Hello World…CAN WE TALK????!!!! We act now or We Wait … till the remaining tons and tons and tons of radioactive isotopes EXPLODE INTO THE AIR

THOSE FUKUSHIMA MELTING DOWN REACTORS NEED TO BE UNDER WATER NOW….and all reactors need to be shut down now, thank you very much! 

End of Story. 

It was a nice planet. 

‘we wish we were wrong’

It is what it is.

(Earth)   FUKUSHIMA ALARM AND ALERTS:   Physicists and other clued in people all over the world knew the reactors would melt down within 14 hours without tons of cooling water – apiece.  No way it can be faked.  Everybody who was anybody knew – world wide. It is not rocket science.  Initial meltdown 3.11.11  That was a while ago. Uh oh is right!

1400 known radioactive isotopes spewing from Fukushima melting down NUCLEAR REACTORS—still spewing —non-stop, uncontained and uncontainable—with 858 of those known radioactive isotopes for the rest of the world—-since Three-Eleven-Eleven *  (3.11.11) * March 11, 2011…….NEARLY ONE YEAR AGO!!!!

As soon as the temperature hit 2200 Deg C – it was all over but the shouting and the lying. This is because 15% of the rated electrical power heat creation from the ‘activation products’ are not controllable by humans.

Thanks for you prayers, encouragement and criticisms,  the “likes” and the few comments to recent Facebook and Blog posts about putting the Fukushima reactors under water.  A few of the comments will be addressed here and now, in hopes to generate more understanding of this Extinction Level Event and what can and cannot be done; and what you can (and must!) do, or rest in peace.

One comment suggested I didn’t know how to think for myself.   HMPH.  Really.  OK.  That’s an opinion.  Shall we do this again?   For the record:

I have a strong skill set that allows me to take massive amounts of information and synthesize them into smaller chunks of information that are action-able by the Many.   People either see it and respect it, or they don’t.  I don’t care.  My job is to do my job.  Intuitives are often fearlessly and courageously that way.

.....we are the many...........we do not forget.............

I am nobody in California, USA.  I’m not a rocket scientist, and I’m not particularly great with numbers.  Neither characteristics are necessary to understand that multiple nuclear reactors in a state of nuclear meltdown since March 11, 2011 is a pretty big f****ing disaster for the entire planet and all inhabitants.  I tend to be quite intuitive, and gather information in the same way.  Sometimes information just comes.

Prior to Fukushima, my ‘global concern’ was the nationalization of real estate and confiscation of homes and real property in America, the global impact of the bankster shennanigans, supported by Washington, and the decimation of my country by what I have come to know as the 1% and the 1% behind the 1%, clumped into a ‘box’ called the KILLER NUKE KNUCKLEHEADS, including but not limited to nuclear power cartels and lobbyists.

Years ago, I learned about “Politics 101” as I worked with Convicts in America’s maximum security penitentiaries (when our prison population was a fraction of what it is today, and when ‘privatized’ institutions were just getting started).  I could tell stories about those days.  I could tell tales of screaming in the direction of Amnesty International -Vienna (they are supposed to keep on eye on human rights abuses in America) with public reports of horrific allegations of misconduct perpetrated on people I knew.   I obtained and circulated (widely) copies of a report of UN Guidelines of Treatment of Prisoners and Offenders.  I was not ‘popular’ with the watchers who watched me.  :/

That group was called, Prisoners Unanimous Embracing All Planetary Prisoners.   It still exists with a revised purpose.  It’s on Facebook.  The guys and I created an “8 o’clock, local time” pray-er network, and had this nation covered with prayer from ‘sea to shining sea.’


A few of those Outlaws tried to help me understand that the System is not broken, but in fact, it is working exactly as it is designed to.  I learned a great deal during those years.   They said things like, “We are not the problem in your country.  We are the end result of the problems in your country.  If you want to fix your country, you will have to deal with Washington.”    Looking for people to be about prayer regarding Fukushima forced me to reach back out to Convicts……… I know they know how to pray powerfully…they keep the High Watch.  They understand life and death.   There are even some Occupy groups moving in that direction now.  Check them out.

Simplified recent stats indicate 1 in 100 Americans are incarcerated (2011, according to AOL) .....saaay what?! WHY??!!!

Stop! Hey! What's that Sound?? Banksters? Killer Nuke Knuckleheads?? 99%-ers!!!! WHY???!!!

