantische hoeveelheden besmet water in de zee terecht zullen komen, maar het wordt nog erger. De grond onder Fukushima Reactor 4 is aan het wegzinken. “Dit is een uiterst zorgwekkende situatie omdat er in Unit 4 nog meer dan 1500 gebruikte brandstofstaven liggen opgeslagen die gezamenlijk een totaal van 37 miljoen curies aan radioactieve straling vertegenwoordigen. Als deze zouden vrijkomen dan zou dat een groot gedeelte van de wereld onbewoonbaar maken. Instortingsgevaar Naoto Kan Naoto Kan Volgens de secretaris van de vroegere Japanse Minister President, Naoto Kan, is de grond onder Unit 4 al ruim 80 centimeter weggezakt sinds de ramp in maart 2011. De grond zinkt ook niet gelijkmatig maar op sommige plekken sneller dan andere. Als de bodem, zoals men verwacht, verder zakt of er vindt een aardbeving plaats op die locatie van ongeveer 6 op de Schaal van Richter, dan is er een grote kans dat wat er nog over is van het gebouw volledig in zal storten. Graag vragen wij hier u aandacht voor , om het te onderzoeken en zelf bewust er van te worden hoe de zakken er voor staan… Vriendelijk bedanken wij u voor uw aandacht. Namens de website http://www.thetruth4you.com verblijven wij Dhr Ben Haagse en Dhr Mr Markus Henning WAT NIKS MET DEZE GROEP TE MAKEN HEEFT WORDT VERWIJDERD !!
457 members
Open Group
This group was established on 9/18/11 as a dialogue group. Big picture topic is “All nuke reactors leak, all the time.” and How the World Community can and must stop radioactive contamination from Fukushima immediately, finding and implementing SOLUTIONS with, for and behalf of humanity. This is an OPEN GROUP ….. intellectual separatism and/or arrogance discouraged while open-minded-ness, willingness, and goodwill, with patience love and kindness are encouraged. Pray People Pray/ Post Post Post / Tweet Tweet Tweet….. quickly and efficiently…..and UNANIMOUSLY…… xooxoxo All are encouraged to share and participate in multiple Fukushima related groups…. (and add and create more….LET’S DISCUSS….) XOXOOXO i.e. • Action request (if you are so moved to forge links of goodwilll and hope) LINK UP…..here are some groups…on FB.. See also: SPRING 2012 DIRECTORY…..OCCUPY VIRTUALLY! https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/04/12/hello-world-mic-check-what-we-do-and-how-we-do-it-we-are-the-media-now-spring-2012-directory/ Original set of resources: •1. ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW 2. FUKUSHIMA: “All nuke reactors leak, all the time” SOLUTIONS NOW 3. Fukushima Activities for CommUNITY Pray-ER SUPPORT 4. FUKUSHIMA VISION ALIGNMENTS 5. ASK ABOUT TRIALS FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY NOW 6. ASK ABOUT PLUTONIUM NOW 7. ASK ABOUT sonderkommando NOW and THEN 8. FUKUSHIMA ON FACEBOOK9. ASK ABOUT TELLURIUM NOW 10. A Group To Discuss Nuclear Events At Fukushima Daiichi and Around the World 11. Agape International Spiritual Center 12. Awakening As One 13. Concerned Citizens Radiation Knowledge Exchange 14. Conversations with Avant-garde Sages 15. DiaNuke.org – DIALOGUES and RESOURCES ON Nuclear 16. Fukushima Informations Give your hands to Stop Radiaton from Fukushima. Save Japan. Save Mankind. 17. Glowing Conversations 18. GONE Group of Nations Everywhere 19. HUMANIDADES-ENTREFLORES 20. Intenders of the Highest Good ~ The Founders Circle 21. Intuitive Thinker-Truth Teller-(I AM A WAYSEER) 22. K2 Autonomous Society 23. Meditation for Solutions to Global Issues: Fukushima Nuclear Disaster24. MENSCH / PESSOA 25. Mushajee 26. NESARA Now! 27. Nuclear Forensics28. Nuclear Hotseat – weekly podcast 29. OCCUPY FACEBOOK 30. Occupy Facebook-United We Stand 31. PEACE AMONGST ALL 32. Prisoners Unanimous Embracing All Planetary Prisoners 33. RAD Weather Watchers 34. Radiation Health Solutions 35. Rainbows 36. Safe Citizen Inter Agency Group 37. STAR STUDENTS COMMITTEE SUPPORTING A NUCLEAR-FREE WORLD 38. Stop Jaitapur Nuclear Plant 39. STOP nuclear industry / atomic power plants 40. The “Think” TANK 41. The Global Brain Project 42. The Mercury Project 43. The Power of Releasing 44. Translate Fukushima 45. Unite for Energy Independence of America 46. Warriors & Warrioresses of TRUTH! 47. Water Ceremony with Marasru Emoto 48. We Are The World PeaceMaker [ Awakening to The Golden Age of Aquarius 49. We Declare World Contact Day NOW 50. We the People vs. G.E., TEPCO and Hitachi. 51. Women for the Future: Women for a Future of LOVE PEACE & HARMONY7 52. 福島 FUKUSHIMA 311 WATCHDOGS 福島 53. 2012: Surfing The Shift • 53. Any and all of the OCCUPY Walls….. America, Europe, The World, Everything, WE ARE THE MANY …xooxox GLOBAL MEDITIATION… “8 o’clock, local time” LINK UP, DAILY, WITH THOUGHT AND DEDICATION…… ; ) 8/16/12 Addendum: New group focus. No posts by any of the leading ‘nuker experts’…..’arnie, helen, chris, robert and their ilk.’ that stuff has a place, but not on this wall. Thanks. If you have a problem with that, bye. xoxoxoox
91 members
Open Group
Exposing the lies behind the continuing disaster of 3/11.
442 members
Sha RenPatricia Sonne and 12 other friends are in this group
Open Group
Wir wollen alle zusammen die Menschen auf der ganzen Welt so weit aufklären, dass Atomkraft absolut keine Akzeptanz mehr in der Bevölkerung bekommt! We want to educate people all around the world to the point that nuclear power has no more acceptance in the population!
1,132 members
Philip de SouzaCat Setzer and 50 other friends are in this group
Closed Group
Welcome to a Safe Haven, a place for sharing feelings, music, art, and support regarding the Fukushima nuclear event and its aftermath. Our purpose is to provide care, patience, and solace. We are non-denominational, and non-judgmental. There are many groups dedicated to sharing resource based information, and we encourage your membership. Posts of this type are valued based on there ability to create dialog and reference points. Visualize this place as a quiet refuge, a place to find love and support, without fear. We also encourage you to invite your friends and become involved in actions to help others in mutual understanding. We are all equal. Please feel free to share any actions you are taking, and share your other groups within reason. Remember, we do not always know what is behind the words and thoughts people share, we do not know what they may be experiencing. Understanding how this event has affected the lives of people, ourselves, and the process of absorbing it requires compassion. We have a no-tolerance policy in regards to lewd language, negativity, and hurtful behavior. Membership and posts will be allowed at the discretion of the administrators. Please fell free to report any uncomfortable posts immediately, try not to engage or feed into this type of behavior. People will receive two warnings via PM, if they are ignored or otherwise not addressed, they will be banned from this group. This is to maintain integrity and focus, as well as a comfort level among members. Apologies are encouraged and should be respected. Love one another deeply.
97 members
Open Group
This page is created to implement Plan A ~ an effort to Clean Up Fukushima.
353 members
Open Group
Radiation Wars: Fukushima, Depleted Uranium (DU), Nuclear Power plants, Nuclear weapons
668 members
Open Group
askaboutfukushimanow@groups.facebook.com THE PURPOSE OF THIS GROUP IS TO ELEVATE AWARENESS OF THE ESCALATING GLOBAL NUCLEAR CRISIS AT FUKUSHIMA, WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU, TO THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN AND SURROUNDING COUNTRIES, AND TO OUR VERY EXISTENCE. ASK QUESTIONS. QUESTION AUTHORITY. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…..IN THIS FIGHT FOR OUR VERY EXISTENCE. Get it folks? ASK AND TELLLLLLLLLL. Pray People Pray and Post Meditate Mobilize Organize Tweet Post. LET’S USE THIS SITE FOR THOSE WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS DISASTER, POST QUESTIONS/POST ANSWERS, POST RESOURCES, AND PLEASE, DO IT NOW. Thanks. Send folks to: FB Group: ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW and post like there is no tomorrow…. xooxoxooxox 8/16/12 Addendum: New group focus. No posts by any of the leading ‘nuker experts’…..’arnie, helen, chris, robert and their ilk.’ that stuff has a place, but not on this wall. Thanks. If you have a problem with that, bye. xoxoxoox
601 members
Open Group
579 members
Darrenzo DankoMareo Diaz and 17 other friends are in this group
Closed Group
LES VEILLEURS DE FUKUSHIMA FRANCOPHONES : Groupe de discussion et de partage d’informations des veilleurs de Fukushima francophones. Les membres sont encouragés à poster des sources fiables et sérieuses, afin d’étudier ensemble la situation du Japon post 3/11, de comprendre les conséquences, le contexte, l’actualité découlant de l’accident de Fukushima. La plupart des sujets concernent directement la thématique du nucléaire et de la centrale, mais on débat aussi sur les sujets sociologiques, économiques, sanitaires, et humains en rapport à cette crise sans précédent. Il est demandé aux membres d’avoir une attitude respectueuse et tolérante envers la communauté et les individus la composant. Les administrateurs veillent à la bonne entente, à cultiver une bonne atmosphère capable de souder tout le groupe, à favoriser l’échange humain et l’ouverture d’esprit. Seront effacés sans pitié: les insultes, les posts hors sujets, le flood, les trolls, la diffamation. Merci de votre compréhension. Bienvenue! **** English readers are welcome !
1,145 members
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How about a Global CommUNITY Calendar for VIRTUAL events, ACTIONS that call for pray-er and meditation and energy support, around our little planet….. think locally. act globally. OCCUPY VIRTUALLY. USE ANY/ALL TOOLS TO OCCUPY VIRTUALLY. This group was prompted by an inquiry to a post about an upcoming Tokyo Rally (2012) to bring awareness to needed actions. This is not a group for posting grim news….we know we have a global crisis on our hands. NOTE: ALL THE NEWS ABOUT THE FUKUSHIMA TRIPLE NUKE MELTDOWNS IS NOW ‘GRIM’… no actions taken to contain #Fukushima. D’oh. This is a place to post notices of positive actions….including but not limited to VIRTUAL prayer/meditation events, even VIRTUAL rallys. Around the world, governments are nervous, so if you and your friends are compelled to take your causes “to the streets” DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT HAVING AT LEAST 12 PEOPLE PRAYING FOR YOU AND YOUR GROUP and A HAZMAT SUIT!!! Leave word with your next of kin that upon your mysterious and sudden death, have them demand a coroner’s inquest… when the cause is determined to be ‘radiation poisoning’ criminal charges can be filed and your death will not be in vain if you chose to ‘sing songs and carry signs in the streets during an ELE…” …. Just a safety precaution….remember, the gov’t folks can be armed and dangerous….and the air land and sea….everywhere…. is radioactive. Conduct yourselves accordingly. Remember, DEAD DEMONSTRATORS DON’T GET THE JOB DONE. “It’s time to keep praying for the dead and dying, and fight like hell for the living.” PS Create a fresh FB Group page for your VIRTUAL events so support can be continuously posted, ok? Fuku rads in the air, everywhere…. undeniable well into 3rd year of EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT….. xooxox BE BRAVE. CONTINUE TO BE LEADERS. POST CLEAR AND SIMPLE ACTIONS AND REQUESTS….Make it easy for all to DO SOMETHING…. Starting with linking in at 11:11, pm and am, local time, knowing solutions manifesting around Fukushima and nuclear matters now. LINK UP WITH OTHERS AT 8 o’clock, local time with and for all impacted by Fukushima (that’s all of us) and with and for all who OCCUPY (virtually and non-virtually) ON BEHALF OF ALL OF US. THERE IS ALSO A 9 PM SILENT GROUP PRAYER HAPPENING… FIND IT ON FB. ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT and THOUGHTS ARE THINGS… ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW.. https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/ ALL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME http://allreactorsleakallthetime.com/ LUCY OCCUPY SAYS: Y U NO WAKE UP YET?? http://lucyoccupy.com/about/ Revised well into 3rd year of Fukushima triple nuclear meltdowns…. 3/14/2013….DAY 735 OF #Fukushima Extinction Level Event.. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. USE ANY/ALL TOOLS TO OCCUPY VIRTUALLY. YOU KNOW HOW. YOU KNOW WHY. Tell your friends and tell your neighbors…. ELE Extinction level event in progress.
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Hosted by http://www.enformable.com See our facebook page for the latest nuclear news https://www.facebook.com/Enformable Watch the TBS feed AND the TEPCO webcam simulcast EXCLUSIVELY HERE http://lucaswhitefieldhixson.com/lucaswebcamwatch.html Sign Petition Here http://www.thepetitionsite.com/774/petition-to-reinstate-ongoing-testing-for-radiation-from-fukushima/ In the midst of the longest uncontrolled nuclear accident in world history, citizens of the United States trust the EPA and the United States Government to lead humanitarian and environmental efforts within its borders. As Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and the Japanese Government release new information, many experts in the United States and around the globe are concerned about the potential of increased radiation exposure in American air, food, and water. In April 2011, radioactive isotopes were found in the breast milk of mothers in Tokyo, over 250 km away from the nuclear power plants at Fukushima Daiichi. Many new reports also show increased levels of Cesium, Plutonium, and other fission products in the soil, food, and drinking water in Japan, as far as 400 km from their point of origin. This data verifies the risk of bioaccumulation of radioactive isotopes — not only in the air, but also in the food chain; not only to those in Japan, but in the United States and other countries in the northern hemisphere.
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Exposing the truth that Tepco and the Japan Government don’t want known!
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Initialement, il s’agissait de réagir aux prises de position de ministres français le 12 mars 2011 engageant la responsabilité de l’ensemble du gouvernement français. A présent, il s’agit d’évaluer correctement l’ampleur de la catastrophe nucléaire qui s’est ajoutée au séisme dévastateur, les responsabilités et les mesures à prendre dans le but de contribuer au débat démocratique au Japon et dans le monde entier, particulièrement en ce qui concerne les puissances nucléaires, ce dans un esprit de solidarité avec les victimes présentes et futures.
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This is a serious group – all joke submissions will be removed. The goal of this group is to document for all the world, reports of mutations of animals and plants in Japan that have been found AFTER the Fukushima disaster.
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Suggestions For Posting Material To The Group Should Include Pertinent Material Related To The Ongoing Radiological Disaster Of Fukushima, Environmental Effects, Other Nuclear Power Plants That Are Endangering Lives. Radio & Video Shows Which Have Scientific Discussions Which Can Be Referenced By URL Links. Religious Implications, Or Prophecies, Should Please Be Refrained From Posting, As We Are Here To Report Given Facts Which Are Presented. Attachments May Not Always Be Seen By All Users, Due To Their Security Settings. Please Bear That In Mind When Posting. Subjective Fear Mongering, Or Conspiracy Theory Related Material, Serves No Purpose In Acquisition Of Facts; It Is Asked, That These Be Refrained From Posting So That Members Are Not Detoured From Their Search In Finding Truth And Actual Facts. With Regard To: Personal Web Page Material (Videos) Ect. Which Track Back To Ones Personal Wall, I Ask That We Again Please Stick To The Facts At Hand. This Is Why We Have All Come Here In The Formation Of “Fukushima In Red.” Thank You All For Your Generous Contributions. )-(
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福島と世界の核、原子力事故に関するニュースの翻訳グループです。ここで翻訳された情報はどんどん拡散、シェアして頂くためのものです。 Translation group for Fukushima/worldwide nuclear accident related news. All the news translated here is free to use on your own group, blog, Twitter and anywhere else. 翻訳の経験がある方,またやってみたかった方、時間があったら一緒に翻訳してみてください。日本語から英語、英語から日本語、ロシア語から日本語の翻訳を特に必要としています。 If you are skilled at translating and/or willing to volunteer your time to try your hand, consider joining our effort. We are especially in need of Japanese to English, English to Japanese, and Russian to Japanese (or English). 翻訳して下さるメンバーへのお願い: 1.スムーズかつ正確な翻訳をするために第二外国語からあなたの母国語への翻訳をお願いしています。 2.正確度が落ちてしまうことがままあるので、翻訳された文書を更にまた他国語へ翻訳することを避けています。 〈例:日本語から英語に変えた文書を更にその英語からドイツ語やフランス語に変える等〉。この選択が可能でない場合はその都度考慮させていただきます。 3.単語、語句の選択が、正確で自然な翻訳を作成するには不十分なことが多いので、インターネットまたそのたの機械的な翻訳ソフトの使用は避けていただくようお願いしています。とくに日本語と英語またやその他のインドヨーロピアン言語との翻訳の場合要注意。意味が解らなくなります。 4. もし翻訳を始めたならそのようにコメント欄に記述お願いします。これは他の翻訳者が始めるのを防ぐ為です。 If you start translating an article, please write it in the “comment” section, so that work is not done twice. Requests to Translating Members: 1. Please work from your second language into your native language to ensure that the translation sounds natural in the target language. 2. Please avoid using a translated text as a source for translations into other languages (i.e., a text is translated from Japanese to English, and then from English into German and French), as this is not always accurate. Where there is no other option, this will be considered. 3. Please do not use machine translators and then ‘clean up’ the resulting text as the choice of words and phrases given by these machine translators are insufficient to create accurate and natural translation. This is important especially when Japanese is translated to English (and other Indo-European Languages) and vice versa. 4. If you started translating a document, please comment so as to avoid someone else to pick the document for translation. 翻訳をリクエストする際: 1.情報源の記載が必要です。 2.翻訳された情報を読んでくれる人たちがいることを確認してください。 3.翻訳後のその場への拡散を必ずしてくださる様お願いします。 4.もし全文翻訳が必要ならそのように記述お願いします。 5.全文翻訳が必要ない場合は、そのように記述お願いします。要点を訳します。 6.情報源がない文書、著者の名前のない文書、また誰が読んでくれるか不明な場合などは、選択されないことの原因となりますのでよろしく。 When you request a translation: 1. Please make sure that the source of information is clear. 2. Please make sure that you have an audience to share the result. 3. Please share with your intended audience when the translation is done. 4. If you post an article that should be fully translated, please note that. 5. Please let us know if the articles can be summarized, as we often do not need all the details. 6. Also, if there is no source or no author’s name attached to the article, and/or if it is unclear whether or not there is an audience, we may not select the document to be translated.  福島原発事故に関する情報の翻訳の依頼、または翻訳に関する議論に限らせていただきます。翻訳依頼をされるときはその都度ちゃんと表示してください。その他のポスト、写真、ビデオなどは消却させていただきます。このグループを情報交換、拡散の場として使わない様お願い致します。福島、原発、その他の情報交換グループは多数存在しているので、情報交換、また拡散はそちらでお願い致します。ご理解感謝します。 This group is dedicated to the request for translations of Fukushima nuclear power plant accident-related information and the discussion of translations only. When you request a translation, please clearly state so. Other posts, photos and videos will be deleted. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS GROUP FOR INFO SHARING. There are a dozen groups where you can share information, inform yourself and discuss. Thank you for your understanding. (このグループはどの依頼を選択し翻訳するかを決定する権利を保有します。) (We reserve the right to choose and decide which articles will be selected and translated.) メタリンク: Metalink: http://translatefukushima.nodes.org/ ファイアーフォックスの漢字アドオン ぱらぺら君 Firefox offers add-ons for the kanjis Peraperakun https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/perapera-kun-japanese-popup-tr/ 理解ちゃん Rikaichan https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/rikaichan/) フランス語 For French users: http://www.reverso.net/ 辞書: Dictionaries: http://dict.leo.org/ (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese) http://www.dict.cc/ (many many languages) http://ejje.weblio.jp/sentence/content/ (Japanese and more) 反核の輪を広げよう! Anti-nuclear activists, unite!
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The continuing nuclear meltdown fiasco disaster at the FUKUSHIMA nuclear power plant in Japan . . .
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Helping each other prepare.
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an online anti-nuclear artshow to commemorate fukushima/chernobyl, etc.; here is the Artist Call for 3/11 Fukushima Anniversary Online Art Show event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/156144577828929/
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We all know about the Nuclear power plant accident in Fukusima, Japan. It has passed the limit of danger range of Radiation. So we have been already late, but not too late to response….. As human beings, we cannot just sit and see people suffering and dying from the effects of radiation. It’s not only the people of Japan, but also the whole world citizens will suffer if we fail to stop further complications and accidents from the nuclear power plants of Japan. So we cannot ignore our responsibility to protect our planet earth from this great disaster. It is the time to come forward. We all have to come forward with our ideas, knowledge and skills to tackle this complicated condition. We can be only successful if we all give our hands and work together to face this new threat to the mankind. So all the members are requested to work in a body to save our Earth. Remember, It does not even matter whether you are students, engineers, scientists, nuclear specialists or not, But it matters whether we are doing our duties to our mother earth or not. Doesn’t it????????
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Groupe de l’association Fukushima Informations
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Fukushima Open Dialogue is the public group for postings on the ongoing Fukushima crisis, and how peer-to-peer open discussion on science and society can help to address the issue as a matter of global importance. This group is an extension of The Asia Institute – P2P Foundation convergence group which is currently preparing a white paper due out in February 2014. Basic etiquette is appreciated. Energetic dialogues, promoted!
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Questions,concerns, information regarding damage done by the radiation from Fukushima,concerns about our nuclear reactions in the US
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This is a place where people can post all information relating to the nuclear crisis that is occurring at Fukushima. It is meant to be merely an point of information and a center of awareness as well. Please feel free to invite anyone who is interested or might benefit from this information. Thanks.
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What we are and who we are: Private citizens, professionals, engineers, and scientist who realize the cover-up has gone too far and now its time to rage. Please if you want to learn, help, look, and ask questions your welcome here. If you want to attack members or the site you aren’t, I’ll see to it personally. Our future and our race is in serious jepordy. If this reality is too much for you take a pass. This is all about what we can do now and preparations for the bleak potential future if we don’t get action ASAP.
