About and Why . . .

Ask About Fukushima Now is a bridge building BLOG/work in progress, created originally as a Facebook group wall, in reaction and response to blatant ignorance about Fukushima (lack of information which is different from blatant stupidity).

The original intent was to help break through some of the denial around the world about the ongoing nuclear disaster many now simply know as “FUKUSHIMA.”    It is also aimed at creating  positive actions with and by people of goodwill around the globe, and all Citizens of the Internet.

Anonymous Precedes Unanimous .... BE THE MEDIA WE WISH TO SEE.... XOXOX

Axis II personality types (aka psychopaths) are advised to stay out of the way….your deeds will soon enough be exposed…and there will be no place to hide the atrocities, and your part in them.  “NO LIE LASTS FOREVER. ”

See RECENT POSTS, and monthly ARCHIVES  for viewing all …..scroll to see all posts.  There’s always more than meets the eye.  There are plenty of action-able resources.  “Look, See, Move, Share”…..

There are several “Ask about….” group walls on Facebook now….some with just a few members, and others with a growing number of ‘members’ who courageously work toward understanding the catastrophic events that humanity is now experiencing as a result of the nuclear disaster the happened in Japan on or around 3.11.11 

Fukushima is considered by many to be an “extinction level event”  for not only Japan–but globally.   Millions and millions and millions of people will ‘have shortened life spans’ (aka die!) AROUND THE WORLD, because of Fukushima events and non-actions.

In recognition that “all reactors leak all the time”  you are  hereby encouraged to  do your own research, including research of the radiation contamination coming from your local reactors, which is generally deemed to be within a 100 mile radius.  Bear in mind, the contamination reach of Fukushima is significantly wider than thousands of miles…it covers the globe.  Work tirelessly and without ceasing to get all reactors shut down and all nuke cartel individuals, agencies and entities to trial.

Reactors, as built, around the world, require cooling pools.  Fukushima’s cooling pools were apparently lost in explosions of undetermined causes in March 2011.  Media cover up of the facts of this disaster are part of a series of heinous crimes against humanity.  First things first.  Utilizing diplomatic, military and spiritual warriors, around the globe, the options are quite limited and appear to be simply:

1) bring the sea to the melting down reactorS or;

2) put the reactorS into the sea immediately.

Sending monkeys to the lethal site with geiger counters should have animal rights activists up in arms, while human rights activists still wring their hands and wonder whatever shall we do. 

This psychopathic action should alarm every member of the human race….and should clearly sound a warning that your government…wherever you may be…is complicit in this ‘HORRIBLE REALITY’.   The United Nations has also failed the people of the planet, which is a great shame, an unforgivable SHAME AND ATROCITY. 

It is simply One Work on the planet people, AND THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW.   Survival predictions are grim.  There have also been allegations of ‘criminal tampering’ of official radiation reading reports.  Conduct yourselves accordingly.

The blatant cover up of the global disaster gives rise to great suspicions about this event, and it’s true cause, and the true culprits.  Demand trials for high crimes against humanity, and pray that the World Community may initiate such investigations and trials, starting with Citizens Tribunals from countries outside of Japan and the USA. 

No remorse has been shown by any of the participants in the ‘nuclear cartels’….known by increasing numbers as simply the KNK –Killer Nuke Knuckeheads.  Bring them to justice in World Court now.  Start in Toyko and Washington, then follow the money, and indict every single complicit one.

The beginning is near..... ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW .... Ask and Tell ...

If you are on Facebook, stop by… Ask about Fukushima Now; Fukushima on Facebook; Fukushima: ‘all nuke reactors leak, all the time” Solutions Now; Ask About Trials For Crimes Against Humanity Now and others.  Each blog post has one or more groups for you to investigate, explore, share with and support.  If YOU have a group, website, blog…please leave the address below; we will share it in an ever-growing resource directory.    


This blog is often a compilation of Facebook wall posts, finds, and resources, in full recognition that WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, AND FOR THAT, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE.

Also, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, post, share, like, support, join, create, tweet, blog and ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW.  Many of us link up at “8 o’clock, local time” in thought / meditation / prayer with and for all impacted by Fukushima (which is all of us!) and with and for all who OCCUPY.   JOIN US.   #We are Legion#   It was Eistein who reminded that Energy follows thought…..so it is a very scientific ‘something you can do daily.’   WE ARE THE MANY….

Remember also that “Anonymous Precedes Unanimous’………so let’s BE THE MEDIA WE WISH TO SEE.

For now, email contact also at  FukushimaOnFacebook@gmail.com    This is a BRIDGE BUILDING / BLOG WORK IN PROGRESS…. So let’s collectively keep moving….forward….always forward….  and if one thing doesn’t work, try something else….

….and Love One Another Like There Is No Tomorrow, As Tomorrow is Apparently Being Cancelled….  XOOXOXOXOX      L

ps  you are invited to leave comments with links/addresses/thoughts that may lead to solutions….  thank you.

23 thoughts on “About and Why . . .

  1. Lucy Occupy says:

    When and what did you first learn about ‪#‎Fukushima‬ Daiichi triple ‪#‎nuclear‬ meltdowns?

    Prior to 3/11/11…. I had never seen movies like China Syndrome or Silkwood. I have never attended rallies, and knew next to nothing about nuclear matters. Meltdown was a scary word anyway.

    Some friends have suggested I stop posting about nuclear alarms.

    They suggest that Americans don’t care about Fukushima and don’t believe about the ‪#‎radiation‬ dangers happening in America right now from American reactors.

    Most foreigners and many citizens seem to think that most Americans are pretty stupid.
    The about and why section of this blog hasn’t been updated in years… It might be time.

    Tell your friends and neighbors; your governments already know.
    See the posts since 2011 askaboutfukushimanow.com/list-of-posts/

    Ask about YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK while you’re on the Internet.


  2. All Reactors Leak All The Time says:

    12/8/12 Several groups are resources were listed in that and subsequent blogs. There has been apparent ‘infiltration’ of many of those groups over the past nearly two years by paid provacteurs and other unwholesome characters. Exercise care when participating in groups about matters nuclear anymore. There is a lot of stinkin’ thinking by rats and skunks all over the FB groups. Distract and divide seems the agenda du jour. BE THE MEDIA WE WISH TO SEE. As Sun Tzu might suggest, know your enemies.

  3. Christine Dillon Strickland says:

    The Nuclear Machine facebook page
    Fukushima Nuclear Disaster facebook page
    Chernobyl facebook page

    Those are mine, just getting started…so. 🙂

    nuclearwindsatomiclies on word press.
    nuclearwindsatomiclies google profile.

    311 Fukushima Watchdogs facebook group ( not mine, I am a member, and this group is ON TOP of Fukushima.)

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