with Copies to DOE, DOS, NRC and the President of the United States of America, Friends and Bloggers on Facebook, et al

Dear Senator Ron Wyden:

Thank you for sacrificing your life for the American people, and for the people of Japan, and indeed, for the people of the World. To brave massive doses of radiation contamination during your recent trip to Japan is something only our rank and file military personnel have done. Thank you.

What about evacuation of the children in Japan? Other than a few grass roots efforts, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO SAVE THE CHILDREN. The children are suffering from radiation contamination. Where is the World outrage? Where is the hand of America offering humanitarian aid to a devastated collection of human beings, fighting for their lives, and for the survival of their children???

The Oakridge Nuclear Weapons Lab folks have determined there are 1,946 known radioactive isotopes that leak from all reactors, all the time. You and your entourage have just been exposed to mega doses from extremely hot reactors, in meltdown, with residual radiation from the meltdown date of 3.11.11. Your life span will not likely be ‘shortened’ immediately, but do plan on it.

When I first saw a reference to your letters, my first reaction was, “OMG! Didn’t anybody tell him there are reactors that have been in meltdown since 3.11.11 and that “cold shutdown” is simply another baseless rumor???”

Your letters made numerous references to the proximity of the reactors in meltdown to the ocean. Perhaps you are aware of the only plausible action that can be taken to help save members of humanity from the consequences of the meltdown?? PUT THE REACTORS UNDER WATER.

The reactors were designed to be in cooling pools. Most people who have been watching this disaster unfold since 3.11.11, when the 3 reactors in meltdown was first reported by the NRC and media, know that the cooling systems were destroyed last March. The NY Times recently had an article about how they were ‘sprinkling’ water on the unseen reactors cores to hopefully keep them cool. :/ For the most part, Corporate Media has been complicit in a horrific cover up of heinous crimes against humanity by the nuclear power industry.

All reactors leak, All the Time. Fukushima has been in meltdown since 3.11.11

A recommendation was made to the President of the United States of America, and others, by the scientific community last year to put the reactors under water; either put the reactors into the ocean, or bring the ocean to the reactors. The reactors at Fukushima Daiini are said to also have earthquake damage, and are also at risk.

This is an action that requires massive evacuations that should have taken place last year along with diplomatic and military cooperation, and a will to save humanity. The process is called ‘subsidence bombing’ and requires strategically placed ‘bombs’ to slide the reactors into the ocean, essentially carving a new harbor.

Simultaneously, the reactor cores must then be retrieved by nuclear submarines, and then, the issue that you mentioned about ‘storing’ the nuclear reactor cores must be addressed.

These are the only ‘CAPABILITIES AND SUPPORT’ that may extend some life spans.

Remediation efforts are rather silly if the reactors are still in meltdown, as they are and have been since 3.11.11, wouldn’t you agree?


Then, as the facebook discussions and posts increased, I wondered if you had stepped on somebody’s toes to get such a mission, a death sentence, if you will. Then, I thought, well, we each have to do what we have to do in these times that try men’s souls, these days of nuclear meltdown which is contaminating the entire planet. You may not have seen any of the known 1400 lethal isotopes while you were in Japan, so here is a picture of one:

All reactors leak, all the time. 1400 KNOWN lethal isotopes, killing us now. Can’t see them, can’t smell them, can’t survive them long.

In the world of facebook, your communications about Reactor #4 and the TEPCO Bailout, Remediation efforts and some humanitarian aid are being widely discussed, internationally. Many of my friends have been cheering your efforts, before reading your letters.

I am somewhat alarmed (well, realllly, really really alarmed) by the lack of reference to the actual meltdown IN PROGRESS, the failure to evacuate in March 2011, and the failure to evacuate the children all year, and the failure to evacuate US Troops as the radiation readings are escalating, and the incineration of radioactive rubble (and concern that bodies are also being incinerated to keep death statistics low?), the contamination of the food and water supplies, the damage to the ocean, the death tolls and the declining birth rates, the radiation fall out in North America and around the world, and the extinction level probabilities, for not only Japan, but for the rest of us.  YOUR LETTER APPEARED TO BE A TEPCO BAILOUT PROPOSAL. ????


Your letter really, on deeper study, appears to be part of the mega-dollars bail out plan for TEPCO and further appears to be fully supportive of the pro-nuker industry. Your letter is quite ‘politically correct’ in a killer nuke-era world and discusses the ‘lessons learned’ from the multiple reactor meltdowns.