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FUKUSHIMA VISION ALIGNMENT fb group purpose is to facilitate ALIGNMENT of thoughts for positive outcomes of all matters related to the current nuclear disaster now known simply as “Fukushima”. As there are many factors relative to what sort of “positive outcomes” are desired, this particular FB wall will serve as a source of encouragement for cooperation with other positively oriented, like-minded individuals and groups (such as http://www.visionalignmentproject.com/and http://www.intenders.org). If a post is stated in a negative frame, others are invited to GENTLY HELP POSTER REFRAME IN POSITIVE REFERENCE. Thoughts are things; this we know. LET’S KEEP MOVING FORWARD. “READY! AIM! SHIFT!” In this way, we will move forward, enjoying the shift, remembering that WE ARE EACH THE TRAVELLER, AND THE BRIDGE….. Pray*Post*Tweet*Tell YOur Neighbors*Tell Your Friends… Sending love and light… xooxooxox
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Les Veilleurs ou Watchdogs (chiens de garde) de Fukushima sont des personnes du monde entier qui suivent 24h/s24h la catastrophe de Fukushima et recherchent des informations sur le net. Les Veilleurs ou Watchdogs sont au service d’une cause. Ils ne sont jamais au premier plan et évitent le culte de la personnalité. Chacun de nous peut être un Veilleur ou Watchdog de Fukushima. Il n’y a pas de propriétaire de ces appellations qui sont apparues peu de temps après la catastrophe. Chaque Veilleur ou Watchdog est autonome, exprime librement son opinion et transmets des faits vécus ou des sources. Voici les liens vers quelques Veilleurs ou Watchdogs les plus actifs. Sites : Le site du groupe international “Fukushima Watchdogs” (en anglais et en japonais): http://www.fukushima311watchdogs.org Facebook : Le groupe international “Fukushima 311 Watchdogs” (en anglais et japonais) : https://www.facebook.com/groups/106143366193072/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/fukushima311watchdogs/ Le groupe de Laurent Mabesoone “Yellow ribbon against nuclear power” (français et japonais) : https://www.facebook.com/groups/226456997370638/ Le groupe francophone “C.A.N. arrêt immédiat” : https://www.facebook.com/groups/259056804177798/ Le groupe américain “C.A.N. Coalition Against Nukes”: https://www.facebook.com/groups/113622485391538/ Le groupe international “Abolish all nuclear” : https://www.facebook.com/groups/231036316916731/ Le groupe francophone “Réseau Zéro Nucléaire” : https://www.facebook.com/groups/203988866290848/ Le groupe américain “Radiation watch” : https://www.facebook.com/groups/265270333529656/ Le groupe américain “Understanding radiation” : https://www.facebook.com/groups/understandingradiation/ Le groupe “Fukushima Vigil” : https://www.facebook.com/groups/175561039207663/ Le groupe international “A Nuke Free World” : https://www.facebook.com/groups/110993702314452/ Le groupe “Fukushima – solidarité: info contre intox” : https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fukushimoxstop/ Le groupe francophone “Agir contre la menace nucléaire de Fukushima” : https://www.facebook.com/groups/agirensemblejapon/344895188901850/?notif_t=group_activity Le groupe francophone “Fukushima Information” : https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fukushima.informations/ La page “Arrêt immédiat” : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arr%C3%AAt-Imm%C3%A9diat/311333012253543 La page du groupe international “Fukushima 311 Watchdogs” (en anglais et japonais): https://www.facebook.com/fukushima311watchdogs La page internationale “No Nuke Planet” (toutes les langues): https://www.facebook.com/pages/No-Nuke-Planet/174596739286388 La page “Fukushima Diary”: https://www.facebook.com/pages/%E7%A6%8F%E5%B3%B6-Fukushima-311-Watchdogs-%E7%A6%8F%E5%B3%B6/408450099201819 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fukushima-Diary/148119658606689 “Fukushima Diary FR” (en français) : https://www.facebook.com/FukushimaDiaryFR?filter=1 Ce groupe est dédié aux dernières informations de Veilleurs ou de Watchdogs de Fukushima. C’est le suivi de l’actualité de Fukushima et de la lutte antinucléaire qui en est le thème. Ce groupe ne doit en aucun cas servir à faire de la publicité pour un groupe ou un autre. En revanche, si vous souhaitez que nous ajoutions un groupe dans la description du groupe, n’hésitez pas à le demander à un de nos administrateurs.
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Just trying to maintain the “buzz”. You may ask, “What the FUKUSHIMA is this that crazy woman is signing me up for THIS time?” Well, I have invited you all here to help me solve the riddle of all time. Once one is off the edge of the 30 story building and falling to smash on the ground below in smithereens what are the chance we can pull out of it? “What the FUKUSHIMA kind of a question is that?”, you may ask. I believe it is a question of survival. Now that we are reaching maximum velocity is there anything we can do to change the situation? Don’t we first have to have had an emergency plan that would fit all emergencies B 4 we started to tinker at the edge of the building? What can we do now? Because it is our Children and Grandchildren that are about to hit the pavement. PLEASE POST WHAT THE FUKUSHIMA STUFF HERE! I WANT TO UPDATE THIS EACH AND EVERY HOUR UNTIL WE HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO PUT THE BRAKES ON AND STOP THIS VEHICLE DRIVEN BY DRUNKEN PIRATES! WHAT THE FUKUSHIMA!?!?!
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The aim of this group is to help those who have left Japan or plan to leave Japan due to the still ongoing Fukushima disaster. For many of us, uprooting and leaving our homes in Japan was/is unimaginable. But we must make our best efforts to move forward and live our lives for our families and loved ones. That said there are many stresses for us all in this process: • Where to go? Some of us have other countries and residences to go to but some are not so fortunate. • Career and financial impacts. There is a great challenge ahead for most when moving unexpectedly out of their country of residence. • Family and friends. Make the decision to leave is hard enough but then there is the agonizing process of how to deal with family and friends. Most people refuse to think there is any need to leave Japan and will not share your belief. Broaching the subject with them can be very difficult or impossible. Even if they want to come with you, are you able to bring them and support them? • The process of moving itself (throwing away unnecessary items, arranging shipment of items you will keep, etc). • Paperwork (passports, visa, marriage certificates, etc). • Tying up loose ends in Japan before leaving (work, bank, businesses, friendships, etc). • Psychological aspects. This is probably the most difficult of all. For many there is a great mix of emotions: fear, anger, doubt, guilt and other anxieties. So again this group is meant to provide support for those who have left or are planning/wanting to leave Japan due to the ongoing disaster Fukushima Japan. For those of you who have tips that you can share with others, please do!
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Our mission is to help support the film A2-B-C and to spread awareness of Fukushima radiation issues and help the children.
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We think about Fukushima Daiichi. 東京電力の福島第一原発について、 この事故の事態に直面し、考え、対話し、 さらに行動するためのグループです。 “Our vision for this group includes environmental issues of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant (TEPCO), Japan . The lives of our children, of all children of all peoples, are precious, and for them we seek to preserve and enhance the natural environment that is shared by all. Our current discussions are focused on the stricken nuclear power plants in Fukushima. We hope our discussions will contribute workable solutions to remedy the present catastrophic situation, as well as wider issues in a timely manner. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/nagaikenji20070927 This group is a spin out group from 「福島第一原発を考えます」 group. This group is for English or Japanese + English users. Original group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_163985373661863
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Open Group
This is a group for all Fukushima JETs/ALTs/CIRs of the past, present and future. Feel free to post pics or discussions from around the ken. If you’re new to the group don’t be shy, introduce yourself.
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Open Group
Post anything that will help raise awareness about the ongoing and impending Fukishima nuclear disaster. Anything that can remediate the situation is also helpful.
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Open Group
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Closed Group
Fukushima Friends Inc. was founded with the express purpose of assisting those people living in the Fukushima area. To this end we will put on a variety of fundraising events to allow people from Fukushima respite in Hawaii, and relocation if desired.
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Open Group
Group name change to: ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA BLOGS Feel free to post specific articles from VARIOUS FUKUSHIMA BLOGS and articles and open threads of discussion. WAKE UP WORLD! think LOCALLY. act GLOBALLY. occupy VIRTUALLY!! WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, ever grateful that Anonymous PRECEDES Unanimous! One intention of this group is to help DIVIDE THE LABOR and MULTIPLY THE RESULTS of the intense research and distribution of the information provided on the blogs, in line with the principles that clearly define that WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. The intentions will evolve with time. It will be returned to an OPEN GROUP STATUS. THERE IS A FULL SCALE ON-GOING EFFORT TO BURY THE TRUTH ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW BY CORPORATE MEDIA. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. THE SO-CALLED ‘EXPERTS’ ARE BEHAVING IN ALARMING WAYS. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. OCCUPY VIRTUALLY! This “FUKUSHIMA BLOGS” Group has been created to provide a further study and discussion forum for Fukushima articles and on-going events and needs at and around Fukushima. It was originally intended to support the work of Fukushima Diary and EX-SKF, but on further contemplation, AND IN FULL AWARENESS OF WHAT THE PRO-NUKERS ARE DOING NOW, FOLLOWING A YEAR OF CENSORSHIP AND NEWS BLACKOUT, it was determined that we need to THINK BIGGER. There are many bloggers about Fukushima…..this group will be another place to SUPPORT THE MANY, ever grateful and respectful that ANONYMOUS PRECEDES UNANIMOUS. OCCUPY EVERYTHING, VIRTUALLY!!! Please invite your friends of like-mind to join the group, support the Group Wall There is ‘safety in numbers’ …… let’s make it a bigger group. All are welcome and all are encouraged to also subscribe to the VARIOUS BLOGS as they are discovered. Take the information back out to your other groups as well. This group is for Discussions amongst Facebook members and their friends and family. When you are moved by a various article, GO DIRECTLY TO THE BLOG AND ADD COMMENTS AS WELL. THAT’S HOW WE WILL ENLIGHTEN OTHERS, AND ENCOURAGE BLOGGERS. WATCH LOCAL PAPERS FOR STORIES, AND SHARE KNOWLEDGE IN THE CORPORATE MEDIA VIA THOSE LINKS. WE ARE THE MANY. WE DO NOT FORGET. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. WAKE UP WORLD! think LOCALLY. act GLOBALLY. occupy VIRTUALLY!! WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, ever grateful that Anonymous PRECEDES Unanimous!
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Reactor No.4 risk pool is disintegrating at a rate faster than normal because of the effect of radio active elements present!
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Fukushima’s victim Living Memorial Every 11th of the month since April 11th, we gather a vigil on a public place to manifest our solidarity with the victims of Fukushima. Join our group to manifest your concern with what is happening there. Next vigil is next 11th, check it where and what time! If you can’t come, create the same vigil wherever you are with your friends! If you can’t get out of your home, just put a candle this evening (11th) at the window of your place to light to world + picture it (with location, date and hour) and post it to the Fukushima Vigil group or page, ideally with your face on the picture, like this: http://bit.ly/rJ8YLc Fukushima could be us! Fukushima Mémorial Vivant Chaque 11 du mois depuis le 11 avril, nous réunissons une veillée sur une place publique pour manifester notre solidarité avec les victimes de Fukushima. Rejoignez notre groupe pour manifester votre inquiétude pour ce qui se passe là-bas. La prochaine veillée sera le prochain 11, regardez ici où et à quelle heure. Si vous ne pouvez venir, alors organisez la même veillée où que vous soyez. Si vous ne pouvez sortir de chez vous, alors posez une bougie allumée à votre fenêtre pour éclairer le monde + prenez-la en photo (avec une feuille reprenant: lieu, date, heure) et postez la photo sur Fukushima Vigil group ou page. Idéalement avec votre visage sur la photo, comme cela: http://bit.ly/rJ8YLc Fukushima, ça pourrait être nous! chantons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3fpCztWWug
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【必ずお読みください】 部活動です。福島県内のラーメンを食べたら写真に撮って投稿してください。他県のラーメンも偵察・遠征ということでオッケーです。 【緩いながらも一応いくつかのルールを設けています】 ■「ラーメン(中華そば、支那そば、つけ麺含む)」を投稿してください ■当日食べた分だけにしてください ■食べたラーメンの名前、値段、お店の名前、お店の場所(○○町とか○○市内などなるべくわかりやすく)を入れてください ■写真は1枚だけ投稿してください ■面識のない部員にむやみやたらと友達申請をしないように ■入退部は自由 ■招待も自由 ■自分の好みじゃないラーメンがあってもスルー ■いいねが押されなくても泣かない 特にそのお店がどこにあるのかを記入されない方が多いのでお気をつけください(野田町とか書いても福島市以外の人にはわかりませんのでこの場合は福島市または福島市野田町とご記入ください) 位置情報は表示されない機種をお使いの方もいらっしゃいますのでチェックインだけではなく文章中にご記入ください。 写真を2枚以上セットでアップすると、個別の写真にいいねやコメントがついた場合そのセットから外れて表示され、写真だけがタイムラインに流れダブリが出ますので必ず1枚で投稿ください。 守られない場合は管理人によって削除する場合がありますのであらかじめご了承ください。 また上記ルールに準じない投稿は基本無視するユーザーも多いですのであしからず〜
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Ho creato questo pagina/gruppo in quanto credo che sia importante se non vitale sapere e informare tutto il globo di cosa accade a Fukushima. Sto iscrivendo tutte le mie amicizie su FB e chiedo a Voi di trovare altre amicizie che vogliono sapere e condividere ciò che gli Statiti di tutto il mondo non ci dicono. Se qualcuno non ha piacere a stare nel gruppo è liberissimo di cancellarsi.
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This is a place to share information about the effects of Fukushima radiation in the U.S. and Canada. The data is pouring in and I’ve created this group to be a space for us to post and share everything we think is important for the world to know.
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Lets put together some information for the purpose of dispelling misinformation with cross referencing information and sources for the true facts pertaining to the ongoing nuclear crisis at Fukushima.
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Fukushima Updates and Warnings
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Anon Op for Fukushima.
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A group for those in Fukushima and those looking to help them out. Please limit postings to information about the current situation in Fukushima-ken. When I say information I mean reasonably accurate and fact-checked info. No rumors or half-baked speculation please.
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Dedicated to creating solutions to STOP NUCLEAR DISASTERS
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Tervehdys, perustin aikoinaan facebookkiin ryhmä, Fukushiman tiedotukseen, mutta sitten facebook poisti Robin Huudi tilini ja joku oli muuttanut sen yleiseksi ydinasioista tiedotuksen ryhmäksi. Joten perustin nyt uuden ryhmän, missä voidaan puhua pelkästään Fukushiman tilanteesta ja myöskin varautuvasti sen takia, että jos siellä tapahtuu taas uusi jättivuoto niin voimme täällä organisoida tiedotusta foorumeilla ja muualla internetissä. Tehdään myös valmiiksi asiakirja, missä on tärkeimmät tapahtumat. Myöskin aletaan keräämään valmiiksi eri foorumeiden osotteita, mihin voidaan tiedotus hoitaa jos jotain tapahtuu että ihmiset saavat sen tärkeän tiedon, että he voivat halutessaan suojautua sisälle. Kun en luota ollenkaan, että STUK näin neuvoisi ihmisiä tekemään, vaikka sieltä tulisi sata Tshernoa niskaan..
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Would love to make certain fix-times daily where we pray together for the desperate waters of Japan to rest and receive the healing powers of our prayers. Dr. Emoto shows us just how receiving the water is in his last video :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HWi8-DGGTA&feature=em-uploademail. I will be praying at 8, 12 and 18 o’clock Danish time. – Join me!
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links for those who would like to know what is going on in fukushima.
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As the news of Fukushima spreads, conversations must be had. This is a safe space to share resources, news updates, ideas, action plans and any information that is useful, helpful and intelligent. We need information on the health affects of radiation, prevention, countries and locations that are safe, radiation prevention supplies, etc. This is not a place to have debates, arguments or create fear. We are here to support each other during this very intense time. With Love & Respect, Alexis A. Rosenbaum
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NO FATALIST posts accepted! ANTI-FATALIST friends, a good start to AVERT ELECTRIC storms and more Fukushimas explosions is to call volunteers in your region, for animal behaviour/RADON measurements (that show how stimulated the fault is) and for calculation of how many lightning-rods (to DIVERT celestial electricity that stimulates magma, as hundreds lightning-rods ALREADY do in cities!) are sufficient across your mountains and nearest fault – if in sea, they will be held on buoys. http://avert-quakes-volcanic-eruptions.webs.com
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De gevolgen van Fukushima. Horen, zien en zwijgen? Of wereldwijde actie waarbij alle deskundigheid wordt ingezet.
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Closed Group
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This group is a news collective for everyone interested in Fukushima Nuclear crisis. Post your news finds, links, comments freely and share it with others.
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This group is no longer moderated, please use common sense and courtesy when posting. This is not a forum to debate the virtues of either the government or TEPCO or to spread rumors. The sole purpose of this feed is to provide information provided through trustworthy news sources.
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We are the Media Now, ever grateful that Anonymous Precedes Unanimous. Start your OWN small facebook group to explore truths about Fukushima. If you are in Japan, make it a “Secret Group” when you set it up….for maximum privacy. This group is “closed” meaning others can see members, but only members can post. If you have been added to the group and do not wish to be here, simply use the LEAVE GROUP button in the upper right corner. If you do (or do not) wish to receive emails of posts, use that privacy setting as well. DO YOU SPEAK JAPANESE? If so, and assuming you are not a pro-nuker or devotee of one of the ‘leading experts’…. are you willing to help build a new group with basic info for people in Japan who do not know the dangers of the nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi? Even if you don’t speak Japanese, are you willing to find bi-lingual posts, truthful English posts and videos, and add truth and value to a new group? When one thing doesn’t work, we do something else. See Ask About Fukushima Now blog for more insights and resources…. https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/ A recent realization is that as bogus, distracting, and deceptive as most of the current info most of us are getting about Fukushima is, the info they are getting in Japan is even worse. There was global censorship and blackout the first many months, followed by a horrific pro-nuker media blitz of lies, baseless rumors and propaganda designed to distract, deceive, divide. Another realization is that, over the months, many of the solid FB groups about Fukushima have been ‘infiltrated’ by pro-nukers and their sympathizers (and worse). I have left several groups, and recently been ‘evicted’ by troll-wins in others. Some FB Friends (former) also seem to have been “abducted” and lobotomized, with similar bizarre stories and subsequent actions. :/ Whatever. We keep moving forward. When one thing doesn’t work, we do something else. However, that leaves a dilemma on what groups to encourage people to ‘go to’ for basic information, more information, and then hard-core reality. The issue is further compounded by the fact that many closest to the the meltdowns in Japan may not be fluent in English. Then we also have the escalating censorship as things get worse in Japan. So, let’s open up some new Fukushima-Japan outreach group walls and blogs…..If you have one, or start one, please add me and I’ll tell other friends and neighbors……. Will post about the new one in the works soon…. xooxoxox More is better……. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…. Fukushima Reactors 1, 2, 3+ meltdowns happened 3.11.11….nearly 500 days ago. https://www.facebook.com/FukushimaPutTheReactorCoresUnderWaterNow http://askaboutfukushimanow.com ALL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME; FUKUSHIMA REACTOR MELTDOWNS HAPPENED 3.11.11
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Holy Blood, Holy Grail is a woman’s blood mystery in honour of Fukushima that is open to all women. Women in the menopausal stage of life, or pre-menstrual girls are invited to work with sacred water.
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World famous physician and environmentalist Dr Helen Caldicott will speak at the Carrington Hotel Katoomba at 7.30pm on 30 May 2012 on the crucial topic of “Is Food From Japan Safe Post Fukushima?” She will speak as the guest of the Blue Mountains Food Co-op. Tickets are $17 non Co-op members, $12 members/conc. Tickets avail from the Co-op in Katoomba, The Turning Page at Springwood, and online at: http://www.webticketing.com.au.
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******************* Order here: ******************* Website: http://fukushimatshirt.blogspot.com/ Contact e-mail: fukushima.tshirt@gmail.com
