hello world. fukushima alert. act now or rest in peace

FUKUSHIMA SUMMARY :: Alert Alarm ::  Physicists and other clued in people all over the world knew the reactors would melt down within 14 hours without tons of cooling water – apiece.  
No way it can be faked. Everybody who was anybody knew – world wide. It is not rocket science.  Initial meltdown 3.11.11 and calling it an ‘accident’ doesn’t make it so, nor does wielding a ‘blame-thrower’ relieve responsibilities.   3.11.11  was a while ago. “Uh oh” is right!
As soon as the temperature hit 2200 Deg C – it was all over but the shouting and the lying. This is because 15% of the rated electrical power heat creation from the ‘activation products’ are not controllable by humans. On a sample GigaWatt reactor it is like having a 150,000 Watt space heater in your bathroom that you cannot shut off.  Of course, it will burn down your house; or melt uranium fuel rods.  Get it?

There are no ‘minimum doses’ of radiation from any nuclear meltdown….1400 radioactive isotopes are ‘bad stuff’ from the git go.  Can’t see ’em, can’t dodge ’em.  Can’t live because of them.  And! They are ‘armed and dangerous’ (attaching to snowflakes etc.) and fire like automatic weapons that ‘never jam and never run out of ammo….’   Thanks KNK! Killer Nuke Knuckleheads!!! 

"Expect Us" This is OUR planet!!!

Fukushima Summary Alert, Alarm—for you info–conduct yourselves accordingly. Act now, or rest in peace. The reactors need to be under water. They are designed to be in cooling systems. All the lies and mis-information don’t change science.

Visualize international intervention, cooperation, diplomacy, humanitarian efforts, military efforts, metaphysical and cosmic intervention now and trials for high crimes against humanity soon.  xoxoox

‘Should old acquaintances,  dead from radiation poisoning, be forgotten…and never brought to mind….???

Please see blog(s) for additional insights, action-able resources, and “media” points.   Hope is most powerful when backed by action.  LET’S HOPE.  LET’S ACT.  LET’S COOPERATE.  LET’S WORK TOGETHER.  See earlier blogs for resources…your favorites are probably listed there and elsewhere too… 😉

This blog is without much fluff, in anticipation that it may cause more of you to take action, and if you’re already taking action, that, God willing, you will amp it up a 100-fold, as if your life,
and the lives of your loved ones depend on it!! xoxooxoxo

 …and some further thoughts here regarding the above….not for the faint of heart…Light Warrior quality stuff…Rainbow Warrior stuff…. invisible to ‘psychopaths’ and their ilk…. rooooooaaaaaaRRRRR  

we are the media now...'lead follow or get out of the way'...we wish we were wrong

Topics:  Getting Ready for 2012, Extinction issues, Anonymous matters, Fukushima Divisions, Goodwill Units of Service, Actions, ‘Fluffy Fukushima chatter’ topics and other ‘distractions’…. as the world dies… read more…

If ‘friendly chatter about Fukushima’ is your cup of tea…(the tea was packaged before 3/11??) …  the blogs have ideas here, too…radiation stats (MOST ARE OFF THE CHARTS, WORLD WIDE, unless they are skewed officially, to the shock and dismay of the scientific communities)…

…the ‘gieger countered monkeys sent in to defy death at Fukushima Daiichi, the maimed dead sea life, the waves of radioactive debris on the shores of the West Coast of the USA…

…the ‘cesium baby deaths’ and unborn fetus and genetic mutations, increased radiation poisoning illness in Japan and else,  loss of executive function, increased cancers (most all illnesses currently called by other names and causes), the 14,000 ‘excess deaths’ in the USA in the first several weeks after Fukushima meltdown…

…and the ‘excess deaths’ in the USA are expected to be at 100,000 by year end   (ps happy new year; looks like WE made it over THAT hurdle…let’s keep moving..tic toc tic toc) and ….

'all reactors are simply slowed down atomic bombs' 'all reactors leak all the time' So! GET RID OF THEM ALL NOW AND HAVE TRIALS FOR THOSE WHO BROUGHT THEM HERE AND WHO ATTEMPT TO RETAIN THEM HERE. THEY MUST GO NOW

..the levels of radiation and the 1400 radioactive isotopes you are currently inhaling, wherever on the planet you may be….

and nobody is discussing ‘excess death’ numbers in Japan to date

….nobody wants to be quoted on it. 

One scientist, months ago said, straight up, that the life expectancy for Japan was “less than 10 years” — for the entire country of Japan! 

It was suggested that the rest of us didn’t have much longer.  Maybe he was a ‘mad scientist’… Maybe it was a was mean trick.  Maybe he’s right. 


ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW.  DO YOUR OWN INVESTIGATING. We can hope and pray the scientist and his colleagues are WRONG.  The scientist was very knowledgeable about many items inquired about, and then some, and the response to one of my many requests for info was and still is much appreciated.  

The entire communication thread was posted on Facebook many times….nobody has asked about it, so it may have been overlooked….along with the proposals made for a series of solution oriented actions. Another expert, a physicist, when asked directly if  ‘millions and millions and millions will die?’ could only say, “many will have shortened life spans.” (Those words still haunt the soul!!)  

“There are none so blind as those who will not see” and “Without VISION, the people WILL PERISH.”   Anybody else got visions?