However, please understand that the leadership of Japan and of TEPCO have experienced 13+ months of radiation contamination, and the full destruction of their country and enterprise, combined with evident LOEF/Loss of Executive Function, destroying their ability to think clearly, and to have the fate of the world in their hands! They even sent in ‘geiger countered monkeys’ a while back to see if it was safe to enter the dead zones. Seriously. Does that sound right to you???

The People of the World are also working on a FUKUSHIMA LESSONS LEARNED compilation. The lessons don’t speak highly of any corporate or government entities handling of matters to date.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” — Voltaire

We talk in pictures much of the time in facebook land…… On your trip, did you see any parents of small children holding signs like these???

What happens next, Senator? What’s next?

As deaths from radiation increase here in the USA, many of us are hopeful for Coroner’s Inquisitions to determine causes of unexpected and ‘mysterious’ deaths. If said deaths are deemed to be by radiation poisoning, we will need brave Coroners to fulfill the responsibilities of filing criminal murder charges against the humans involved with the various nuke-plants (and their industry accomplices) with trials and prosecutions to the fullest extent of the law.  Under the circumstances of your accepted mission, perhaps you may be willing to create such a Committee?

You are, no doubt, aware of the media censorship and black out since 3.11.11 until this recent pro-nuker media blitz which has taken the media by storm, with, unfortunately, a great deal of misinformation and false-alarms, and deniability of the real alarms. You are on the ‘radar now’ as you are the only ‘politician’ who said anything much about Fukushima and the radiation contamination from Fukushima in the USA, so The People will look to your office for truth, and for exposure and expunging of any and all criminals in regards to the Fukushima Disaster and the mis-conduct all year.

“Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.” — Carl Sagan

Politics is not my strong-point, but it really seems to be a Fukushima-Gate matter requiring further congressional investigations, and trials for high crimes against humanity.  Nobody in the nuke industry will agree with that….but simply ‘follow the money’ and follow your heart, and the Truths will be revealed.

The Secretary of State visited Japan last Spring, and she is still alive, although she does look increasingly weary.

The Secretary’s speech at the UN nuke event last year caused no alarm for or on behalf of the people of Japan, the USA or of the World being subjected to radiation poisoning from the Fukushima meltdowns.

Another nuke-expert also recently visited Japan, as a part of a Travel and Tourism junket, or so it appeared to many. The Japanese tourism groups have also created a campaign inviting people from Facebook with more than 1,000 friends to visit Japan, all expenses paid, in exchange for writing nice things about the trip.  Invitations and Promotions to Death??!!

One thing to remember about the lethal radioactive isotopes, they are invisible….can’t see them, can’t smell them, can’t touch them, but they will sure as heck kill you dead.  The NRC people can provide you with statistics on how many people will die from ‘permissible levels’ of radiation contamination from USA reactors, as well as the Fukushima meltdown. The NRC Chairman was aired on Youtube.com a while back ‘laughing’ when asked about deaths in Japan due to Fukushima. You might ask someone on his staff for the statistics.

Yo! Surprise! It’s me again, Mr. President!

I did, by the way, write a few OPEN LETTERS TO THE PRESIDENT….. as well as to the EMPEROR OF JAPAN, et al. Not surprisingly, no reponse yet, but the situation is getting worse and worse, and the baseless rumors are increasing.  Time Magazine even recently “reported” that disaster had been averted at Fukushima in their disaster issue, and they reported “there was no meltdown”. That level of mis-information alarms the most cynical of Patriots! I trust that it alarms you as well.

Last year, there was much talk about a request allegedly by President Obama to the President of TEPCO to install 21,000 extra pounds of Plutonium 239 in Reactor #3 for a “test”.  Reactor #3 had the biggest explosion.  Plutonium is the most poisonous substance in the Universe.

The bottom line of your letter to the alphabetic agency chair people isn’t enough. A bail out of TEPCO is not the issue; there should be trials for high crimes against humanity for their part in this disaster, and in the cover up. I often share with my friends that those trials for high crimes against humanity must commence and include all complicit from Tokyo to Washington and beyond.

What’s next? What’s next, Senator?

Please do what you can to help save humanity from this extinction level event at Fukushima, and to demand ZERO NUCLEAR REACTORS, WORLD WIDE, STARTING RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. SONGS IS FALLING APART. BYRON, IL IS RADIATING CHICAGO AND SURROUNDING AREAS. THREE-MILE ISLAND has similar leaking tubes problems as Songs. Hanford made a list of the TEN MOST RADIOACTIVE PLACES ON EARTH (and the list was criminally negligent in omission of other lethal facilities).