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According to leading NUCLEAR scientists, and the data itself, Fukushima is the biggest threat to mankind and in fact virtually all life all over planet earth. Instead of facing the problem and dealing with it, Japan has now passed a LAW making it ILLEGAL to report on the disaster, which is getting worse every day! THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD MUST UNITE AND DEMAND THAT THE PROBLEM BE DEALT WITH. Already, there are MASS DIE OFFS of NUMEROUS species of marine life and other life up the food chain, yet still nothing is being done to deal with the problem. This group has been formed to let people know what’s REALLY going on, and to try to find solutions to SAVE THE OCEANS AND THE WORLD!
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FUKUSHIMA JAPAN DISASTER THE TRUTH UNCOVER THE LIES These companies, namely GE, Hitachi, and Toshiba who designed and built reactors at Fukushima Daiichi, have special rights under the Nuclear Damage Liability Law that protect them from product liability should there be a nuclear disaster. Essentially this means they can profit without worrying about the risks of a meltdown, since the public pays the damage should an accident happen. The estimated cost of the nuclear disaster is $250 billion US, an impossible figure for any single company – even TEPCO, one of the largest power companies in the world. It is why compensation and life support for the people affected is not what it should be, and why 3.2 trillion yen ($43.7 bn) of Japanese taxpayers money has been injected into the company. THATS WHY THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.RADIATION SPEADS WHERE EVER THE WIND BLOWS
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All news about this disaster
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Questo gruppo e’ nato per riunire le persone che volevano conoscrere l’effettiva evoluzione dell’incidente nucleare di Fukushima utilizzato dalla disinformazione egemone italiana per terrorizzare le persone e lasciarle confinate nel sarcofago di informazioni esagerate imposto all’Italia da un quarto di secolo con il terrore per l’incidente nucleare di Chernobyl.
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We want to bring mass awareness to the issues with Fukushima. Japan is begging for help to no avail. Facebook status updates here and there aren’t cutting it. The end goal is to spark massive rallies and demonstrations world wide to give massive attention to a very VERY dangerous situation.
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This is a group created to raise awareness about the seriousness of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and it’s impact on the North West.
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Our lifestyle as we know it is slowly coming to an end because no one knows what to do with Fukushima radiation disaster. We must keep ourselves updated because we eat the foods that come out of the ocean! Not just us, but the elite also eat it so they too are affected; they just don’t realize it yet.
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For Everyone who wishes to show support for this tragedy in Japan
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I’ve been seeing that we have a lot of gamers in Fukushima. This makes me one happy panda. I really want to connect people in Fukushima to other people who have the same interests, and get them to do more things together. I’m hoping this group will let people: -Swap gamer tags -Swap strategies, help each other out -Swap games when we’ve finished, like the world’s greatest lending library -Arrange times to play online -Arrange times to play in person -Praise/Speculate/Rant about games I’ve already created a Steam group for this (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gamersinfukushima), because Steam is the platform I’m most familiar with (and compatible with PC/Mac/PS3). I also encourage y’all to make guilds/groups for anything you play and get people on board! Team Fortress, WoW, Call of Duty, Madden, Starcraft, DotA, etc…
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A forum for all the people of Hawaii and those concerned about the Pacific and the planet to discuss the issues related to the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi. If you use this forum to promote a product you will be removed from the group, this is about information and ideas, not merchandizing.
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This group has been created in order to organize and share credible, current information regarding the everley increasing contamination of the Fukushima Prefecture as well as the massive global environmental impact it will cause for generations. WE believe that much information that has been repressed greatly affects us as human beings. I don’t profess to know all the answers or solutions, however I seek to better my understand and take whatever precautions possible should the situation continues as it has. Please feel free to share any breaking news or credible information regarding EVERYTHING about this Monstrous disaster. Or perhaps any viable ideas about bugging out of hot zones.
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A sanctuary to locate and share research and strategies to protect your health naturally from radiation. This is not a forum to debate whether we are experiencing fall-out from Fukushima. It is a place for solutions. We do not diagnose, treat or think for you. We simply educate, empower, encourage and share. DISCLAIMER The purpose of this forum is to assemble a community of like-minded people and health professionals with the goal of learning and sharing information on Young Living Essential Oils. It is not a forum for medical advice. However, in the course of posts and discussions, statements may be made which might be construed as medical advice. Any statements made here, whether by Cynthia Henrich, other health professionals or others, should not be construed as either official medical or veterinary advice. You are urged to do your due diligence of research and if necessary to consult your health professional or doctor for appropriately considered medical advice. Likewise, with advice for a pet. If you wish to become a client of any of the holistic professionals here, please reach out to them personally. No one here can assume any responsibility for anything that might occur as a consequence of action on your part based only on any comments herein. As a public post, it is understood that information here can be disseminated. You must agree to hold Cynthia Henrich and others harmless toward any comments made publicly on this post, and assume any responsibility for consequence of transferring the information herein. If you do not agree with the above, please leave this group now. By remaining in the group, you indicate that you agree with the above. Membership into the group constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
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NPO「富山SAVEふくしまチルドレン」の御説明. NPO「富山SAVEふくしまチルドレン」は発想・発起人である、2011年7月26日に他界した高畠 真樹子(看護師・保健師・ケアマネージャー:享年32歳)の願い、「子どもたちの命と健康を守る。」活動を遂行する団体です。 彼女のその「遺志」を継承し、その「遺志」に合致した活動以外は致しません。 彼女の愛したマザーテレサの言葉。 「あなたの中の最良のものを」 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p65KBdI6lg&feature=related 人は不合理、非論理、利己的です。 気にすることなく、人を愛しなさい。 あなたが善を行うと、利己的な目的でそれをしたと言われるでしょう。 気にすることなく、善を行いなさい。 目的を達しようとするとき、邪魔立てする人に出会うでしょう。 気にすることなく、やり遂げなさい。 善い行いをしても、おそらく次の日には忘れられるでしょう 気にすることなく、善を行い続けなさい。 あなたの正直さと誠実さとが、あなたを傷つけるでしょう 気にすることなく、正直で誠実であり続けないさい。 助けた相手から恩知らずの仕打ちを受けるでしょう。 気にすることなく、助け続けなさい。 あなたの中の最良のものを世に与え続けなさい。 けり返されるかもしれません。 気にすることなく、最良のものを与え続けなさい。 気にすることなく、最良のものを与え続けなさい…。 この言葉を信念にしております。 原発問題に関しても、反原発・原発推進等、色々ご意見があると思いますが、当団体は「中立」の立場です。 その為に、公開グループと致しましたが、当団体の目的、彼女の「遺志」にそぐわない投稿・発言等は削除させて頂きます。 管理人 川嶋茂雄 NPO「富山SAVEふくしまチルドレン」ブログ http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/toyama_save_fukushima_children
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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” –Albert Einstein In concert with people gathering around the globe to offer all forms of meditation & prayer for Japan & the Pacific Ocean, let’s join together in circle to bring our focused, compassionate and loving awareness to the Fukushima nuclear disaster that is impacting all systems and beings on the planet. Let’s support one another’s metta practice and join our voices together in the harmony of truth, hope and possibility. Let’s offer one another greater awareness regarding how dire this situation is and share resources so we are able to maintain and protect our resilience in the face of radiation exposure & other consequences as they become known. As we raise awareness, let’s inoculate our fear by raising the vibration of consciousness. As a collective this creates a shift towards an even greater possibility of awakening to restore balance. David & Tatianah hosted circle on 11/11 & 12/12, 2013, and welcome any member of this concerned community to call the circle together to share this practice with one another.
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Easy to access area to find & share various solutions and way to mitigate radiation exposure. Diverse perspectives expected, and respect for those perspectives. Please share with others who might be interested. Thanks.
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A solution based information platform, hoping to share the history, positives and negatives of nuclear power, as well as updates on the current situation at Fukushima. We hope to provide you with knowledge on what you can do right now to protect yourself, and what you can do to make a difference… how you use it is up to you. We invite you to share any information you find helpful, but we ask that any shares remain polite and positive as much as possible. We reserve the right to delete and remove comments and individuals, at our own discretion, and as we see fit.
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This group is to inform and update you about the status of the situation going on in Fukushima. Much of the information I will be posting here is mirrored from Michael C. Rupert’s Facebook page, who is a journalist I have trusted to post reliable info about the Fukushima situation. You’re welcome to post any info you think is important. Scroll to the first few posts to find the “core info” post I made that will give you a rundown of what has happened since the accident and where it’s at right now.
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This group is to rise awareness to this tragic event in Fukushima. This nuclear waste has reached 1/3 of the world already.
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FUKUSHIMA adalah sebuah grup band asal Pekanbaru yang beranggotakan 4 orang personil, beraliran Pop-Rock-Japannese .
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I really do not think an explanation of this group is necessary. What is important is that people pay attention. Welcome to all.
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毎月第一水曜日開催 場所-「Soul&Blues Bar なまず亭」(福島市栄町11-10栄町ビル3F) 料金-charge¥500(1ドリンク制)
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Latest info on what is coming to USA!
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Diese Gruppe entstand aus akuter Sorge um das Wohlergehen der Menschen in der von der Atomkatastrophe in Japan betroffenen – sie wurde zu einer Sammlung für Informationen um die Folgen und Hintergründe. Jede/s Gruppenmitglied ist eingeladen, Informationen zu posten! This group was founded to immediately help the victims of the nuclear disaster in Japan and now became a collection of information of the aftermath and the background of the terrible disaster. All members of the group are welcome to post the information they can get hold of and consider relevant!
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As the escape of radiation at Fukushima seems virtually unstoppable, there are still steps that governments and individuals all over the world should take to prevent worst case consequences. Because the ongoing flow of water from the reactor site will be virtually impossible to stop, a radioactive plume will continue to migrate across the Pacific affecting Hawaii, North America, South America and eventually Australia for many decades. There is disproportionate risk that radiation exposure poses to women and children. Men are more resistant to radiation. The National Academy of Sciences BEIR V11 Report, widely accepted as the industry standard, clearly states: 1.There is no safe dose of ionizing radiation. Any exposure can trigger cancer. 2.Although the reasons are not yet clearly understood, women and children are significantly more vulnerable. 3.Women are 40-60% more likely to get cancer than men, given the same exposure. They are about 50% (half again) more likely to acquire a fatal cancer from this exposure. This means that for every two men who die of radiation related cancer, three women will die given a similar exposure. 4.Children between the ages of 0-5 are more vulnerable than all adults, both men and women. But what is almost never discussed, also from the BEIR V11 Report, is that in this age group little girls are twice as vulnerable as boys. This means that for every boy, there will be two girls who will acquire a fatal or non-fatal cancer.
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50 Individuals. In many ways the history of the world is thought to be lost, especially in the progression to the future. However, in the light of the Tsunami, from this horrible earthquake, and the subsequent nuclear issues.. The greatest of many, stand to fight…. These individuals.. represent not only the best of us all, but truly are the best of us all.. In the way of their history, and best of our own.. In this time please protect their lives… May by “(May) the power of all that is good help the Japanese people.” “Jake” (NZ Herald http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10712802 ) “But around 50 employees – dubbed the Fukushima 50 – have remained at the site working tirelessly around the clock to avoid possible meltdowns at three reactors at the quake-hit nuclear power plant. They are attempting to cool down fuel rods at three reactors by injecting seawater into them. Despite wearing protective clothing, experts say there will be negative effects to their health as a result of the radiation levels. David Richardson, a professor of epidemiology at the university of North Carolina who has studied the long-term health risks for nuclear plant workers, told the BBC those at Fukushima would receive in an hour the same amount of radiation a US nuclear worker is exposed over an entire career. “These workers in a few hours are getting fairly high doses I would say by contemporary standards for worker protection and that’s likely to pose some risks down the line. “To my knowledge there’s not a good way after exposure of trying to protect somebody from the risks of a subsequent later cancer.”” To finish… “May the power of all that is good help the Japanese people.” “Jake” Comment: http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110315/ts_yblog_thelookout/japanese-nuclear-plant-workers-emerging-as-heroic-figures-in-tragedy http://news.yahoo.com/s/time/20110315/wl_time/httpnewsfeedtimecom20110315miraclesinjapanfourmontholdbaby70yearoldwomanfoundalivexidrssfullworldyahoo
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毎月第1、第4火曜日と第2土曜日に朝活を開催しています。 参加費は1回500円~ 朝の一時間が一日を大きく変えます。ちょっと早起きして一緒に活動しませんか? 主催 加藤恵美 油井 宏昭    http://asakatsufukushima.org/ 説明 朝活ふくしまとは、 講演会、勉強会、屋外活動 など様々なイベントを開催することにより、 多様な方々との交流を可能にする、 学びと、出会いの場です。 朝活ふくしまは みなさんの顔がみえる会を目指して、 朝の活動を行っています 「毎日おんなじことの繰り返し」 「余計な事考えている暇なんかない」 こんな風に感じることはありませんか?? 現実、毎日とても忙しい日々をお過ごしのことでしょう。 仕事はしなきゃならないし、 家族も大切だし でも、自分にはもっと違う世界があるかもしれない そんな事考える事ありませんか? 今の生活だって、違う視点から見てみたらとても素敵に違いないはず すぐには見つからないかもしれない、 けれど、見つけようと一歩ふみだしてみてください 人にとって沢山の人と出会うことは、とても大切なことだと思います 出会いの中で気づきがあります。 出会いの中に喜びがあります。 もっと笑顔で楽しく毎日を過ごしたいと思いませんか? 子供が小さいから お金がないから、 年寄りがいるから、 仕事があるから、 付き合いがあるから、 疲れているから、 本当に大変です。 でも、自分に言い訳するのをぐっとこらえて、 朝の一時間を作り出してみませんか? 朝の一時間が一日を変えます 一日が変われば一週間がかわります。 そうして少しずつ変わる皆さんを応援していきます 皆で笑いあえる時間を共有しましょう 主な活動拠点 ●デニーズ福島西口店 ●グランパークホテルエクセル福島恵比寿 いままでの活動 ・お茶会 ・飾り文字について ・FACEBOOK勉強会 ・ハングル講座 ・iphone勉強会 ・ブルーベリー狩り ・福を呼ぶふくろうの話 これからの活動予定 体を動かしたり、本を読んだり、出来る事を見つけてなんにでも挑戦中です。 一人でははじめにくかった事、趣味をお持ちで広めたい方、是非、朝活ふくしまで実現してみませんか? ●活動内容● 勉強会・セミナー(夢と元気を与えてくれる話・自分のビジネススキルに活かせる話・人生をプラスに生きる方法・スキルアップ・コーチング・コミュニケーション・読書法・ などなど) 屋外活動(果物狩り・ゴルフ練習など)
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This page is open to everyone to post ANYTHING you find on FUKUSHIMA. It is intended to be a Central source of information re FUKUSHIMA. Please post everything you come across for debate by our group. We all need to be informed and the Media are not doing that. Any member can add or approve members. PLEASE KEEP ALL POSTS POLITE AND FRIENDLY NO MATTER HOW STRONGLY YOU FEEL ABOUT THE ISSUES INVOLVED. ❤
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Der Sinn dieser Gruppe ist vor allem Informationen für den Verbraucher in unserem Land zu erstellen. Aber auch Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe. Aus meiner ärztlichen Sicht möchte ich alle relevanten Tips und Hinweise für eine gesunde Zukunft für uns und unsere Kinder hier sammeln.
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Links to real science and current information on the effects of Fukushima radiation to Hawaii and west coast environment. PLEASE POST ONLY SCIENCE BASED OR PROFESSIONAL MONITORING INFORMATION,WITH ACCURATE INTERPRETATION!!! We want to help people understand what is actually being found in the environment to counteract the wild, incorrect interpretations that are being circulated. Any posts not following these guidelines will be removed.
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Infos, Fragen, Antworten, Bilder und Videos zum Thema.
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Tokoin Seminaire Non loin de l’Eglise Catholique St Martyr de l’Uganda
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Keeping a eye on one of the biggest threats to humanity.
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Wie lange wollen wir noch tatenlos zusehen? Uns ohnmächtig vor der vielleicht größten nuklearen Katastrophe der Geschichte vor dem Bildschirm verkriechen? Widerstandslos hinnehmen, wie sich die Regierung eines Industriestates in Ausreden und Lügen verstrickt, um ihren Kopf aus der Schlinge zu ziehen? Muss erst hier in der Bundesrepublik ein AKW hochgehen, bis wir endlich bereit sind zu handeln? Es hieß: Nie wieder Tschernobyl. Wie kann es dann sein, dass ein neues atomares Inferno droht? Jede(r) Einzelne von uns ist in der Pflicht, sich für eine sichere, atomfreie Zukunft einzusetzen, bevor es wirklich zu spät ist! Deshalb: gegen verantwortungslose Regierungen auf die Straße gehen! Zeit für einen Politikwechsel. Zeit für die Abschaffung von Atomkraft. Retten wir unseren Planeten- retten wir uns vor uns selbst! Gez: Suna Joie und Richard Dietrich Diese Gruppe soll als Anti-Atom-Plattform dienen – postet Termine der Demos, egal in welcher Stadt, diskutiert, tauscht euch aus und ladet eure Freunde ein!
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There has been two years after the 311 tragedy and up to this moment, no solid solution has been proposed by the Japan govt. Instead of this, it is shown that a lot of traveling agent is making tour to Japan and the currency is depreciated as to make more export trade! There are not much news to report this tragedy and the impact of it. This group hopes to provide a channel for gathering the related news and if we can, arouse the interest to this topic in the public!
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This group is about motivating people to take action to bring the situation at Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Plant under control and clean up the radioactive waste. Find and contact the world’s experts in physics, nuclear science and geology, form a team, and call the Japanese military to action. Save Japan and the world from nuclear disaster.
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Hello Yamagata, Miyagi, Niigata and Fukushima! This group was created to facilitate inter-prefectural communication in Block 2. Posts about area and cultural events are encouraged! The page will also be updated with notices and opportunities from National AJET. If you have any suggestions or questions for National AJET or the AJET National Council this year, feel free to send a message to xan.wetherall@ajet.net at any time. Cheers! Xan Wetherall, Fukushima-ken 2013-2014 AJET Block 2 Rep ***If you would like to post a for-profit announcement, contact me at block2@ajet.net. If you wish to post on all AJET Block pages, contact the Director of Social Media at jacy.garant@ajet.net. Please remember that this group’s purpose is to support JET Programme participants. AJET reserves the right to delete any post that is deemed in breach of the Facebook Group Policy.***
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「チームふくしま」は 福島の野菜・果物の魅力を知り、広く伝えていくことを目的に結成されました。 まだまだ知らないふくしまを皆さまと情報交換をしながら、もっと味わうことができたらと思います。 こんな福島野菜を見つけた! あの売り場で売っていた♪ 安心・安全について学んだ! こんな食べ方をしたら美味しかった! 福島へ行こうと思うけどおすすめスポットは? こんなイベントがあるよ♪ などなど 皆さまの日常にある「ふくしま」をぜひ教えてください! 2013年3月11日 発足 2013年9月4日  福島の美味しい野菜とくだものを味わおう!VMC開催(日本野菜ソムリエ協会) 2013年11月9日 東京―福島日帰りバスツアー開催決定!
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Fukushima Friends is a place to share information about the Fukushima nuclear disaster with the intention of raising consciousness and supporting activists in healing the sit.
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This is an attempt to reach out to the World via Facebook to express concern for the Meltdown Crisis at TEPCO Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima, Japan. Keep a regular flow of current news posts related to the incident. Let us gather intelligence, and send help to try to contain and start a clean up plan. Please spread this through the consciousness of all Politicians, Scientists, and Wealthy. Planet Earth needs all of Humanity to cure this blight, or none shall survive. Invite everyone to this group.
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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Planet continues to destroy an entire ocean minute by minute hour by hour and day by day… Some countries have voiced their earnest concern and have actually offered resources or some type of assist, yet the U.S. has not made one attempt to reach out and take control of this buffoonery that could turn out to be our worst nightmare on the face of this planet. I used the plural of “Fukushima’s,” only because we do not need more Fukushima’s as well. Please send this Fb page to whomever you can – an entire planets oceans depends on all of our diligent involvement and immediate action. BTW, when is the last time you swam in the Pacific Ocean? Mahalo nui loha!
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May we hold space together, . . . a wisdom and action council for Fukushima (and other toxic poison ocean contamination) CLEAN UP! Please share information, other people doing this work, anything you may know, see, feel or dream. May we see the end of this human disaster. May we ascend to a more beautiful sacred place on our earth–together. May we become a sacred planet whose oceans are protected by our consciousness and wisdom.
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25 rules of disinformation  summary