It might be more important to ask the ‘no nukes no more’ ‘experts’ to lead the charge for solutions (getting the reactors under water) and trials for high crimes against humanity, by naming names, facts, real projected death tolls around the world and whatever else they know but are not yet saying…

and for the entire world, all impacted by Fukushima, all demanding LIFE SAVING solutions now


So, here’s to getting ready for 2012!!!   Let’s strengthen the  “8 o’clock, local time”  LINK UP / thought / meditation / pray-ers

Let’s keep hoping, praying, meditating, acting and laying foundations for the possibilities that the Anonymous group might establish a serious Fukushima Division. 


A recent post, one of those ‘to whom it may concern’ comments and video…that nicely said to all, ‘yo, we ain’t doing it FOR you (the ‘it’ was global change, nothing specific] but will do ‘it’ WITH you [the ‘it’ was global change, nothing specific]

The slogans are not ‘I am anonymous. He is anonymous. She is Anonymous. They are Anonymous.’….

Part of one slogan is: ‘…WE ARE ANONYMOUS…’. [Emphasis on WE…. sort of like a 12-step program, you’re a member when you say you are….and that’s that…..nobody can say you’re in; nobody can say you’re out….conduct yourselves accordingly……..

Here are some favorite quotes; sprinkle them in your posts in 2012???  😀

  1. “8 o’clock, local time” LINK UP [thought / meditation/ pray-ers]
  2. All reactors leak, all the time [shut ’em all down!]
  3. All reactors are simply slowed down atomic bombs [WTF!!!]
  4. Post, Share, Strengthen, Join, Create, Like, Tweet, Blog, Email, Tell Your Friends, Tell Your Neighbors, Scream, Shout, 
  5. [I am grateful that…] ANONYMOUS PRECEDES UNANIMOUS;
  11. KNK= killer nuke knuckleheads [investigate and try them all for HIGH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY]
  12. Love one another like there is no tomorrow….. xooxoxoxox

Email at FukushimaOnFacebook@gmail.com  An unfiltered e-list is  growing.  No telling who may be on it.  Don’t care.  Care about getting the alert out, knowing that much of it is invisible to those without eyes to see; and for those with eyes to see, it will go straight to the heart, and result in actions.  Concentrated, thoughtful, energized, powerful actions…

The new year may bring less FB time (busting out of the ‘nuke ghetto’ and comfy confines of the gated, walled commUNITY known as Facebook Land) with more internet time. 

It would be very cool to know that some  FB friends have joined at least 12 new FB groups for the new year, and subscribed to as many blogs automatically  (including this one, which just started in December 2011) and to know that each will also post each new one on 5-10+ walls/emails.  Same for email friends…. dividing the labor/multiplying information and results. 

Many thanks to all who are already doing the above, and more,  individually and in unison, during these first 10 months of this nuclear meltdown. It will become more horrifying as the time goes on and reality becomes undeniable; Brave Up! Keep moving!)  Let’s keep moving forward, in a continuously uniting front line.)

Be kind to one another; we’re all volunteers in this rag-tag Army for survival of the species.  Cooperate where you can.  LET LOVE AND TOLERANCE FOR ONE ANOTHER BE OUR CODE; AND ZERO TOLERANCE FOR NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION OF PLANETARY LIFE.

If you will help divide the labor/multiple the results, please advise which other walls you are willing to post on.  Or just keep doing it! 😉  A few of us are in discussion about further collaboration efforts….so that if one wall or blog goes down, 311 or more will pop up!  😀

Let’s all join together and take the first quarter of the new year and CONSOLIDATE AND EXPAND FUKUSHIMA INFO FROM THE VARIOUS WALLS… if one thing doesn’t work, try something else…

..share in your own groups, and use “Ask About 311 Truths” as a big file cabinet.  Forgitabout discussion on that wall…(everybody has opinions…) for now…let’s make it a Fukushima RESOURCE FOR DATA…

FUKUSHIMA ON FACEBOOK was initially meant to be a directory of  and for other groups on Facebook…. That intention evolved into this blog… so, another example of how ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT….

LET’S ORGANIZE SOME SERIOUS GOODWILL UNITS OF ACTION AND SERVICE….”POST-FORWARDING PEOPLE”     SHARE.  Render posts ‘anonymous’ when forwarding, in respect that ‘Anonymous Precedes Unanimous’…. you can always write a simple, “Thanks, Shared! 🙂  Post on!  xoxooxox”  for grateful acknowledgements….

Let’s hope that most everybody reading this blog right now is in at least 30 groups about Fukushima, is subscribed to at least 10 blogs, probably has their own blog and/or FB groups and that in the New Year, the reach will be expanded, in true NINJA/ JEDI/ RAINBOW WARRIOR FORM…

These posts and blogs are simply a compilation of all our collective work FOR THE COMMON GOOD  from the walls and elsewhere and gathered from…’group thought’ … [even when someone has ‘yelled’ about more Fukushima, prayer, repetition, singing to the choir, yeah butts, etc…..we just keep moving forward…it’s a scary time, for sure, and at soul levels, there is no denying just WTF is happening…just saying….]   xooxoxxooxox

OK, that’s it for now …. more later…. Take care of one another… That’s how we survive….

Ready! Aim! Paradigm Shift!!!! Love One Another!

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