Last year, there were reports that in the first six months from the time of nuclear meltdown at Fukushima that there were more than 35,000 ‘excess deaths’ in the USA, and that by the end of 2011, that number was expected to reach beyond 100,000. The death counts will continue to rise as the meltdown continues to spew lethal radiation around the world. The killer-nuke-knuckleheads must be held accountable for their deeds.

All reactors leak, all the time. Fukushima is in meltdown.      Be Alarmed! Be Alarming!

You have stood up in front of The People and sounded alarms about Fukushima. Is your concern for TEPCO and client state of Japan, or for the human lives that have been and will be destroyed by the nuclear devastation of Fukushima meltdowns.

By the way, someone who appeared to be from one of the ‘alphabet agencies’ responded, last year, to one of my SOS missives on Facebook desperately seeking solutions. The response was rendered ‘anonymous’ and shared with many, but he said not to expect any international intervention for Japan as the ROI wasn’t there, as they had less than 10 years to exist from the time of the initial meltdown. NO BAIL OUT FOR TEPCO! CRIMINAL TRIALS, IN ACCORDANCE WITH INTERNATIONAL LAW, for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

I am glad to see US representatives finally responding to this global disaster, after too many months of silence.

May I respectfully suggest that you reconnect with the Ambassador of Japan and advise that the humanitarian issues will absolutely be addressed along with immediate actions with all Agencies, National and Global, to ensure that the reactors are quickly and as safely as possible put under water, for the protection of the Human Race.  You might also wish to request an immediate cessation of incineration of radioactive rubble and possible human remains.

Please feel free to respond at your convenience and your response will be shared in facebook land, as this letter will.

Thank you for your consideration, and your service to the World Community by your fearless travel to Japan.

Linda Ayres
email: FukushimaOnFacebook@gmail.com
blog: https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/


…..and the children are cheering and dancing and singing…..

We are the Media Now……

“there is no immediate danger”


Click to access Ambassador-Fujisaki.pdf

Click to access Secretary-Chu.pdf

Click to access Secretary-Clinton.pdf

Click to access Chairman-Jaczko.pdf


FRYING DUTCHMAN “humanERROR”    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5p283KZGa8

Japanese Anti-Nuclear Reggae Song: “You Can’t See It, and You Can’t Smell It Either” by Rankin Taxi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpsnXiitHv8


  1. gabriella says:

    Here in Europe nobody speaks or writes about Fukushima anymore… most of the people is too much involved in the financial disaster ruled by Bilderberg group/Goldman Sachs which is hitting each one of us, rich people doesn’t bother about this kind of problem they just want their jewelries and cars to shine and make more money… is a total disaster really. I’m so sad about japanese people, they should all leave their country in my opinion, the rest of the world should guest them. Love love love!!!

    • askaboutfukushimanow says:

      Thanks for your comment Gabriella…..unfortunately, there is no place safe on the planet. The Fukushima reactors have been in meltdown since 3.11.11 and the contamination is global. The pro-nuker killer knuckleheads have a very big media campaign going on right now, spewing misinformation and baseless rumors, designed to allow people to forget about Fukushima……and soon enough, their media efforts may even suceed is erasing it from the history book…………..even though millions and millions are dying because of this horrific extinction level event. Much of the media uproar right now is focussed on Reactor #4….no mention whatsoever about Reactors 1,2,3,5,6………..thinking people may connect those dots. Now it the time to pray for the dead and the dying, and to fight like hell for the living….. xooxoxox L

  2. Kathryn Elich says:

    Oddly I have been watching D.O.A the original movie where the man Mr. Bigelow.is poisoned by illuminous toxin because he unknowingly notarized a bill of sale for stolen shipments of radioactive material. If this doesn’t sound like us – what does?
    I live in Oregon. I was born and raised here. Because I have lived in many other places I prefer the purity of Oregon and we are right in the air stream path of Japan. I have not heard of any increase in disease or death since the earthquake. I do not welcome any of Japan’s debris either on our shores. So far it has shown up more north.
    We will see what comes of this visit and warning. I was surprised when President Obama went pro-nuclear last year. We have torn down our nuclear facility which was poised on the Columbia River. We have activists who take environmental causes very seriously. I can assure you the Republicans have drummed the nuclear energy drum consistently and would not deter from this goal to increase and build nuclear plants. Beware.
    We hope not to end up like Mr. Bigelow, figuring out too late who and why we were poisoned.
    The sickness in Japan now is not reported; there is focus on those who help. But they need to let the pride down and tell us about the people.
    Thank you for your page.
    Kathryn Elich Portland Oregon