End of results

bill casey quote
Here’s a fb group just getting off the ground:
your ignorance their power

Defense against the psychopaths

They ‘fake’ being human. They cannot be ‘cured.’ Be alert.
Watch this video….. it’s approximately 38 minutes and will help you grasp #Fukushima & #Psychopaths….. and answer your questions of ‘omg, why has nothing be done??!’ Just saying…..#Fukushima and #Psychopaths …. ASK ABOUT PSYCHOPATHS NOW …. Youtube has about 2,470,000 results…. http://tinyurl.com/m5ds4ws
Ask About #Fukushima Nuker Trolls on FB Now
“Let it be known as the Era of the Stupids”
When one thing doesn’t work, we do something else.
“Trolls. They are what’s for dinner!”
ask about nuker trolls  12 6 2013
“… Let it be known as the Era of the Stupids…”…

#ProNukers Spread Death and Pestilence – Always

Connecting the Dots

“…Don’t let anyone get away with telling you “no one knows” what it is from. Tell them that is a lie. The Nuclear governments and their government or privately run nuclear weapons labs know exactly what is going on. That’s what they get paid for and they do a bang-up job. The US Nuke Labs started down this road when the US Manhattan Project started some 74 years ago….”



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wc time for change

Some Facebook Pages and Twitter Hashtags and More

Lucy Occupy and Friends Jan 17 2014 a

Lucy Occupy & Friends

ezine http://paper.li/LucyOccupy/1375548394

Editor’s note

LUCY OCCUPY & FRIENDS   –   Weekly Ezine….
Tweet: https://twitter.com/LucyOccupy

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/01/12/pronukers-spread-death-and-pestilence-always/Is the Internet Broken?? #Fukushima Global News Disappearing from Internet while #Radiation Contamination Spreads Wildly:
Do your own research; Draw your own conclusions.
Share like there’s no tomorrow!Let’s talk about #Fukushima Now!
It’s an in-progress ELE, Extinction Level Event!!
Read any of the links here with confidence.
WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.Wait a minute!!! It’s an in-progress ELE, Extinction Level Event!!Fukushima Equals 6,000 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow.  No Place on Earth to Escape the Rad.
http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/09/11/fukushima-equals-6000-hiroshima-bombs-today-more-tomorrow/Note:  Meter users do not take into account the foot, yard, ton or miles:
1 Metric Tonne = 1,000 KiloGrams, or 2,200 lbs.

1,000 Liters = 264.172052358 Gallons(US), rounded to 264.17 Gallons(US)

400 Tonnes = 105,668 Gallons(US) per Day.


ASK MORE QUESTIONS!  See More Starting Here and follow the links to more links:

Bob Nichols – Veterans Today
Project Censored Award Winner, Bob Nichols





LOOK OUT FOR THE LIES OF THE NUCLEAR GRAVY TRAINS… When in doubt, leave it out.   Post responsibly.

Tell your friends and neighbors, and tell them to tell their friends and neighbors.


More from the CASEY Crowds?? Who wants you in the streets?



If you’re for real, to look at these resources, blast this blog out on your networks, and then get down to business. It’s not for the stupid people, nor for the psychopaths or and trolls. Just sayin….. It’s targeted to people already #ITK about #Fukushima, who know what time it is, and give a shit about making a difference. It is not for the nuker propagandists, although they will take it and run, as they do with many of the posts and blogs of Lucy Occupy & Friends.


#FukushimaOnFacebook …… #OpFukU …. #StayOuttaTheStreets….#The25RulesofDisinformation….#The8TraitsOfDisinformationists#Radiation….#Nuclear#meltdowns#ELE….#Fukushima #Daiichi #Daiini#AllNuclearReactorsLeakAllTheTime #StartWithTheScience#AskAboutThe1946KnownLethalIsotopesNow #WeAreTheMediaNow#WeDoNotFORGET #WeAreTheFukushimaNuclearWarCorrespondents#WeDoNoHarmButTakeNoShit #DefenseAgainstThePsychopaths#AskAboutNukerTrollsNow #CantFixStupid #FukushimaRecollections#ThinkLocallyActGloballyOccupyVirtually #StayOuttaTheStreets#ASKABOUTFUKUSHIMANOW #LUCYOCCUPYSAID #LUCYOCCUPYSAYS


love is a verb

ACTION ALERT:  Create a Virtual AWARENESS event for 3.11.14 and bring the disinformation-free link to this wall…. More follows…. https://www.facebook.com/events/464793256963812/


We are the Media Now. We are the #Fukushima Nuclear War Correspondents.  Carry On.







Uploaded on Dec 4, 2011

“The public policy video “Radioactive Berkeley: No Safe Dose” premiered at the Berkeley City Council in December of 1996. Featured speaker Dr. John Gofman M.D, Ph.D. addresses the medical impacts of low-level radiation exposure. The video also expressed a public concern over children visiting the Lawrence Hall of Science to exposure to tritium emissions from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (LBNL) National Tritium Labeling Facility.”

“”No Safe Dose” was also viewed by numerous regulatory agencies including USEPA and was instrumental in establishing the stakeholders group dubbed the Tritium Issue Workgroup or TIWG in 1997. TIWG met at the Federal Building in Oakland for nearly two years. From the very beginning, Berkeley community members of the workgroup experienced many problems with the LBNL workgroup. This eventually forced community participants to walk out on the corrupted process. Four years later the facility was finally closed.”

For more information: BerkeleyCitizen.org

Hello World! You’ve read “Nichols on Nuclear” Yet you remain silent on FukUShima?

How is it that you’ve read “Nichols on Nuclear”

Cick on the headlines below to go directly to the complete articles on the Veterans Today site.  
Tell your friends and neighbors, too, as if lives depend on it.

and while you SAY you’re an Activist,

you remain silent on #FukUShima

and further, some of you continue to push the Pro-Nuclear Gravy Train agenda?


Stupid or Just Following Orders Or????

reactor 4  TL photos

“Let it be known as the Era of the Stupids”

reactors 3 and 4



“All are Included – No Exceptions” 

LUCY OCCUPY SAYS:   So, you say you’re an Activist, yet you remain silent about #FukUShima? Or, worse yet, you say you’re an Anti-Nuke Activist, yet you spew the lies and deceptions of the the leading nuker mouth-pieces?  


You are aware that Google has recently disappeared more than 50 million search results for FukUShima, yet you dare to remain silent?  google deleted the internetYou may have conveniently forgotten that in 2012, there were more than 62 million search results.  [Remember the first many months of 2011 blackout/censorship.]


Check results for a Fukushima Google search today, and tell your friends and neighbors. The other day it was as low as 11,300,000, and what we’re left with is primarily nuker propaganda on the top pages.  What a surprise.

We have been warned We are the Media Now wtf alert

Stop to think when you see comments in the slick propaganda pieces you are moving, or and that your friends are moving.  


The most dangerous are those suggesting that you have not been informed about the immediate dangers of #Fukushima, ‘because the nuclear  powers that be have decided that panic is a greater risk than radiation poisoning.’ 


You will be glad to have read the articles and notes below.  Read them more than once, for comprehension.  


You may reach the same conclusion as other smart, thinking people around the world…. that those “no immediate danger” pieces are posted by Stoopids or and Pro-Nukers.

your ignorance their power

You will know beyond any doubt that the pro-nukers and their sympathizers are not your friends, and in fact, you matter not to them.  


Profits first, always and foremost for the nukers.  The money has already left Japan, and now the same crowd wants you to support funding of their fake decommissioning and clean up scams.  


Same holds true for their mouth-pieces, who have clearly been in collusion with the deceptions about #Fukushima, since day one.

look out for the LIES of the nuclear gravy trains
Look out for the LIES of the nuclear gravy trains


lucy in the sky with diamonds


LucyOccupy at gmail dot com

media funny

shhhhhh hiding from






Bob Nichols on Nukes:

“…Arrgghhh! There is no way out! No cure. No medicine. We bought the farm and the cheap energy fantasy, too….”  

 Sterilize the Planet


“Let it be known as the Era of the Stupids”

“All are Included – No Exceptions” 

Nuke Suicide Gun

  • Do YOUR OWN Reading, Research and Investigations…..

Capture ProjectCensored

BIOGRAPHY … Bob Nichols

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner, a correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publications. He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant. You are encouraged to write Nichols at duweapons@gmail.com  http://www.veteranstoday.com/author/bobnichols/

Cick on the headlines to go directly to the complete article on the Veterans Today site.  
Tell your friends and neighbors, too, as if lives depend on it.
question everything red

Fukushima Equals 6,000 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow

There is No Place On Earth To Escape The Rad.

2020 Japan Olympic Mascot 1175068_10152201392454488_1106134841_n

“You are going to have to make your own choices. You will live a little longer, or, die sooner by these choices, as will I.

No one is exempt…”

September 11th, 2013 | Posted in Of Interest | Read More »

All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time

342x256_reactors.– Treat the Nuke Boys like the Mad Dogs They Are

April 6th, 2013 | Posted in Editor,Politics | Read More »

I Spit on Your Grave

executednazi-warcriminalsPro-Nukers lie to everybody else (Normals) and by agreement reduce the effective dose absorbed of Radioactive Hydrogen made by Reactors and Atomic Bombs 906 Billion Times – all the while looking you right in the eye.

March 8th, 2013 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

US Gov: Walk Slow

Who will bury the dead when we are all goneThis “allowed” the patient to go ahead and croak before the life extending heroic measures arrived. It was that way because it was always that way.

May 24th, 2013 | Posted in Editor,Politics | Read More »

Sterilize the Planet

SuicideNuke PistolArrgghhh! There is no way out! No cure. No medicine. We bought the farm and the cheap energy fantasy, too.

“Let it be known as the Era of the Stupids”  

“All are Included – No Exceptions” 

April 19th, 2013 | Posted in Editor,Politics | Read More »

What are efforts to contain Fukushima? None.

fukushima– The VeteransToday recommended fix of putting the reactors under water has not been done by the US Government.

October 11th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,World | Read More »

Obama’s Gold – 94.6% Pure, Bomb Grade Plutonium

ScreenHunter_493 Aug. 09 18.44…the country very nearly lost the state of South Carolina. Those deadly Plutonium cores were jerked out of those three big Duke Power reactors so fast it would make your head spin.

August 9th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,World | Read More »

Fukushima’s Melted Reactors 500 Days On

fukushima– Radioactive particle emission through the air from Fukushima is not only 3.7 times higher than Chernobyl, but 28.3 times more radiotoxic with every breath taken.

Evacuate Tokyo and All US Forces From Japan

Mochizuki Feb 2012 fukushima diaryTokyo station is as contaminated as the mandatory evacuation zone in Fukushima. It’s a Death Sentence for US Troops if they stay.

February 25th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

Fukushima – 350 Times Maximum Annual Radiation Dose Permissible?

Nuke_KeysIs an Unsuspecting Public Being Sacrificed?

February 8th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,World | Read More »

Nichols on the Jeff Rense Show – GI’s Brains

“With us tonight to talk about a superb article and an incredibly important one is author Bob Nichols, who has been on the program a number of times. He has written an article about Depleted Uranium and what it does to the brain.” – Jeff Rense

October 9th, 2010 | Posted in Regional,Vet News,Veteran Service Organizations,Veterans Affairs | Read More »

GI’s Brains Fried by Military Dispensed Nose Candy

The radioactive 850 rounds a minute automatic weapon is about as big as the period at the end of this sentence, never needs reloading and never jams. It’s a perfect killing machine …

October 2nd, 2010 | Posted in Health | Read More »

Occupy Fukushima

HELP say Fukushima Women to World“It is a homicide, isn’t it?…” – Ashai Shinbum, a major Japanese newspaper.

October 29th, 2011 | Posted in Of Interest | Read More »

Fukushima on Facebook

Fukushima Reactor No 4 blown apart Δευτέρα, Μαρτίου 28th, 2011 | Posted by choicetvteamSome 800 million people world wide are members of Facebook; that is larger than most countries, the United States included.

October 7th, 2011 | Posted in 9/11 | Read More »

Fukushima: Japan Goes to WAR

fukushimaDestroy the RadGas Generators, Mr President. The building sized tents, concealed and armored chimneys and high velocity air pumps constitute armed and firing nuclear weapons aimed at the United States.

September 16th, 2011 | Posted in Editor,Politics | Read More »

Al Gore Lied

Former US Vice President, Al Gore, speaks at the launch of FEX-SIM“All that was necessary was to, literally, fool most of world. That and intimidate the rest. All people had to do was “To Believe;” or, at least not speak up….”

June 28th, 2013 | Posted in Editor,Politics | Read More »

Bomb Syria?

Bomb with What  f18f_carrier_landing-1440x900-320x200

The exiled from Club Med American Carrier’s birds can’t make the trip. That means crash in the desert….

October 11th, 2013 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

Camp Pendleton Attacked

Train-Steam-Engine“Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton’s mission is to operate a training base that promotes the combat readiness of the Operating Forces…”

June 14th, 2013 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

CHINA: New Sheriff In Town

screwedLet’s Bottom Line this world changing event. China said “Jump” the US said “How high?”

November 9th, 2012 | Posted in Asia,China,Editor,World | Read More »

Iraq Buys Russian Weapons

Russian Iraq Attack Helicopter Mi-28NE“I thought Iraq was a United States’ client and would buy American, and if not, NATO weapons. This is the beginning of the end.”

October 14th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,Of Interest | Read More »

OH LOVELY: Residents Near

Fukushima Are Pissing Radioactive Urine

radioactive toilet“… Whatever, praying to the goddess Morphine and adult diapers are your destiny now. ““Newsflash: The radioactive crisis near Fukushima isn’t getting any better.

June 28th, 2011 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

Fukushima: How Many Chernobyls Is It?

This satallite image provided Image 20110316p2g00m0dm016000p_size5“The reactors are releasing as much as a Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power Company) measured 10 Quadtrillion (10,000 Trillion Bq) radioactive counts per hour of deadly radioactive smoke particles into the Earth’s atmosphere.”

May 28th, 2011 | Posted in Causes,Environment,Living,Of Interest,Peace | Read More »

FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs

2,000 of these B-83 Nukes would do the same contamination Fuku has done already. There are more reactors set to blow up.2,000 of these B-83 Nukes would do the same contamination Fuku has done already. There are more reactors set to blow up.

April 22nd, 2011 | Posted in Military | Read More »

July 29th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,World | Read More »

Yasser Arafat’s Killing Tool was Not Polonium

yasserPolonium did not kill Yasser Arafat. Israeli men are sterile as a result of wars.

July 11th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

Kill One Kill Twelve Kill Millions Kill Billions

Dan RatherThe cause of the proximate murder of most, if not all, humans on Earth is a complicated tale of corruption and sabotage by more than one person surrounding the brutal meltdowns and explosions ….

June 9th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,Of Interest | Read More »

Notice – Byron, Illinois Nuke In Trouble

byron nuke plantIt is a very interesting question, then from a military standpoint, of how both electrical feeds at the Byron Station were discontinued at the same time.

January 31st, 2012 | Posted in Of Interest | Read More »

Iran Signs Own Death Warrant

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Natanz enrichment plant“I predict the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor will suffer a devastating Earth Quake as soon as the Iranians and Russians order the billion watt reactor switched “On” and build up about 200 Tons of high level radioactive poison …”

January 17th, 2012 | Posted in WarZone | Read More »

NUCLEAR WEAPONS! OhMyGawd They Did it!

An Atomic Bomb - The small neutron bomb is nothing like this large bomb.UnBelievable! The US is Using Nuclear Weapons in Central Asian War! The United States Military has finally done it. They have had and are using nuclear weapons in the Central Asian War! This War Crime is proven to have commenced at least as far back as 2004.

November 3rd, 2011 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

Hiroshima to Fukushima, Finishing the Job

IAEA team inspects Fuku damage May 11 2011 API predict a bloody December as many normal peoples’ hopes for a healthy kid are shattered beyond all recognition by a Fukushima Daiichi crop of monster, deformed, crazed or dead kids.

August 18th, 2011 | Posted in Editor,Of Interest | Read More »

Fukushima Radiation 1,000 Times H-Bomb Peak

Nuclear detonation Nuclear Defense AgencyWhat can we do to those who are killing us; and, for those no longer breathing, those already killed?

August 2nd, 2011 | Posted in Editor,Military | Read More »

Veterans Today Exclusive: What To Do About the Radioactive Poison

SmokerisesFukushimaTEEOCO-AP-295All dairy products are no good. They have Strontium 90, which at the behest of the dairy industry, has been made illegal to report.

April 11th, 2011 | Posted in 9/11,WarZone | Read More »

Japan: The Solution to the Blown Reactors

Smoke rises from Fukushima TEEOCO AP 295“If I had the ear of the Prime Minister, I would recommend the “Chernobyl Option.”

March 21st, 2011 | Posted in Military | Read More »

Japan’s 9.0 Earthquake Equal to One Million Kiloton Nuclear Weapon

Exposed radioactive fuel reactor 4… The deadly 9.0 earthquake was the energy equivalent of 31,250 combined Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bombs.

March 17th, 2011 | Posted in Military | Read More »

Fighter Pilot Len Dietz Sets the Killing Rad Number

NA P-51 takes off from Iwo JimaWhile Dietz flew guard duty for B-29s, John Gofman helped build “the Gadgets” as one of a couple of hundred thousand Americans working on the Manhattan Project. “The Gadgets,” were the atomic bombs.

March 11th, 2011 | Posted in Military | Read More »

How to Hide Nuke Weapon Use

It was not the number of people killed that shocked the world; the fire bombing of Dresden, Germany killed more 600,000 civilians. Not that, it was the fact the US wiped out or vaporized much of each city with only one bomb each.

February 23rd, 2011 | Posted in Military | Read More »

CIA and Israeli Intelligence Take Out Iranian Nuke Centrifuges

Iranian official holds container of UF6 Tuscon Citizen“I would compare it to the arrival of an F-35 fighter jet on a World War I battlefield…[It is obviously] much superior to anything ever seen before, and to what was assumed possible.” German computer security expert Ralph Langner opined in a recent report quoted by the Jerusalem Post.

February 2nd, 2011 | Posted in Military | Read More »

Navy Pitch for Exotic Weapons Launches at Pearl Harbor

The weaponized Uranium Oxide Poison Dust was to soften up the vast heathen populations for the new all powerful Christian Crusades, … don’t you see? Kinda kinky, isn’t it?

January 3rd, 2011 | Posted in Military | Read More »

WikiLeaks: “about 483 Million Google Hits”

Does anything out-Google WikiLeaks?

December 19th, 2010 | Posted in Military,Veterans Affairs | Read More »

Los Alamos Scientist: TSA Scanners Shred Human DNA

Hmmm, fascinating! The managerial and professional class in America and Europe get their ass Zapped but good! Wonder how long this will go on?

December 17th, 2010 | Posted in 9/11,Corruption,Politics | Read More »

Did PM Netanyahu get a Lethal Dose of DU?

But, let’s back up to that first night and a photo op that PM “Bibi” Netanyahu, like all politicians, just could not pass up. The Prime Minister of Israel embarked on “a visit to the scene by helicopter …” My first thought was “He did WHAT?”

December 11th, 2010 | Posted in 9/11,WarZone | Read More »

Iraq is a Self Cleaning Oven

Lawyers who are specialists in the International Law of Armed Conflict, War Crimes Law to the rest of us, say the uranium smoke, dust and shrapnel must be able to be turned off when the battle is over. Too bad. Uranium gas is a radioactive and electrically charged poison forever.

November 27th, 2010 | Posted in Iraq War,WarZone | Read More »


The English, South Africans and Israelis have been allegedly buying and selling the same three or four big nuclear weapons for years now, over and over again, to finance elections and all manner of parties at remote estates in the English countryside.

November 10th, 2010 | Posted in 9/11 | Read More »


Improvised Explosive Devices are powerful weapons used by hostile forces in Afghanistan Calculate the Force required for different problem Sets.

November 6th, 2010 | Posted in WarZone | Read More »

D.I.M.E. BOMBS: Closer to Fallajua’s Puzzle

D.I.M.E. Bombs are a Field Tested Weapons System that is a Keeper. Independent civilian disease surveys prove D.I.M.E. does it’s Job No 1 – Kill.

October 30th, 2010 | Posted in Military | Read More »


Radiologically and chemically slaughtered, fetuses don’t survive until birth. The result is plummeting Fertility in men and women. Hungary can not recover.

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38 HIROSHIMAS HIDDEN: How’d The Army Do That?

Hmm, 38 Times more Cancer than after the Hiroshima Atomic Bombing in 1945! How did the Army pull that off? What weapons did you guys use? Nukes? 4th Gen nukes? How did ya do it?

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UPDATE NO 2: Evacuate H-Bomb Factory Areas Now

Mayak in Russia or Rocky Flats in the US – what’s the difference? Both are H-Bomb factories. Both are National Sacrifice Zones, contaminated Forever and a Day.

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9/11, Global Warming and other Crimes

What about 9/11 and “Global Warming?” How can we Zoom to the center of all the purposeful confusion and separate the Perps from the just honestly afraid and confused?

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BOB NICHOLS: The War on Sperm in Iraq

Each isotope is prized for its illness and death dealing properties, but none more than those that affect human Germ or reproductive cells: Sperm in men and the ovaries full of eggs in women. Same for you “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Queers – no one is exempt or immune, radiation is a perfectly equal opportunity Zapper.

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This is Economic Warfare in earnest. The stakes are the huge oil and gas operation and market of Russia, which is the No 1 target of this operation.

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Did the Israeli Defense Force Bomb Jews?

Did the Israeli Defense Force lead Jews to be gassed like the Sonderkommandoes of WWII, or, just like their Bosses, the Nazis?

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UPDATE NO 1– EVACUATE NOW!: This is Not a Drill

(San Francisco) – Russian forest fire fighting officials have fires to fight on at least two fronts. One is the thousand degree dried peat bog smoldering, very smoky, radioactive fires. The other is the familiar Soviet bureaucratic front of rampaging old KGB officers firing work a day guys just trying to do their impossible job. However, […]

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IRAN: Building a Nuclear Weapon? You’re Kidding, Right?

Iran does not have the tools to do so. Iran cannot get them or even make the tools required. Iran cannot even buy the tools. Try calling up Japan Steel and ordering a few tons of Marange Speciality Steel and see what happens.

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EVACUATE NOW!: This is Not a Drill

The Russian forest fires are re-suspending hundred of millions of Lethal Doses of Radiation from Chernobyl and the much larger Mayak disaster. Best to get out now while the getting is good. Get your kids out, at least.

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Choose the Winner: Israel or the Majors (Oil Companies)

(San Francisco)  – Israel has “found” at least 23 Trillion cubic feet of Natural Gas in the Mediterranean, a good portion of which “belongs” to Gaza and Lebanon. Israel says, in effect, “Screw that.” The gas and Oil is ours to take and sell. We are the strongest militarily in the area and have global […]

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Poor Gaza: Wealthy in Natural Gas

It appears the Freedom Flotilla sailing to Gaza would go through a thicket of off shore oil and gas rigs and wells. The wells are sucking an estimated minimum of US$6 Billion Dollars of Palestinian off shore Natural Gas through rigs set up for slant drilling.

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Poison Gas Kills Iraqi Sperm then Spreads

For a national population to stay even, women must average 2.1 to 2.3 births apiece.

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US War Plan: Talk about Thermonuclear Bombs But Use little Nuclear Munitions

Do the leaders of all these countries know they are in a Nuclear War?

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PTSD, infertility and other consequences of war

There is a Middle Eastern country that requires all 18-year-olds to join national service for several years. This country even has a roughly comparable health care system to America for a population of 7,233,701, according to the CIA World Factbook. The country is Israel.

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March 11, 2011. Fukushima.

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1 of 3 #Japan Knew About Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombing in Advance and Did Nothing, Ditto for Fuku?! http://t.co/TBiUi20Ig8 via @exskf
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‪#‎Nuclear‬ ‪#‎Japan‬ ‪#‎USA‬ ‪#‎Earth‬ ‪#‎Hiroshima‬ ‪#‎Nagasaki‬ ‪#‎Fukushima‬ ‪#‎OMG
1 of 3 #Japan Knew About Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombing in Advance and Did Nothing, Ditto for Fuku?! http://t.co/TBiUi20Ig8 via @exskf
2 of 3 #Japan Knew About Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombing in Advance and Did Nothing, Ditto for Fuku?! http://t.co/HNePc27vUp via @exskf
 #Nuclear #Japan #USA #Earth #Hiroshima #Nagasaki #Fukushima #OMG
3 of 3 ASK ABOUT #FUKUSHIMA NOW …. triple #nuclear meltdowns SINCE March 11, 2011…… a global catastrophe!Think locally. Act Globally. Occupy Virtually.
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(Special Post for August 15 – Part 1) Japan’s General Staff Office Knew About Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombing in Advance and Did Nothing, According to 2011 NHK Documentary

(8/18/2013: Part 2 has been uploaded.)===================There is an NHK documentary that was aired two years ago on August 6, 2011, on the anniversary day of Hiroshima atomic bombing. I was unaware of this documentary until I saw a tweet a few days ago that had the link to a blogpostby Councilman Koichi Ohyama of Minamisoma City, Fukushima on September 25, 2012.Mr. Ohyama’s post from one year ago quotes the NHK documentary’s announcement from two years ago, which says that the top officers of Japanese imperial army knew in advance the impending US attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and did not do anything.Atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been described (at least in Japan) as “beyond expectation” (just like the Fukushima nuclear accident) and “surprise attacks” with no pre-warning by the US, who used to dump leaflets in Japanese from the planes to warn civilians of impending attacks.But NHK says the top military officers in imperial Japan knew, and did nothing. The military essentially was the government during the war.I had never heard of such a thing.So I looked for the video of this documentary and watched it.原爆投下 活(い)かされなかった極秘情報 by gataro-clone
To share what I learned with readers who do not speak Japanese, the following is my first-pass translation (not all strictly literal, subject to revision; links added for reference) from the NHK documentary titled “Atomic bombing – top secret information that was never utilized (原爆投下 活かされなかった極秘情報)”, aired on August 6, 2011. Since the documentary is one-hour long, I have broken up into two parts with my summary for each, for easier reading.Summary of Part 1:

Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has been considered “beyond expectation”, “surprise attack”. However, the General Staff Office of the Japanese Imperial Army knew about the secretive US activities on Tinian Island in the Northern Mariana Islands since June 1945. The special intelligence unit directly controlled by the General Staff Office had been monitoring the code signs of B29s on the Northern Mariana Islands, and it noticed the peculiar code signs of about a dozen B29s that suddenly appeared on the island of Tinian in June 1945, two months before the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The intelligence unit sensed these planes were on some unknown, special mission. The information was quickly shared with the top military officials.

Japan had been aware of the US efforts to develop atomic bombs, and it had started its own efforts to develop atomic bombs in 1943. But when the government had to abandon the effort in June 1945, it convinced itself that uranium extraction was impossible for anyone, including the United States. The Japanese government had information on successful detonation of the first atomic bomb on July 16, 1945 in New Mexico, but it again convinced itself that it couldn’t be an atomic bomb.

The intelligence unit continued to monitor B29s with V600 call signs and kept informing the top officials. They did not connect the dots, and the mysterious B29s on Tinian Island remained mysteries as the fateful August 6, 1945 approached.



Tinian Island in the Northern Mariana Islands. August 6, 1945. North Field. Secret B-29 planes was about to depart, to drop the “special bombs” – atomic bombs on Japan.

An atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Three days later, the same happened in Nagasaki.

So far, the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is considered to have been utterly “beyond expectation” for the Japanese, “surprise attacks”. However, in fact, the Japanese military intelligence unit had known in advance the US activities surrounding the atomic bombing. They were monitoring the US military communications.

NHK has uncovered what little information left on the matter, and found eyewitnesses, diaries, audio tapes of the deceased officers in charge of intelligence. What NHK has found out is the fact that the military knew the danger was imminent but nothing was done.

The military intelligence unit had started tracking what they called “special task planes” which became active in June 1945 on Tinian Island, two months before the atomic bombing. On August 6, 1945, they knew the movement of the bomber approaching Hiroshima.

In case of Nagasaki, the top officers of the military knew the bomber was approaching Nagasaki, 5 hours before the bomb was dropped.

Was there anything that could have been done?

People who had been involved and who had said nothing since the end of the World War II have started to talk.

There was no air-raid siren. People were exposed to radiation and heat from the atomic bombs, without any protection. More than 200,000 people died in 1945 alone in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Why was nothing done, when they had intelligence surrounding the atomic bombing?

For the first time in 66 years, here’s the truth.


(5:02 – Intelligence)

The former headquarters of the special army intelligence unit in Suginami-Ward in Tokyo. Ryoji Hasegawa, 88, was a second lieutenant of the Japanese Imperial Army. He was told never to disclose even the existence of the unit, which became active in the spring of 1945. The unit was directly under the General Staff Office, charged with collecting the enemy intelligence. One of the tasks for Hasegawa was to collect information on B-29 bombers, as the US air raids using B-29 on Japan intensified in March 1945.

There were more than 100 members in the special intelligence unit. They were listening in on the Morse code used between the bombers and the bases. The messages were mostly encrypted, and deciphering was difficult. However, there was a short signal at the top that was not encrypted.

That was a call sign. It started with “V”, followed by three digits, and that would let the receiver know who was sending the message.

The monitoring records of the Japanese military. Most of the records were destroyed after the war, but NHK found some that survived. Most call signs were from the Mariana Islands.

The special intelligence unit noticed that bombers from each island had different call signs. Saipan: V400s, Guam: V500s, and Tinian: V700s. By monitoring the call signs, they could tell how many bombers were coming from which island. The unit was able to predict where they were headed, by continuously monitoring the call signs.

Hasegawa: “We would collect the information, and tell the General Staff Office how many B29 bombers were likely to go which direction. 200 here, 300 there…”


(9:40 – V600 call signs from Tinian Island in June 1945)

June 1945. The special intelligence unit noticed something abnormal. They caught mysterious call signs that they had never heard before. Hasegawa says, “They were call signs in V600s. We’d seen 400s, 500s and 700s, and they come from Saipan, Guam, Tinian. But now, V600s. Something was wrong, we thought.”

They were coming from Tinian Island. On the island that had been using call signs in 700s, there was now a new group of B29 bombers using call signs in 600s. What was their purpose? The unit strengthened its monitoring capability to watch closely.

Tinian Island was taken by the US in August 1944. North Field of Tinian Island, which was the base for Japan bombing raids. A special unit arrived there in June 1945 and started using call signs in V600s. It was the 509th Composite Group, which later dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

One of the Group was Mr. Russel Guggenbach (spelling is my guess), 88. He participated in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a crew member of B29. Mr. Guggenbach says the contact with other units was strictly forbidden on the island.

“The new commander informed us that there was going to be new officer, a new bomb was being developed, and if successful the bomb would shorten the war. We were told we were on the tight security, and we should obey orders and what we learned, what we saw, we learned to keep it ourselves. We were not supposed to tell even to our best friends.”

The US was spending 2 billion dollars to develop atomic bombs.

There were about 10 B29s of this special unit on Tinian Island that used the call signs in V600s. Compared to other B29s that went on the air raids on Japan, 200 or 300 planes at a time, it was incredibly small. Guggenbach says they did the pin-point bombing practice in the nearby small islands, though they didn’t know the final destination. All their training, says Guggenbach, “was for this special bomb, on a special mission.”


(15:03 – How much did the top Japanese military officers know about this information?)

Major Eizo Hori was in charge of providing intelligence collected by the special intelligence unit to the top officers in the General Staff Office. He died 16 years ago, but according to his family he had always blamed himself for not being able to stop the atomic bombing. His family kept an audio tape that Hori made several years before his death, about the special unit on Tinian Island.

“Unit with the call signs in 600s, it was a mysterious unit. When we followed the numbers carefully, we found that there were only 12 or 13 of them. So far, B29s were in hundreds. Something was wrong. We started to call them “special task plane”. Something was very wrong, and we did our best to keep track of them…”

Major Hori’s information of the “special task planes” was conveyed all the way to the top of the General Staff Office. However, Hori said he didn’t know at that time that the “special task” was atomic bombing.


(17:57 – What the military/Hideki Tojo knew about the US atomic bomb development)

Japanese Imperial Army had known from early on that the US had been developing nuclear bombs. In the spring of 1943, General Hideki Tojo, who was then the Minister of War, spoke to people in charge of weapon development. He said,

We also have information that the development of atomic bombs is in an advanced stage in the US. This development may decide the fate of the war.”

General Tojo then ordered the aviation headquarters to start the development of atomic bombs.

The best and the brightest in the nation were gathered. One of them was Mr. Kunihiko Kigoshi, 92. He was in charge of developing the uranium compound to be used in the bombs. Dr. Yoshio Nishina of Institute of Physical and Chemical Research led the group of researchers including Mr. Kigoshi.

Mr. Kigoshi says Dr. Nishina was frequently called to the aviation headquarters of the Japanese Imperial Army to be asked about the progress on atomic bomb development.

“After Dr. Nishina returned from the aviation headquarters, we were called to his office and told to do our best. I believe he was under significant pressure from the Army.”

In the mountainous region of Fukushima Prefecture, uranium ore was being mined by school students. Mr. Kiwamu Ariga, 80, was one of the students mobilized for the war efforts to mine uranium. He and his fellow students mined, and then transported uranium ore on their backs.

One day, to inspire the students doing the harsh labor, an army officer came and spoke to the students. Mr. Ariga says,

“The officer told us that a bomb will be made from the stones we were carrying. He said a small matchbox-size [bomb] would destroy a large city like New York in an instant. So keep up your effort, said the officer.”

However, the Imperial Army gave up on developing the atomic bomb at the end of June, 1945. It was due to lack of materials and resources, as the US air raids became too frequent.

But that was not the reason cited in an Army report. The report said, “It turned out that it was impossible to extract radioactive uranium. In the US, they came to the conclusion that it was impossible.”

As an excuse for discontinuing the development, the Army made a baseless assertion that even the US couldn’t do it [extract uranium]. [This is by NHK’s narrator – i.e. NHK’s opinion.]

Mr. Kigoshi says,

“They had to have a reason for discontinuing. If they thought the US might succeed, that would mean Japan would totally lose. The environment was such that it prohibited that kind of thought from entering into people’s minds.”


(23:27 – The US succeeds in the first atomic bomb detonation in New Mexico)

But right after Japan halted the development of atomic bombs, the US carried out the first successful atomic bomb experiment in New Mexico on July 16, 1945.Fragments of this information were delivered to the General Staff Office. But no one dared admit it was an atomic bomb.

After the war, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs compiled the history of the war. A person who served as secretary to the Minister of War wrote a memo on the incident:

“We had the report of a new weapon tested in New Mexico that had large explosive power. But no one thought it was an atomic bomb.”

Mr. Kigoshi, who was involved in Japan’s effort to develop atomic bombs, says it was impossible for the top Army officers not to know it was an atomic bomb.

Of course, even at that time, they must have thought the bomb was utilizing nuclear fission, I believe. Japan’s development effort was just too small-scale. I thought it would be the US who would succeed.”

The Imperial Army refused to recognize that the US had succeeded in developing an atomic bomb. Mysterious B29s on Tinian Island, dubbed “special task planes” by the Japanese intelligence, remained mysterious. The fateful day approached.

(To be continued in Part 2 of the post)



(Special Post for August 15 – Part 2) Japan’s General Staff Office Knew About Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombing in Advance and Did Nothing, According to 2011 NHK Documentary

(Continued from Part 1)Some ask, “Why didn’t Japan surrender after Hiroshima, or sooner?” Japan had been suing for peace at least since May 1945, sending secret delegations to contact the Allied Forces. The sticking point did seem to be about the status of the Emperor, but by July the surrender completely in the Allied Forces’ terms – unconditional surrender – was being considered as the only alternative. Japan had nothing to fight with, and was defenseless. There were only a handful of major cities (Kyoto, Niigata, Hiroshima, Kokura, Nagasaki) that hadn’t been bombed and incinerated. But the negotiations dragged on, going nowhere.Atomic bombing of Nagasaki has an added irony, as the bomb made by a Christian country destroyed a Catholic church with worshipers in it in a city where the Christians endured harsh state persecution for centuries and kept their faith.Here’s Part 2 of the 2011 NHK documentary “Atomic bombing – top secret information that was never utilized (原爆投下 活かされなかった極秘情報)”.I am aware that this part is even longer than Part 1, but I hope you have time to read it.Summary of Part 2:

August 6, 1945. The Imperial Army’s special intelligence unit picked up the call sign in V600s at 3AM – one of the “special task planes”. It was accompanied by a short-wave message to Washington, then followed by a wireless voice communication to the base in Saipan: “Approaching the target”.