    • askaboutfukushimanow says:

      Thanks for your post Kathryn. Your comments alert many to more of the questions that must be asked and answered. There are many groups in Facebook Land that will give you resources to more information about what the Jet Stream has already brought to you…..it took just a few days after March 11, 2011 to reach the West Coast…..and because multiple reactors are still in meltdown……there is more radiation in the air than yesterday, and WAY LESS RADIATION IN THE AIR EVERYWHERE THAN TOMORROW…. Please feel free to scroll through the rest of the blogs here…..there is more info and many more resources.

      As to “excess deaths” in the USA from Fukushima, a simple Google search along lines of “EXCESS FUKUSHIMA DEATHS IN USA” will bring startling results…… (unless they have recently been ‘sanitized’ out of the internet….. BE ALARMED. BE ALARMING. And tell your friends and neighbors that FUKUSHIMA IS STILL IN MELTDOWN, and tell them to tell the friends and neighbors….. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…. Mainstream media showed us who and what they are for the first year of this global nuclear disaster….WE ARE IN YEAR TWO OF A NUCLEAR MELTDOWN….. XOXOOXOX

  3. Anne Jackson says:

    the disaster and the horrible place the world finds itself now (with the ocean being poisoned with nuclear fall out) is quite incomprehensible to most minds…
    “frogs boiled to death from cold water” springs to mind…
    i am very impressed with your writing style and passion
    I am not a nuclear scientist.
    I have no idea how to safely contain the leaking reactors and the spent fuel pond. Could this work Linda? ie, creating a “new Harbour”.. Where does this idea spring from? Something has to be done.. but what??????????????

    • askaboutfukushimanow says:

      Thanks, Anne.

      The only scientific solution presented to date is to put the reactors at Fukushima UNDER WATER. It was apparently rejected by Super Powers. Maybe they had bad intelligence. The Fukushima Reactors were designed to be in cooling pools. The meltdowns occurred March 11, 2011………… All we have going on now is more lying and blaming and spreading of ‘baseless rumors’ around the globe by the pro-nuker killer knuckleheads……

      Some of the so-called “experts” are even recently self-proclaimed ‘PROPONENTS OF SAFE NUCLEAR POWER’. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SAFE NUCLEAR POWER. SHUN ANY WHO SUGGEST THERE IS. They are enemies of Humanity.

  4. David says:

    Sweet !! Very well written.
    I shall now bow!
    Thank you!
    I also think that iodine and Prussian blue pills should be distributed to world populations NOW! Considering my doctor laughed about iodine pills last year and doesn’t even know where to get the prussian blues. And isn’t there a military rad-ex pill. Screw top secret and national security. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  5. Kat says:

    I remember growing up, learning the horrible dangers of exposure to radiation. Remember the dentist or the doctor when you would have an ex-ray? Everyone put on lead shields and left the area while you waited for your dose.Those doses were extremely small but cumulative We were taught exposure was DEADLY and radiation was alive for millions of years.

    Now with several accidents large and small over several years, we are supposed to believe there is very little harm and the danger has just -POOF- disappeared!? Everything is returning to normal?!

    Japan should have been evacuated immediately. TEPCO should have been made responsible for clean-up not cover-up and the world should not be complicit in this cover-up.

  6. richard says:

    Great effort, thank you for making these attempts at contact and to express the deep concerns many of us carry, from around the entire world.

    • askaboutfukushimanow says:


      WE ARE THE MANY. The Many are being irradiated by the few.

      Don’t feed the trolls, but note their existence.

      For the sake of the Pro-Nukers, here is some CORPORATE MEDIA coverage from CNN LAST YEAR…. Missed it? The cover up was quick….but incomplete. The consequences are undeniable, and more to come. Fukushima is STILL in meltdown. It was reported by the NRC on 3.11.11. D’Oh!!!

      Radiation 10 Million Times Above Normal At Japanese Fukushima Nuke Plant Reactor #2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtEqHHhJWZs

      We are the media now. The link attached to the above comment is left as a study in mis-information propaganda strategies that are LETHAL.

      Also, for the sake of the Pro-Nukers, THINK THINK THINK Plutonium in #3…..it’s not a secret. BE ALARMED. BE ALARMING.


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