Major Eizo Hori (see Part 1), head of the Division 2 of the General Staff Office that oversees the special intelligence unit, reported to his superiors that the weather reconnaissance plane was followed by the “special task plane” coming to Hiroshima. The General Staff Office sat on the information and did not share it with the regional headquarter in Hiroshima. The bomb was detonated 5 hours later at 8:15AM over unsuspecting residents of Hiroshima. There was no air raid siren. “Enola Gay” and the accompanying B29s were uncontested all the way to the target.

Three days later on August 9, again 5 hours before the atomic bomb explosion over Nagasaki, the intelligence unit picked up the same call sign in V600 again, and this time the B29 was heading for Kyushu. In light of what had happened in Hiroshima, the information was again immediately delivered all the way to the head of the General Staff Office. The cabinet ministers [more than half of whom were either current or former high-ranking military officers] were in a meeting in the Imperial Palace to discuss what to do in light of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima that practically wiped out the city in an instant. They couldn’t come to any conclusion, but the Chief of Staff Umezu assured them there would be no second atomic bombing.

Meanwhile, a pilot of Shidenkai – Japanese fighter plane that could take out B29s – was waiting on the runway of a base in Kyushu. The sortie order never came. The group of B29s, including “Bockscar”, on seeing the visibility of the first target of Kokura City in Fukuoka Prefecture was low, went on to the second target. The atomic bomb was dropped over a Catholic church in Nagasaki.

Survivors, who were intimately involved in the atomic bombing of the two cities and were interviewed by NHK, are still left with the question, “Why didn’t the government do anything?”

原爆投下 活(い)かされなかった極秘情報 by gataro-clone
(26:50 – August 6, 1945)

August 6, 1945, 3AM. The Imperial Army special intelligence unit caught a call sign in V600s. The “special task plane” was heading toward Japan [for the first time]. Major Eizo Hori, of the General Staff Office, received the information.

On August 6, this plane with a call sign in V600s issued a short-wave message. We didn’t know what the message was, but it went to Washington. Then, it made the wireless voice communication to the US base in Iojima, saying

“We are approaching the target.”

That “special task plane” was B29 “Enola Gay”, carrying the atomic bomb to be used in the real battlefield for the first time in human history.

Lieutenant Russel Guggenbach was on board a B29 accompanying “Enola Gay” to film the bombing:

“They told us this was a big day, that we will be using, dropping our special bomb. Our target would be, in order, Hiroshima, Kokura, and Nagasaki. This is what we were trained for. Others were still training missions, but this was the real thing.”

“Enola Gay” departed Tinian Island, flew over Iojima, and headed toward Hiroshima.


(28:35 – Hiroshima, on August 6, 1945)

August 6. The regional headquarter of the Imperial Army at Hiroshima Castle had been on the heightened alert against air raids. Ms. Yoshie Oka, then 14-year-old student, was working at the headquarter running messages, as part of the student mobilization during the war.

In the early hours of that day, neighboring cities had been attacked by large formations of B29 bombers – Nishinomiya [in Hyogo Prefecture], Imabari [Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku] and Ube [in Yamaguchi Prefecture]. The General Staff Office in Tokyo had had the information of the impending attacks in advance, so it had contacted the regional headquarters which then issued air raid alerts for the residents of those cities.

The regional headquarter in Hiroshima was in the underground vault to escape air raids. The next target might be Hiroshima. Ms. Oka and others were there the whole night, so that they could issue air raid alerts as soon as possible.

“Yes, we were tense, and unsettled. We were wondering what was going on that night. We stayed up all night, till the morning of August 6.”

Slightly past 7AM, a solitary B29 entered Hiroshima, about one hour before the atomic bomb was to be dropped.

Major Eizo Hori’s voice:

“About 7:20AM, there was a plane coming from Bungo Channel into Hiroshima. It was a B29. Judging by the radio wave it emitted, it was a weather reconnaissance plane.”

Major Hori’s analysis was correct. According to the mission order issued by the US government, it was a weather reconnaissance plane. The instruction was that the weather aircraft fly first, and using the call sign of “V675” instruct the “Enola Gay”, which was following the weather aircraft.

Major Hori:

Then, as it flew over Hiroshima, this B29 emitted short-wave signal, again it was in V600s. This was so out of the ordinary, we thought. We knew the “special task plane” was approaching.”

However, the General Staff Office in Tokyo did not share this information with the regional headquarter in Hiroshima.

Not knowing the “special task plane” was following the weather reconnaissance plane, the regional headquarter called off the alert.

Ms. Yoshie Oka [who was at the regional headquarter running errands]:

“That plane flew over us without doing anything, and we were all relieved. The commander and his staff stayed up all night, so they thought it should be OK if they went back home, eat something and take a short 30-minute nap and come back.”

Voice of Lieutenant Guggenbach, who was on board a B29 following “Enola Gay” to document the bombing:

“…none of our planes were ever shot at. Never saw a flight.. Prior to getting to Hiroshima, I did get out of my seat and I did stand behind the bombardier and the pilot. So I did have a look straight at the front of the plane.”


Destroyed Hiroshima, without even an air raid siren:

Unprotected, many residents perished.


(34:10 – Why the information wasn’t used)

Why didn’t the top military officials give the information of the “special task plane” to the Hiroshima regional headquarter? We still don’t know the answer.

Mr. Ryoji Hasegawa, who worked in the special intelligence unit, saw in this very room his superior mortified because the information they conveyed to the top officials hadn’t been used.

“His face said everything – ‘My opinion was not accepted. I am so frustrated.'”

(Hasegawa continues with some heat:)

“‘Japan was being attacked, to death probably, and yet people are too slow to respond.’ My superior’s recognition was not shared with the other members of the General Staff Office.”


(35:16 – Hiroshima)

Ms. Yoshie Oka again. She was working as a student at the regional headquarter. Although she was only 700 meters away from the hypocenter, she was unharmed because she was in the underground vault. But her 60 classmates who were out in the nearby field all perished.

If only there had been an air raid alert. Ms. Oka is chagrined even today.

“We were working in this underground vault, and we were saved, with no injuries. If there had been an early air raid alert and people had taken shelters in the underground vaults, many people wouldn’t have had to die, many more people would have survived.”

Ms. Oka tended her injured classmates after the bomb dropped. But all she could do was to watch them die, one after another.

“A mother was holding her badly injured daughter and cried. But the daughter said, ‘Don’t cry, mother. I am dying, serving the country.’ And she made a smile on her badly burned face and died peacefully. Every day was like that. It was hard. All we could do was to watch.”


(37:45 – August 7, August 8)

August 7, the day after the bombing of Hiroshima. Even after the news of destruction of Hiroshima reached them, the Imperial Army wouldn’t admit it was an atomic bomb.

Shigenori Togo, Foreign Minister, demanded the affirmation of the fact. To that, the Imperial Army staff answered,

“The US is saying it was an atomic bomb, but it is also possible that it was just a conventional bomb with large explosive power.”

Minister Togo said the Army, who denied the existence of an atomic bomb, was trying to minimize the effect of the bomb as little as possible.

However, the General Staff Office admitted, among themselves, that it was an atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.

On August 8, two days after the bomb was dropped, an award ceremony was performed by the General Staff Office in the courtyard of the headquarter of the special intelligence unit. The feat of identifying the call sign of the B29 that dropped the atomic bomb was hailed as great achievement.

We found someone who was present at the ceremony. Mr. Kunio Tanaka, 90, was a captain of the special intelligence unit. Mr. Tanaka listened to the officer from the General Staff Office explaining that the B29 with the call sign in V600s was carrying an atomic bomb.

‘The plane was carrying the most terrible weapon, atomic bomb. If the same kind of planes come again, we will stop them. We will pursue and destroy them. You all did a great job.’ We received the praise from him.”

However, the very next day, the same tragedy was repeated in Nagasaki.


(41:08 – August 9)

Before dawn on August 9. The same call sign came in – V675, exactly the same as in Hiroshima. It was coming from Tinian Island, just like before.

We found someone who was monitoring this very call sign. Mr. Arao Ota, 90, was a lieutenant in the intelligence unit. He spoke about the day for the first time on camera.

It was the same special radio wave used by the B29 that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. It was coming from the airfield on Tinian Island. We didn’t know what it said, all we knew was the radio wave was emitted. But it was me who caught the call sign. I knew it was out of the ordinary, I felt fear. I thought there was a high probability that within a few hours an atomic bomb would be dropped somewhere in Japan.

This information did reach the top officers in the military. We found the document that backs it up, at the Military History Department of the Ministry of Defense.

It was Lieutenant Colonel Tadao Inoue of the General Staff Office who left the document. He was a close advisor to Chief of General Staff Yoshijiro Umezu.

This is a memorandum kept by Lieutenant Colonel Inoue. There was a running note on August 9, 1945:

“Special bomb V675. We knew in advance, via communication [radio wave], 5 hours before Nagasaki was bombed.”

So, the information of the bomber with atomic bomb approaching had indeed reached the top of the General Staff Office 5 hours before the bombing.


(44:15 – Omura airbase)

Omura Airbase, 15 kilometers north of Nagasaki. In order to protect the entire Kyushu, a detachment of fighter planes was stationed in the airbase.

Mr. Minoru Honda, 88, was a pilot there. Mr. Honda and his fellow pilots flew “Shidenkai” (Purple Thunder). Shidenkai was one of the few fighter planes that could go as high as B29, to 10,000 meters. Mr. Honda says he was determined to take out B29 with the atomic bomb if it came again, even if that meant a suicide attack.

Mr. Honda happened to witness the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima from the sky two days earlier. He was on his way from Hyogo to his base in Omura.

“Just as I was flying over the Hiroshima Castle, I was blown off the course. The heavy Shidenkay was blown off. The plane became uncontrollable, and I must have dropped at least 500 meters. I finally regained control of the plane, and looked up ahead. Then I saw a cloud of red and black rapidly rising. The city of Hiroshima, which I had just looked on moments ago, disappeared. I couldn’t see the city. I thought I had gone crazy. I couldn’t tell if that was real.”


(46:45 – Nagasaki bombing)

August 9, 9AM. After taking off Tinian, the B29 with the second atomic bomb was approaching Kyushu – “Bockscar“. It went first to Kokura City in Fukuoka Prefecture, but since the visibility was bad it moved on to the second target, Nagasaki.

However, no order came to Mr. Honda’s unit to make a sortie. That B29 was approaching Nagasaki was confirmed, but they weren’t told the B29 was carrying an atomic bomb.

Shidenkai pilot Minoru Honda looks puzzled:

“B29 is not impregnable. I actually shot it down. It is extremely difficult, but it’s not impossible to shoot it down. Even today, I am vexed. Why didn’t they issue us a sortie order? They lacked information that much?”


(48:35 – What the top echelon of the military was doing when the bomb dropped in Nagasaki)

August 9, 10:30AM. The Conference of Supreme Leaders of War was on-going at the Imperial Palace all morning. They had received information of further deterioration of the war.

On August 9, 1945, Soviet Union, which had remained neutral, declared war against Japan, and the troops were crossing the Manchurian border.

The topic of the meeting that day was whether to accept the Potsdam Declaration and make an unconditional surrender. But if they surrendered, what would happen to the status of the Emperor? Would they be harshly prosecuted as war criminals? They couldn’t decide what to do.

The top military officers present in the meeting, including Chief of Staff Umezu, insisted that it was possible to continue the war even after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and said the following:

Umezu: “It is true that the damage from the atomic bomb is extremely heavy, but I doubt that the US can keep using the bombs one after another.”

There will be no atomic bombing the second time. As the B29 with the atomic bomb was approaching Nagasaki, the military was repeating the baseless assertion. [NHK’s word, literally.]

At 11:02AM, while the meeting was still on-going, an atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.

Again, there wasn’t even an air raid siren.


(51:10 – Aftermath – “Day after the fair”)

Mr. Arao Ota, who caught the call sign from Tinian Island and reported on the danger of the second atomic bombing, still can’t understand.

“I am so mortified. We knew it! If they used the information and did all they could, then we might have been able to accept it. But there was no indication that they used the information. All the more I’m mortified.”

Major Eizo Hori, who reported the information collected by the special intelligence unit to the top officers in the General Staff Office, had hardly anything to say about the Nagasaki bombing. In his post-war document, he simply wrote:

“The same call sign was caught again on August 9, but nothing was done. A day after the fair.”

Mr. Minoru Honda, who was waiting for a sortie order at Omura Airbase, was ordered to carry injured people to the hospitals after the bombing.

“I can’t forget, till I die. People without any hair, naked with no clothes on, melted. How could a horrendous thing like this be allowed in this world? I cried and cried. I didn’t even know why I was crying. I still remember. I feel helpless. As a soldier, I feel helpless, I feel sorry.”

We shared our new information with Mr. Honda, that the top military officers had information of the bomber with the atomic bomb approaching Nagasaki 5 hours in advance. The truth, the first time in 66 years.

(Mr. Honda says in a shaky voice, in sheer disbelief, disgust, and anger:)


“So they knew. Then why didn’t they issue orders? 5 hours were more than enough to thoroughly prepare.”


“So this is Japan. Such a thing, I think it will happen again, if we let them get away with it.”


(55:20 – burning the record)

On August 11, with Japan’s surrender all but certain, an order was issued to the special intelligence unit – destroy all information, including intelligence information, kept at the headquarter in Tokyo.

Mr. Ryoji Hasegawa was ordered to burn the documents. He says with some heat:

“I was told to burn them, and then turn them into dust. Destroy evidence. Destroy evidence of the existence of the unit.”

Mr. Hasegawa says he kept burning the documents there, until the day of surrender.

Everything, including the fact that the Imperial Army knew about the activities surrounding the atomic bombing, was made to cease to exist.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Atomic bombs dropped on defenseless people. Many lives and living were destroyed in an instant.

Knowing the grave danger approaching, the military leaders did not share the information. Two tragedies keep asking us about the responsibility of those who lead the nation.



This is beyond incompetence. They purposefully withheld the key information and lied.

NHK does not speculate why the top military (essentially the government) decided to sit on the information, but the documentary seems almost begging us to “read between the lines” when the scene was described with highest ranking officers and government officials meeting to decide what to do on the day of Nagasaki bombing.

Excuse can be made for the Imperial Army that by that time, having tens of thousands of people killed on one bombing raid must have seemed like nothing. In March that year, more than 100,000 people perished in Tokyo in one night in a massive incendiary bombing. Hundreds of B29 had been dropping bombs indiscriminately over cities. A few B29s flying toward Hiroshima may have hardly seemed worthy of any attention, even though they were with the peculiar call signs and did unusual things (like short-wave communication to Washington).

But all they needed to do might have been to sound an air raid siren so that people would stay in bomb shelters, and to send fighter planes to at least harass the B29s so that the B29s would abandon the missions (and drop the charge in the ocean, instead of over the targets).

Instead, they withheld, lied. The B29s were uncontested. It is almost as if the military wanted the bombs to go off.

The documentary was aired two years ago. Since then, arm-chair general (or I should say cosplay tank commander) Shinzo Abe has become the prime minister for the second time. Despite the revelation from, of all people, NHK, most Japanese don’t seem to care that ordinary Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were essentially abandoned by the central government in August 1945. From what I can tell, this documentary doesn’t seem to have caused much impact in Japan at all.

The Japanese continue to let them get away with it.

It is an inconvenient truth, which doesn’t suit anyone’s narrative. The Japanese government wouldn’t want to admit to any of this, after 68 years of having gotten away with it. Japanese people who condemn senseless killing of civilians by the US using atomic bombs would want to keep their narrative that the attacks were “surprise attacks” by the US. They have to remain the victims of the atomic bombs dropped by the US. They probably wouldn’t want to admit that they were victims of their own government.

Mr. Honda the Shidenkai pilot said it will be repeated if people let them get away with it. Many would say it has been repeated, most recently on March 11, 2011 and its aftermath. It will be repeated.


P.S. Chief of Staff Yoshijiro Umezu received a sentence of life in prison in the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, but died while in prison in 1949 because of colon cancer. If he lived, I have no doubt that he was pardoned, like most others who also received the life sentence. He is enshrined in Yasukuni Shrine.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LUCY AND FRIENDS SAY FURTHER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
If you have comments or questions, leave them on the EX-SKF site….. Share too….. it could disappear…..
1 of 3 #Japan Knew About Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombing in Advance and Did Nothing  http://t.co/TBiUi20Ig8 via @exskf

2 of 3 #Japan Knew About Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombing in Advance and Did Nothing,  http://t.co/HNePc27vUp via @exskf
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FB FRIEND Are fukushima s nuclear reactors still s

“…Therefore, Fukushima is an Extinction Level Event. The whole planet is already contaminated and yet, to date, no corrective measures have been done.”

‪#‎Nuclear‬ ‪#‎FukushimaRecollections‬ ‪#‎ELE‬ ‪#‎Radiation‬#1,946 Isotopes ‪#‎Fukushima‬‘s melted reactors 500 days on http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/07/29/fukushimas-melted-reactors-500-days-on/

“…The three melted reactors combined in Fukushima Daichi contained 257 tons of nuclear fuel enriched to 3.7% Uranium 235 and divided into 1,496 assemblies, each about 172 kg.

Reactor No. 3 also housed 32 MOX assemblies, reportedly enriched to 6% or 330 kg of Pu239.

In addition, the storage pools of these reactors have at least 239 tonnes of fuel residing there for who knows how long (1,390 assemblies) and 31 tonnes of fresh fuel (180 assemblies)…”



Meanwhile, in Japan and the Triple #NUCLEAR ‪#‎MELTDOWNS‬ SINCE MARCH 11, 2011…… killing us all, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly….. Here’s an update. Tell your friends and tell your neighbors, and tell them to tell their friends and neighbors. The governments already know:

#Fukushima Update –There are seven (7) pools for highly radioactive used reactor cores. It is not independently known how many of the seven reactor core pits still exist.


‪#‎Tepco‬ refuses to give access to independent third parties. So, there is no independently confirmed report. To start there were 6 reactors at Fukushima Daiichi; three blew up. The #radiation from a fourth reactor that did not blow up is the highest of the four. It is so high that neither humans nor robots can even enter the #2 reactor building.


The four crippled reactors had 429 tonnes of reactor core in the reactors and thousands of tons of old used cores in the water pits.


‪#‎Chernobyl‬ terrorized the world when 53 tonnes of the core burned.

Therefore, Fukushima is an Extinction Level Event. The whole planet is already contaminated and yet, to date, no corrective measures have been done.


small actions
“I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE”…..#Nuclear Alerts http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/03/08/i-spit-on-your-grave/
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We are the Media Now. So Be It.  FIND THE OTHERS.  LIGHT UP THE GRID.

We are the Media Now. So Be It. FIND THE OTHERS. LIGHT UP THE GRID.

Hello World!! #Fukushima on Facebook "Group Infiltration with Plausible Deniability" Not on our Watch!!! May 2012 http://wp.me/p22TzT-jV

Hello World!! #Fukushima on Facebook “Group Infiltration with Plausible Deniability” Not on our Watch!!! May 2012 http://wp.me/p22TzT-jV

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#CHERNOBYL: Consequences of the Catastrophe For People and the Environment

Ask About Radioactive Pollen Now

Ask About Radioactive Pollen Now

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2011 Thoughts on 3.11 and 9.11

Tell your friends and tell your neighbors. Tell them to tell their friends and neighbors.
#Fukushima triple nuclear meltdowns are still in progress.  NO EFFORTS TO CONTAIN.
aafn  countries  july 27 2013WE are the Media Now.  Over the Course, WE have succeeded in reaching and touching many lives.
The blog, ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW, has been viewed in these countries, by nearly 55,000 individuals.  See and share the list of posts.  Revisit them. Compare what  was known then to now.  Be alert to what was known then, and has been covered up further now.
Multiple those individuals by how many Friends a FB Activist may have, and you know that collectively,
we have done an awesome job, one post at a time. It ain’t over. #311 will never be over.  Now, we continue
to pray for the dead and dying, and fight like hell for the living.  Fukushima IS an extinction level event.
Continue to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. SHUN THE NUKERS.  MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT.
WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….. Think locally! ACT globally. OCCUPY VIRTUALLY!  #StayOuttaTheStreets! WE’VE BEEN POISONED.
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#FukushimaRecollections from September 2011…..we do not…forget.
#Fukushima Update:   This will help you grasp the concept of the in-progress ELE. Read slowly and carefully. Draw your own conclusions. Tell your friends and tell your neighbors, and tell them to tell their friends and neighbors.
There are seven (7) pools for highly radioactive used reactor cores. It is not independently known how many of the seven reactor core pits still exist.
‪#‎Tepco‬ refuses to give access to independent third parties. So, there is no independently confirmed report. To start there were 6 reactors at Fukushima Daiichi; three blew up. The ‪#‎radiation‬ from a fourth reactor that did not blow up is the highest of the four. It is so high that neither humans nor robots can even enter the #2 reactor building.
The four crippled reactors had 429 tonnes of reactor core in the reactors and thousands of tons of old used cores in the water pits.
‪#‎Chernobyl‬ terrorized the world when 53 tonnes of the core burned.  Therefore, Fukushima is an Extinction Level Event. The whole planet is already contaminated and yet, to date, no corrective measures have been done.
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~~Following text by “Lucy” reblogged from DiaNukes.org~~~
24 7  9 11
SEPTEMBER 12, 2011

Dear World:

9.11.11 is nearly over on the West Coast of California.   Last night, and much of today, I posted the following:

“More than 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks on the World Trade Center.” Now is the time for people of goodwill, all around the planet, to come together. Let us also come together in prayer for solutions to the nuclear disaster currently taking place in Fukushima, in spite of news blackouts, that threatens all of humanity. PRAY PEOPLE PRAY; LOVE ONE ANOTHER; COME TOGETHER FOR SOLUTIONS TO ALL THE CHALLENGES OF 9.11 AND 3.11 XOXOXOX


lucy in the sky with diamondsNew to understandings of the nuclear threats of humanity, lives in California, USA, has a day job in the real estate world, has past experience working with convicts in America’s maximum security penitentiaries, establishing an “8 o’clock, local time prayer network” in an organization in the 1980s called Prisoners Unanimous—Embracing All Planetary Prisoners. The purpose of that organization was to “Promote the spirit of goodwill among incarcerated people and society at large via prayer and pen” at a time that the number of incarcerated citizens in America was a FRACTION of the population it is today. L believes that the heart of humanity is sound, and that those of us here, on the planet now, came to assist in the awakening of humanity, and sharing light in darkened places around the planet. L  also believes that humans are not the highest form or most intelligent form of life on the planet, evidenced by current state of affairs, and encourages receptivity to help from friendly Star Visitors. She believes that the challenges of 9.11 and of global politics pale in the desperate need of finding solutions for Fukushima now.

Visit L on Facebook here

With much prayer, meditation, and contemplation, I “pasted” those few words for hours on FaceBook group and individual walls.  If there is a “posting blast” feature of FB, I haven’t found it.  So, I prayed and posted, prayed and posted, prayed and posted.  I would be tempted to comment on something I read while posting, but for the most part, I prayed and I posted.  For hours and hours.   Before posting, I would send a quick prayer ahead, trusting that the right eyes would see, and the right hearts would open, and respond.   One link to a friend would lead to another……and so the evening went.  Some friends had just a few friends on the wall, others had many.  I began to smile as I posted, ever grateful for the “Information Super Highway.”  I posted on walls of groups organizing to speak on the technical and scientific aspects of Fukushima, I posted on groups of a variety of “Star-Visitor” types, I posted on some quasi-political-action groups, I posted on spiritual groups, and I posted on the walls of friends….new and old.  I posted on walls of people in America, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Russia, Thailand, India and some anonymous places….and goodness knows where else.   On 9.11, I reposted, whenever there was a reference to 9.11 or to 3.11.   Many of my fellow American citizens are highly suspicious of many of the actions of our government in recent years….We still have the freedom of speech, so I posted the above words on other posts that had kind, and not-so-kind sentiments about this date in our history.  I received posts from friends in Japan, with kind wishes for those of us in America, to which I promptly responded with returned prayers.

WHAT I KNOW IS THAT PRAYERS CHANGE PEOPLE AND PEOPLE CHANGE THINGS.  I believe that the political madness in most all countries…..will, as it must, change. When it is clearly evident to thinking people around the globe that the devastating nuclear disaster at Fukushima, and the collusion of the various government and private industries and various global agencies to conceal, puts our very existence at risk, and puts humans at the top of the endangered species list, change will come.  Change will come, unless those  ‘running the planet’ are sub-human entities or simply creatures from elsewhere; if they are part of the human race, they will realize that we must immediately find solutions to containment of the nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima, as our whole planet is at risk.

On the morning of 3.10.11, my cell phone tsunami alert went off.  I live in the desert in California.  Not much risk of tsunami at this location; the alert was from days of living in Hawaii.   I tuned in on the internet, sent some FB alerts to several friends, and watched the news.  THAT VERY NEXT MORNING, THE NEWS INDICATED THAT 3 REACTORS HAD MELTED DOWN.  I’m no scientist…..and I didn’t know much about the nuclear industry, but I am thinking, feeling human being and my first thought was, “OH MY GOD!”

The devastation of the tsunami videos is etched in my mind.   Etched just like memories of the 9.11 events in America.  Horror. Powerlessness. Shock. Awe.  Empathy. Terror. Rage. Sympathy. Thought. Prayer. Anchoring light.  And sounding Alarms.   After 9.11, the internet was a faithful servant in helping to restore a sense of unity in America.  The skies were quiet.  Patriotism was high.  We remembered our roots.  We used emails to share thoughts, encouragement, hope, condolences.  After 3.11, the world community mobilized…..and many “first responders” are still valiantly posting, acting, organizing.   Then, post by post, while we observed media coverage diminish to the point of nearly non-existence, we read about government officials….Japanese, United States, agreeing to censor the information about how grave the situation is.

The lies, the cover-ups, by the media, corporate America, governments…..are, in my opinion, simply crimes against humanity, which could immediately be pursued in a World Court setting… IF WE DIDN’T HAVE THE MATTER OF NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION TO TEND TO FIRST.  The United Nations has not apparently responded.  Parts of Japan should have been evacuated immediately.  Have you seen the videos of the parents in Japan pleading for help from the World Community, to help save their children??  Have you seen the mothers on video, crying for mercy for their children?   Did you see the TEPCO worker photo, pointing at YOU at the camera, invoking much discussion on the internet about what was being said?  Did you understand the courage that young man had to take that action, and did you see his ‘explanation’???  Do you understand that his bravery could lead him and his family to increased danger, and could require political asylum?   I thought he was probably saying something like, “WE WANT YOU TO TAKE OUR MESSAGE TO THE WORLD COMMUNITY NOW!  ONLY YOU CAN HELP US SAVE OUR CHILDREN.”

Fukushima to infinity and beyond

We, the People of the Planet, must work together quickly and immediately to resolve the containment of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, and then we must meticulously facilitate the dismantling of every nuclear plant on the planet.  I don’t know how that gets done, I just know it must be done.   Now.  It WILL BE DONE, as we collectively move forward, prayerfully, one mind, one thought, one post, one prayer, one issue at a time….in every town, in every nation.

Everybody must work together…..people who would not necessarily mix….but who must come together for a common cause….CONTINUING LIFE ON THE PLANET.  Religious beliefs, or none; Political beliefs, or none; Educated or not; Scientists, Physicians, Metaphysicians, Star Visitors, Nuclear engineers and scientists….farmers, captains of industry, etc…..

It seems that we have just a couple of choices now…..a) do nothing and perish;  b) mutate and expect the best; c) hope there are parallel universe to ‘shift’ to or d) roll up our sleeves, turn on our computers, PRAY AND POST LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW, create petitions, create a Group of Nations Everywhere to supersede our failed institutions if they cannot be compelled to take right and immediate action.

I am in favor of harnessing the energy of the students and the youth of the world into positive directions, utilizing the Information Super Highway (not the streets of anywhere), to think things through to solutions.  I am in favor of harnessing the energies of the youth for paradigm shifts.  I am in favor of immediate criminal sanctions against Tepco, and government officials in Japan, America and elsewhere that have perpetrated this Fukushima contamination and the immediate establishment of a global management of all Tepco plants.   I am in favor of providing emergency aid to the people of Japan and evacuation immediately.   I am also in favor of selling the District of Columbia and all its politicians to the Chinese to pay off American debt, request forgiveness for the balance, and institute a relocation of America’s capital to a state in the interior of the continent.

I am most in favor of providing tangible support to groups and individuals working courageously and tirelessly to facilitate change…..in a variety of levels, one prayerful thought at a time.  I am also adamantly in favor of daily prayer for those in Fukushima, at 11:11 (p.m. and a.m.) recognizing that Energy follows thoughts……so each of our individual and collective actions must be prayerfully prepared before implementation…   PRAY PEOPLE PRAY, AND POST POST POST……Decentralized networking……remember, most governments are nervous, armed and dangerous during these days…..Be Smart, Be Careful, Be Brave!

Discovering how to use FB has been an adventure, and below is one of the posts I submitted to a group that has a large group of ‘intellectuals’ in it…..I was invited to leave the group for speaking on prayer and meditation……and that wasn’t the first time a ‘nuke-type-group’ expressed offense at the suggestion of needing divine intervention to facilitation solutions…..A few FB ‘groups’ have been created to serve as ‘file cabinets’ for a variety of posts, and to facilitate communications between individuals and groups.  More sharing intended.

Thank you so much for the invitation to share some thoughts……and for all the YOUR group is doing to help save the children of Fukushima, and the People of the Planet…..Please sign and share the petitions to Evacuate Fukushima, and the Appeal for Fukushima and Global Management of the Nuclear Plants….and draft new petitions and circulate until we have a roaring voice of change for humanity……

NOW is the time for all people of goodwilll to come to the aid of the planet… www.appealforfukushima.comwww.ipetitions.com/petition/evacuate_fukushima/   xooxox

Sending love and many blessings!


“More than 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks on the World Trade Center.” Now is the time for people of goodwill, all around the planet, to come together. Let us also come together in prayer for solutions to the nuclear disaster currently taking place in Fukushima, in spite of news blackouts, that threatens all of humanity. PRAY PEOPLE PRAY; LOVE ONE ANOTHER; COME TOGETHER FOR SOLUTIONS TO ALL THE CHALLENGES OF 9.11 AND 3.11 XOXOXOX

Fukushima? Resolved? NOT! from what I understand of protocols for protection….

on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 8:04am


“Fukushima ? Where is that ? Oh … that thing !!! Wasn’t it like 5 months ago ? I heard the crisis is over and that radiation is good for you ! So nothing to worry about! Anyway, the sky is so big and the ocean so vast and human stupidity so infinite, nothing to worry about ! 😉

Fukushima? Resolved? NOT! from what I understand of protocols for protection, when we were thinking it was just iodine related, yes, I jumped on board. From what I read of cesium, plutonium etc…..it seems that it doesn’t matter…..we’re toast. Our bodies are not designed to intake the quantities of radioactive materials in the air, water, food…..so, I believe we will either collectively mutate as a species, or ….go extinct.

In the meantime, I don’t believe we’ll all just simply drop over dead, so my intention is to do all I can, while I can, to contribute to global efforts to

a) stop the contamination

b) transmute the contamination by any means necessary and available or which becomes available;

c) strengthen the hands of those working closer to the front lines,

d) help to bring about trials for crimes against humanity at the Hague;

D1) Help involve the UN in positive action and/or help create a truly representative GROUP OF NATIONS concerned about life on this planet…

e) help involve more of humanity in conscious awareness of the things that CAN BE CHANGED, and f) pray and meditate and visualize like there’s no tomorrow…

g) do whatever else comes to conscious attention requiring action : ) One day, one step, one thought, one post, one action at a time! Sending love….. xooxox


FUKUSHIMA? So, it would seem that we need some focused INTENTION for SOLUTIONS that includes…

on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 2:53pm

Ok. FUKUSHIMA. I get it. Even xxxxx xxxxxxxxx [self-proclaimed proponent of nuclear power and teams] doesn’t have a solution, although he has been doing a stellar job getting some of the facts out, as have many groups and individuals around the world. Keep on keeping on, and do keep circulating the Fukushima related petitions, as well as those that will soon enough be presented. xooxox

So, it would seem that we need some focused INTENTION for SOLUTIONS that includes: MASSIVE AND IMMEDIATE AND CONTINUOUS INFO CAMPAIGN, one mind and one post at a time (and the petitions are getting that momentum going); We are pretty clear on what strategies are not working….so we need some “out of the box” scientific strategies to:

a) do ‘something’ (that looks like….what?? funnel the radiation to some sort of new equipment that could render it un-dangerous? since all is energy, what could it be ‘changed into’ and possibly how?)

b) Begin a decontamination process for the air, sea, and land;

c) provide medical and metaphysical assistance to life forms closest to active radioactive contamination;

d) provide safety outerwear? to ….everybody?

e) call on Elders from various philosophies and religions who have knowledge of ‘rituals’ for decontamination processes;

f) evacuate life forms to safe decontamination locations;

g) establish new food sources;

h) establish clean water /decontamination practices…..

i) shut down and dismantle alllllll nuclear facilities in an expeditious 1-2 year plan;

j) Quarantine any nuclear corporate people who would block solutions that could save humanity (Quarantine in/near Fukushima);

k) Submit Fukushima Appeal petition to United Nations and if they fail to respond immediately, immediately create an all-nations nuclear free organization to unite thinkers, scientists, physicians, metaphysicians, writers, teckies, and anybody else who might be able to lend energy….. …..


There has to be a think-tank somewhere on this planet to come up with these issues. The rest of the political stuff on the horizon…really pales in comparison…..

Thanks for listening to me ‘think out loud’……The more we all collectively communicate, the more solutions will be revealed…..

Can anyone condense this into just a few lines so we can have a Statement of Intention that we can ….start thinking on collectively???


THANK YOU! Sending love and light! L, Citizen of this Earth xooxox   Realizing that ENERGY FOLLLOWS THOUGHT….  XOXOX

“A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depend on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving.”~ Albert Einstein ~



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Lucy no longer supports the DiaNuke groups.  She is grateful that articles such as this remain on their site.   Lucy no longer signs petitions….for anything.  She is grateful for all who put energy behind the intentions to EVACUATE FUKUSHIMA, to save the Children, and to implement a solution to the extinction level event triggered on 3.11.11    WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, till last gasps.  MAKE TODAY COUNT.

We are the Media Now….We do not…..FORGET.

anon salutes


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ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/list-of-posts/

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LUCY OCCUPY SAYS  http://lucyoccupy.com/about/

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Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner, Veterans Today Author http://www.veteranstoday.com/author/bobnichols/

CHERNOBYL: Consequences of the Catastrophe For People and the Environment


Reference pdf…. download, read, share, keep handy; add more zeros to deaths when relating to #Fukushima deaths, maimings and illnesses…

LUCY OCCUPY SAID ….. http://lucyoccupy.com/lucy-occupy-said/
COMING SOON…..  ASK ABOUT ISOTOPES NOW….  ALL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME…. 1,946 known lethal isotopes, that increase in lethality over time.
#Fukushima Lessons Learned Multiple reactor Meltdo
#Fukushima …. this one is for those of you grasping at truth and being further bamboozled by the nukers and their propaganda machinery with the recent stories about #TEPCO allegedly fessing up to some truth that gosh golly, there has been a little leaking into the ocean…. you got us. How’s that TEPCO BAILOUT coming along? All the investors got all their money out by now, and they are just leaving Japan holding the bag, so to speak??
AerialHow are things moving along with those proposed constitutional amendments, of primary concern, Article 9?Concerned yet? Don’t be too smug. All the radiation spewing out of the #Fukushima is coming right to YOU AND YOURS too…. and has been for 869 days…. or, simply said, 2 years, 4 months, 16 days…. TRIPLE NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS… NO EFFORTS TO CONTAIN, other than sanitizing the internet and Nuke Gravy Train mouthpieces leading some of the larger ‘anti-nuker movements’… How dumb is that to follow proponents of nuclear power in an alleged anti-nuke effort? D’oh! Rocks or Radiation in your head??? THINK THINK THINK.
311 is not over

Hello World! Fukushima? Did you know…..?!!

Gentle Fukushima reminders for Gentle and Fierce friends of the 94%: 

What do Ernest Sternglass, Albert Einstein, Charles Ferguson and Oliver Stone have in common with the 94%? What could they have in common?

Hint: 2 physicists and 2 movie producers unafraid of exposing truths.

Energy folllllllllllows thought. Think think think.

fun science extrapolate
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“Be informed rather than just opinionated”   “FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS STAY IGNORANT.”

Watch for more…  

Occupy Fukushima Cover Page

History reminder: TAKE NOTE:   “Bonus Army: US military attacks demonstrating American War Veterans”  7 MINUTE VIDEO:


 put it under water now create a new harbor with ga - 467127239965818

HELLO WORLD! OPEN LETTER TO PRO-NUKER KILLER KNUCKLEHEADS and their lurking Sympathizers in Fukushima Nuke-Ghetto GROUPS! CRY!

ALL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME.  FUKUSHIMA HAS MULTIPLE REACTORS IN MELTDOWN, SINCE MARCH 11, 2011. FUKUSHIMA MELTDOWNS have already dumped radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean.  Continued willful ignorance, arrogance,  learned helplessness, and defiance of the knowledge that the ocean contamination has already happened is—> brutal stupidity.  There is no Chernobyl-type solution.  How …

#Fukushima #Nuclear #Meltdowns still in progress N

HELLO WORLD!!! OPEN LETTER TO NUCLEAR POWERS! You’ve got the tools! Let’s Get To Work!!



Hello World! Here’s an Open Letter to the President PLUS a little more “why” on ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW

’All reactors leak, all the time’   Yes!  All the time! Dear Mr. President…Yo! Things are falling apart on your watch….anybody telll you that? Things are not so good in America. Here’s the deal….people need the truth about Fukushima. Yes, we know that when the Truth comes out, there will also be Americans on trial for high crimes against humanity …

Are you outraged about the killing of the children - 476022239076318

Hello World!! Fukushima Fix-it Strategy?? Remember, Dead Demonstrators don’t get the job done!!

Remember, Dead Demonstrators don’t get the job done. Dodge those radioactive isotopes if you’re out and about today……. and remember, we are the media now; keep firing! OCCUPY VIRTUALLY !! FUKU RADS IN THE AIR, EVERYWHERE! All reactors leak, all the time….. yessssss, alll the time. Nuclear meltdowns are kind of like leaks, too. Both …

Ask about fukushima now THINK THINK THINK http ask - 457529080925634

Hello World! Open Letter to Academics, Scientists and Smart People Concerned About On-Going Nuclear Meltdowns

On March 11, 2011 the world changed, for us all. More MOX News out of Japan!  Huh?  D’oh!!  What else??!! While Rallies and Demonstrations are underway……Uh-ohh, here’s what really happened recently in Japan. Uh Ohhhhhh…..  Pu 239 is the product of reactors and as you well know, there is only one real use for ….

21,000 Lbs of Plutonium Was Sent to Japan Where is - 484931891518686


To:  President of Middle Tennessee State University –   MTSU Office of International Affairs –  Parents of All Students at Middle Tennessee State University –  And Many Others……….. “We are the Media Now…..“ RE:  OPEN LETTER TO FOLKS IN TENNESSEE, USA:   SUICIDE FIELD TRIP TO FUKUSHIMA Dear People:

#FUKUSHIMA Industry Lessons Learned Trying again i


FUKUSHIMA OPEN LETTER TO UNITED STATES SENATOR(S) with Copies to DOE, DOS, NRC and the President of the United States of America, Friends and Bloggers on Facebook, et al Dear Senator: Thank you for sacrificing your life for the American people, and for the people of Japan, and indeed, for the people of …

How many senators are owned or leased by the nuker

Hello World! Here’s an Open Letter to the President PLUS a little more “why” on ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW

 ’All reactors leak, all the time’   Yes!  All the time! Dear Mr. President…Yo! Things are falling apart on your watch….anybody telll you that? Things are not so good in America. Here’s the deal….people need the truth about Fukushima. Yes, we know that when the Truth comes out, there will also be Americans on trial for high CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY….

Mr President

Hello World! Nearly 40,000 blog direct views 1st year: ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW….. WE did it! WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….

On December 8, 2011, the first issue of ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW was ‘published’ having been watching and posting and shouting about the unfolding global catastrophe since 3.10.11. The triple-meltdowns were first seen reported on 3.12.11.  No actions have been taken to interrupt the ELE. Together, this year, WE achieved nearly 40,000 direct views, and …

[WE Exceeded 40,000!!  Let’s keep moving….. Ready! Aim! Extrapolate! ]

LUCY OCCUPY answered a question 30 minutes ago Wha - 439249702753572

Hello World!! Fukushima Fix-it Strategy?? Remember, Dead Demonstrators don’t get the job done!!

Remember, Dead Demonstrators don’t get the job done. Dodge those radioactive isotopes if you’re out and about today……. and remember, we are the media now; keep firing! OCCUPY VIRTUALLY !! FUKU RADS IN THE AIR, EVERYWHERE! All reactors leak, all the time….. yessssss, alll the time. Nuclear meltdowns are kind of like leaks, too. Both …


Hello World! Fukushima: You ‘Get it’ or You Don’t; either way, you’re Inconveniently Dead Sooner Rather Than Later

“The three melted reactors combined in Fukushima Daiichi contained 257 tons of nuclear fuel enriched to 3.7% Uranium 235 and divided into 1,496 assemblies,  each about 172 kg. Reactor No. 3 also housed 32 MOX assemblies, reportedly enriched to 6% or 330 kg of Pu239. In addition, the storage pools of these reactors have at …


Hello World! Fukushima on a Robot-Serial-Killing Spree!!! What’s next??!!!

“Humans and robots cannot get close enough to the available reactor cores for long enough to attempt any of the suggestions [other than put the reactor cores under water immediately].   The only feasible solution is to put the reactor cores under water immediately…

* * * * *

Here’s another Warning… Pass it on… Creatively… “At 211 degrees, water is hot…..” Watch this 3 minute video for some fierce inspiration….


* * * * *


Hi World! Put the Reactors Under Water Now! Any Questions??https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/10/hi-world-put-te-reactors-under-water-now-questions/

Triple Nuclear Meltdowns in progress since 3.11.11  What are efforts to contain Fukushima? None.  None? NONE.

Triple Nuclear Meltdowns in progress since 3.11.11 What are efforts to contain Fukushima? None. None? NONE.

Include those complicit in the cover up with the charges against TEPCO?

We saw what they did and didn’t do in 2012.  Include those complicit in the cover up in the criminal charges against TEPCO?  Stay alert to what they have in store for 2013!!!

One of the hardest decisions


 Time to continue to pray for the dead and dying, and fight like hell for the living.
Your knowledge is YOUR power.  Your ignorance is THEIR power.   Decide.
LINK UP... "8 O'CLOCK, LOCAL TIME" daily...with and for all impacted by Fukushima (that's all of us) and with all for all who Occupy (virtually and non-virtually) on behalf of all of us.

LINK UP… “8 O’CLOCK, LOCAL TIME” daily…with and for all impacted by Fukushima (that’s all of us) and with all for all who Occupy (virtually and non-virtually)            on behalf of all of us.   xoxoox

Dear World! ‘LOCK DOWN ALERT!’ “Only sustained and polite engagement” is NOT an effective strategy under #Nuclear Attack

Lucy has withdrawn support to the Nuke-Liars Award event wall, is no longer a host, and is not ‘attending.’  Do your own investigations and thinking, and conduct yourselves accordingly.

Lucy has been locked out of facebook (twice this week) due to nuker and nuker-sympathizer orchestrated, coordinated and supported actions, or she would have advised you personally.


“Think Locally. Act Globally.  OCCUPY VIRTUALLY.  You know how.  You know Why.”

Sun Tzu said: “[S]he will win who knows when to fight, and when not to fight”.

Feeling a little like Arlo Guthrie, sitting on the ‘Group W Bench’….

Here’s the story…..in part…..there was MORE……..    :/

“With deep regret, I have withdrawn support from the #NUKE LIARS AWARDS event wall.  I stand firmly by my conviction: ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PROVACTEURS, NUKERS AND THEIR SYMPATHIZERS.  They are enemies of humanity.”

I have been locked out of my FB account twice now this week, and have been subjected to hateful troll-type accusations, due to a committee of whatever you want to call them and theirs.    They can destroy groups and walls and events.  IDENTIFY THEM AND SHUN THEM.

Direct contact can be made by friends at either LucyOccupy@gmail.com, Twitter @LucyOccupy and/or this blog, ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW   https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/     More lines of communication will be opened (or not).

Also, telepathic connections are still strong at “8 o’clock, local time” LINK UP with and for all impacted by Fukushima (that’s all of us) and with and for all who OCCUPY (VIRTUALLY, AND NON-VIRTUALLY) (on behalf of all of us).   ONE, divided by nothing.

See the very polite response from the event organizers, written, sadly, without all the facts, prompted by false accusations of one of the provoking team.  The facts have been forwarded to the organizers, to do with as they will.

Dialogue On Nukes:  Dear ‘Lucy Occupy’ We deeply appreciate the wonderful work that you have been doing, through your website, and your relentless attempt to sensities people on facebook walls/groups. We are also greatly thankful to you for promoting the NUKE LIAR EVENT.However, we would like to urge you to have tolerance for every kind of discussion so that we can focus our non-tolerance on the nuke menace.People posting pro-nuclear comments on facebook is not confined to this event page. It has been happening on DiaNuke and other facebook groups. While people find some of these comments are ‘motivated’, there are also people who really believe in the misleading notions of nuclear being safe, economical and a solution to our energy crisis. Only sustained and polite engagement will help us dispel such myths and also expose the deliberate lies.We have never censored anything. We can only friends that such discussions be continued on the DiaNuke group wall while we focus on the NUKE LIAR 2012 on this event page.We sincerely hope you will consider our request.With love, respect and solidarity !

The results of my voluntary contributions of spending hours and hours alerting the Many to the Nuke Liar Awards event, tens of thousands of friends and friends of friends, asking provacateurs to make their nominations in a civilized fashion were sadly sad.  With minimal interaction with them, they were asked to take their rants to another wall as they were running people away from the wall in disgust.  They returned in greater number and louder threats.  Another commenter complictly continued to incite their posts. 

The Event wall was sadly being compromised with each post, flooding the walls with threats and accusations and non-sense, driving others away.   Not one other Host intervened during any one of the series of attacks.   Maybe they were busy.

RESULTS:   Being publically disrespected in favor of lies and accusations of nukers and their sympathizers, as well as being set up to have one of my lines of communication shut down by enemies.  

I do not consider the efforts a waste of time, and many more people are aware of not only the ongoing NUCLEAR MELTDOWN DISASTERS AT FUKUSHIMA JAPAN, but now more people know about the ongoing nuclear disasters in progress in India.   The issue of DU in India and it’s lethal consequences to the entire population of India was merely touched upon. 

May each of you reading this be aware, alert, and do your own investigations.  The “1% are killing your planet” and everything on it.

More enemies of humanity and proponents of nuclear power are now known to Many more.  The only reason FB would have shut me down, twice this week, was the action of one or many of that nuke-committee or sub-committee.  To support such acts is….. what it is.   

Ghandi would be aghast and could never call such a thoughtless action or support of same to be “solidarity” “love” or “respect.”    Ignorance, maybe.  Displaced alliances, perhaps.   Just sayin….


The “win” is that we are collectively making a difference.  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.  NEVERGIVE UP!!!   Remember, there are ‘infiltrators’ all over FB, along with paid provacteurs, nukers and their sympathizers.



Will catch up later. Have exceeded capacity to deal with psychopaths and ignorance for now.



ps Don’t feed the trolls. NAME, SHAME AND SHUN!!




Will catch up later. Have exceeded capacity to deal with psychopaths and ignorance for now.



ps Don’t feed the trolls. NAME, SHAME AND SHUN!!


Hello World! Nuke Liar Awards and Agent Provacteurs, Oh My!

“We’re not saying we’re gonna change the world but we guarantee that we will spark the brains that will change the world.” – unknown


Nuke Liar Awards 2012 — EVENT WALL: https://www.facebook.com/events/490763737615204/

NUKE-LIAR AWARDS 2012http://www.dianuke.org/nuke-liar-awards-2012-nominations-invited/


Ask your friends what they know about Fukushima.
Ask what they know about the nuclear disaster in progress in India.
Ask them if they understand the consequences of the fact that ALLLL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME.
Ask what they know about RADIATION POISONING, and what it mimics in the early stages.
Ask if they know how many lethal isotopes spew out of all nuclear reactors, of which Cesium is just one.
Ask if they know the difference between a leaking reactor and a reactor in meltdown.
The results will be beyond ALARMING…!!!!

The #nuclear propaganda on-going media-blitz is a global effort and is being conducted to distract and deceive, and it is succeeding.

The longer ‘nothing is done’ about the Fukushima meltdowns, the faster the global ‘kill’ …. and there is only one option known to science…..put the reactor cores under water immediately.

The nuker-media-blitz is old-style propaganda deceptions, tried and true. One only has to ask around in a small circle of friends to find out how well it is working.

think locally, act globally, OCCUPY VIRTUALLY!! WHY??

FUKUSHIM RADS IN THE AIR, EVERYWHERE…. D’OH! Non-stop nuclear reactor meltdowns SINCE MARCH 11, 2011….. going around the globe…..with increasingly lethality….. more than yesterday, less than tomorrow. THINK THINK THINK


ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ask-About-Fukushima-Now/315812198515658 XOOXOXO

NUKE IGNORANCE BUSTERS NUKE IGNORANCE BUSTERS https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nuke-Ignorance-Busters/234821229973426

NUKE-LIAR AWARDS 2012 –http://www.dianuke.org/nuke-liar-awards-2012-nominations-invited/

Power of Non-Violence: Please suggest creative protest ideas for supporting Koodankulam struggle!!



NUKE-LIAR AWARDS 2012!! MORE THAN 5,000 invitations have already been extended via facebook INVITE FRIENDS button in the upper right corner on EVENT page! Awesome!

Let’s keep inviting friends and groups via the INVITE FRIENDS feature and by personal and group posts.

Submit your nominees on the EVENT wall:

or the comment wall of the DiaNuke.org wall:

or email:
You choose.#####################
“Please send us your nominations by email (nuclear.resource@gmail.com) or on the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE by September 25, 2012!With each of your nominations, please also explain, briefly, your reasons for nominating a particular entry. Where required, please also send relevant reference about a particular nuke-liar statement or fact.”
“NUKE LIARS! NAME THEM, SHAME THEM!” #NUKE LIAR AWARDS 2012 !!!Nuke Liar Awards 2012 — EVENT WALL: https://www.facebook.com/events/490763737615204/NUKE-LIAR AWARDS 2012 –http://www.dianuke.org/nuke-liar-awards-2012-nominations-invited/
“The received nominations would be reviewed by a jury and tentatively 3 to 4 nominations in each category would be put up for online votes. You can also send your creative suggestions for including more award categories with possible nominees.”Readers can send their nominations either by commenting on the event wall, the invitation wall http://www.dianuke.org/nuke-liar-awards-2012-nominations-invited/
or by sending an email to nuclear.resource@gmail.com
“The closing date for the nominations is 25th September, 2012 and the awards will be announced on October 5th.”



‘Sensitive’ submissions may best be sent directlyvia email: nuclear.resource@gmail.comIf you want another level of ‘anonymity’ for your submission, feel free to send your submissions to:
LucyOccupy@gmail.com and your submission will be made, on your behalf, without reference to your name or location.
We are ONE, divided by Nothing. WE ARE BRAVE. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.

NUKE IGNORANCE BUSTERS https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nuke-Ignorance-Busters/234821229973426

This page has a collection of some internationally highly respected articles about Fukushima and other global nuclear matters from Veterans Today, for easy access by those who want truth without dilution….
All the ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW blogs, since December 2011, are on FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ask-About-Fukushima-Now/315812198515658

“ALL NUKE REACTORS LEAK, ALL THE TIME”. Fukushima reactor meltdowns have been in progress since 3.11.11….. not a good sign for anything living on the planet. d’oh!
Sun Tzu Said: “Security against defeat implies defensive tactics; ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive.”

Gotta take a break and tell you a funny story. True story, with names changed or deleted just cuz. I was minding my own business and kept receiving all the alerts of postings on a wall, and they were nasty and mean and deceitful and pompous and arrogant toned postings.
So, I went over to the wall to see what was up.It was just guys being knuckleheads, so I asked them to honor the wall and take their thread to another wall as it was interfering with the peace and order and positivity of the wall.
They sniveled a little and I told them their nominees were welcome, but the thread had to go elsewhere.Well! I declare! One of them attacked me ferociously and accused me of all kind of crazy stuffs. Geeeez.
They accused me of calling them all liars and I advised they were mistaken, as my submissions have not been made yet. I have a very long list and after their posts, I would certainly consider them as unknown nominees.I checked their walls, and they are clearly PRO NUKERS and probably paid provacateurs. Friends who know the names suggest they are ‘owned’ by the nukers. I never heard of any of them, but then again, I don’t read pro-nuker nonsense. Hmph. Figures. Whatever.
They were mean and rude and talking about how ‘safe’ nuclear is and how stupid anti-nukers are along with those opposed to nuclear in any way/shape or form.So, I deleted their stupid provacteuring and posted a note that there is ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PROVACTEURS ON THE WALL.
Then I posted a can of TROLL SPRAY, to hold things for a while.
So! One of the guys hauls back to the wall, dusting himself off, and posts, whiningly, “LUCY HAS OCCUPIED FACE BOOK. EVERYBODY WHO DISAGREES WITH HER, PLEASE LEAVE NOW.”
Right, 800 million people are going to be annoyed because Lucy talked back to a nuker who was clearly just aimed at making trouble on a wall. Sure thing. (He’ll get razzed for that at his Committee meeting, that’s probably for sure!)
Lucy laughed again and just deleted him and his. 3 guys against little Lucy. Ain’t that nothing. Tough guys. Hmph. They were mad because apparently one had been nominated for an “Award”.
I never heard of any of them, and I know of or have heard of just about everybody whose anybody of any relevance in this nuke fiasco….Then, I get some messages that some dudes are taking trash about me on walls somewhere in cyberspace. Aint’ that nothing.
Then, I saw an SOS that they were crawling all over the walls again with an alarm.. ‘they’re baaaack’. Yikes!!! I put out another can of Troll spray and another notice:ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PROVACATEURS.Anyhow, if you see their ugly posts, they are probably just paid provacateurs, of the smarter ilk or with better than average scripts, but shun them anyway.
Some of the liars are stepping forward to identify and securely nominate themselves for the 2012 Awards. How cool is that!! Einstein might smile and say, ‘ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT’.
Tell your friends and tell your neighbors…. SUBMIT YOUR NOMINEES….. The categories are EXPANDING with all the self-appointed nominees….. The attached photo reminds me of the them…. and makes me laugh again…. LOL xooxoxox
More soon!! If one thing doesn’t work, we do something else….WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. KEEP FIRING!



Tell your friends and tell your neighbors…. SUBMIT YOUR NOMINEES…..

Fukushima update: 3.11.11 NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS STILL IN PROGRESS.  NO ACTIONS TAKEN …This blog speaks to the nukers and their sympathizers….in real simple language that it’s hard for them to twist and distort …. remember, psychopoaths are a sub-species and incapable of feelings and remorse. conduct yourselves accordingly. consider them armed and extremely dangerous. xooxoxo WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. WE ARE THE MANY. WE ARE BRAVE. WE DO NOT….FORGET. XOXOOX

HELLO WORLD! OPEN LETTER TO PRO-NUKER KILLER KNUCKLEHEADS and their lurking Sympathizers in Fukushima Nuke-Ghetto GROUPS! CRY!


Sun Tzu Said: “Security against defeat implies defensive tactics; ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive.”
#NUKE-LIARS AWARDS 2012!!!    
Remember the Nuker DREAM TEAM….  Can YOU name them all…..???
Who else??
**************NUKE-LIAR AWARDS 2012!!
MORE THAN 5,400 invitations have already been extended via facebook INVITE FRIENDS button in the upper right corner on EVENT page! Awesome!
Let’s keep inviting friends and groups via the INVITE FRIENDS feature and by personal and group posts.
Submit your nominees on the EVENT wall:

or the comment wall of the DiaNuke.org wall:
Readers can send their nominations either by commenting on the event wall, the invitation wall http://www.dianuke.org/nuke-liar-awards-2012-nominations-invited/
or by sending an email to nuclear.resource@gmail.com
“The closing date for the nominations is 25th September, 2012 and the awards will be announced on October 5th.”
IF YOU FORGOT SOME OF THE LIES, OR WERE DISTRACTED OR OTHERWISE DECEIVED, THESE RESOURCES MAY HELP TRIGGER YOUR MEMORIES…Remember, Multiple Reactor Meltdowns on 3.11.11 at Fukushima Daiichi Japan… STILL IN PROGRESS…. releasing tons of radioactive isotopes into our air, oceans and food supplies, globally. HOW CAN THAT BE SAFE????!!!
NUKE IGNORANCE BUSTERS https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nuke-Ignorance-Busters/234821229973426This page has a collection of some internationally highly respected articles about Fukushima and other global nuclear matters from Veterans Today, for easy access by those who want truth without dilution….
All the ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW blogs, since December 2011, are on FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ask-About-Fukushima-Now/315812198515658
Resource Directory, for what it’s worth….Hello World!!! Facebook says: “Join Your Friends” ………. Lucy Occupy DEMANDS to know: “SAYS WHO??!!!!”“…..Become a member of groups your friends have joined….”
CNNmoney HOW CLOSE IS THE WHITE HOUSE TO A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT? (this map is nationally INaccurate, but it makes the point) http://money.cnn.com/news/specials/nuclear_power_plants_locations/WHITE HOUSE 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20500

(shhhhhh, ‘what radiation’ is the standard line…. )

What do they leak????? D’oh!!!! OCCUPY VIRTUALLY AND FIGURE IT OUT…. hint: 1,946 known lethal isotopes….

All nuke reactors leak, all the time.
FB FRIEND: Do you have any interests other than Fukushima ?  What about San Onofre ? What about Diablo Canyon ?
LUCY: It’s the same crowd of killers, wouldn’t you agree?
“ALL NUKE REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME” and Nuke Reactors Are Simply Stationary Nuke Weapons. Meltdowns do more, much more. MULTIPLE REACTORS IN MELTDOWN DO MUCH MORE, AT A MUCH ACCELERATED PACE.IMHO, an ELE demands full concentration and effort.
I’m not on this planet to huddle together with naysayers and die quietly in this Open Air Auschwitz.  Eugenics activities are in full swing in Japan, while the world sleeps. The rest of the world is receiving ever increased lethality isotopes from Fukushima…..
Nothing has been done to interrupt the meltdowns since 3.11.11 ….. except burial attempts, by the media.There are substantially more lethal radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere and oceans than 3.11.11, and substantially fewer lethal radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere and oceans than tomorrow. That’s cause for alarm.