(Note, alert and alarm just in!  FBI apparently currently has an RFP out for Web Crawlers to better track citizens…… I suggest writing everywhere and every time as if you are clued in that ‘everybody is being watched’ and hope that you might touch a civil servant who takes seriously “Oath before Orders” principles.  Such web-crawlers are already on the web…. every now and then I google my name and feel ‘alarms’ when I see it here and there… rated as to content……by machines, based on the types and sequence of words used…… Yikes!   )

So, as you can see, my ‘background” causes me to seriously wonder why there has been a news ‘hushing” about Fukushima.  It was clear and evident news on March 11, 2011 that reactors in Japan had MELTED DOWN.   Again, it is not necessary to be a ‘rocket scientist’ or a ‘nuclear physicist’ to grasp that nuclear meltdown is not a positive event.

Further investigations have caused further alarms, and consequently, more posts, more investigations, more digging, more posting….and now, a blog.  ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT.

"Now is the time for the 'experts' to LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY"

I have no tolerance for lies about Fukushima, and that includes any minimization of the tragic consequences happening now and in the very very foreseeable future.  I also have no tolerance for people and corporations profiting on this horrific tragedy.  (I also have no tolerance for anyone or anything that calls this an ‘accident!’)

I have read just about everything on and off Facebook about Fukushima that I could get my hands on.  I have been posting on Facebook about Fukushima since March 10, 2011.   If we’re friends; my walls is open.  If we’re not yet friends let’s friend up!!   I figure if the government has full access to my posts, so should my friends.   I have Timeline…..see some of the early posts and reposts about FUKUSHIMA.

The Powers that were KNEW THERE WAS A MELTDOWN SITUATION HAPPENING and that the meltdown of the reactors is still ongoing.   This blog has been ‘in the works’ since December 2011.  Please take a look also at the “Archives”…….there are action-able items and resources in all posts.

It’s criminal to suggest that “smiling” will prevent radiation poisoning; such thought processes are actually indicative of radiation poisoning, an irreversible condition known as “loss of executive function.”  It is just as criminal to wring our hands and say, “OMG, it’s so awful for those poooor people in Japan.”  It’s just as criminal as DOING NOTHING.   It’s just as criminal as the allegations that there is more to the ‘incident’ than a tsunami an earthquake.  It’s just as criminal as the lies and cover-ups by media and governments.   Similar to the Nuremberg trials, we need immediate trials regarding Fukushima……. and not one responsible or complicit psychopath is to be left out of the investigations and trials.    ‘We wish we were wrong; but we are not.’

Is it true? "Smiling people don't get radiation poisoning" What do YOU think?? Possible? NOT!

It was clear and evident, from March 10th on, that there was collusion by the governments, nuclear cartels and industries and experts and medias, and no help or hope to be found.  I prayed and put some ideas on the internet.   It is what it is.

A while back, via the Internet, a serious proposal was submitted for consideration by the group then being discovered, Anonymous.  Perhaps you have seen that link called MY PROPOSALS TO ANONYMOUS REGARDING FUKUSHIMA?  It was posted, in part, by DiaNuke.org in an article Thoughts on 3.11 and 9.11.  It evoked some serious scientific responses.

'Anonymous is a state of being.....' How you Being ??? Courageous? Working for the Common Good?

The hope with the proposals was that if only they [Anonymous] would create a ‘Fukushima Division’, there could be some hope for humanity.  In February, on this blog, several earlier Facebook-land posts will be reformatted and placed here for your review, consideration, and hopefully, united action.

What I have learned since then is that Anonymous is a ‘state of being’ and requires good people doing good things, wherever and whenever and however possible.  “We are Legion…..”

One engineer from the nuclear industry, actually contacted me (and I rendered his comments anonymous, as I frequently do for solid responses, as well as for extremely fanatical responses–and posted those everywhere).  Did you see those?  They will ‘reappear’ in February.

The expert’s suggestions included understanding that life in Japan would cease to exist “within 10 years”, and that there would be no international intervention as it was “not economically feasible”.  He proposed a ‘glassing over’ of the entire island.  He had apparently responded to a RFP (request for proposal) and offered solutions to Washington….which were declined.


I subscribe to a variety of resources about Fukushima.  My readings include, but are certainly not limited to, Veterans Today content.  I contacted  Veterans Today Writer, Bob Nichols, at the suggestion of a Fukushima FB group member as we were all discussing, with shock and horror, the suggestion about putting the reactors into the sea.   Several people said they would contact the writer, and I said I would also.

I even did some group administration and fielded several questions back and forth between the group and Mr. Nichols.  He was quite kind and generous with his time and patience with our extremely unscientific questions and demands. You may have also seen my recent blog post, which is an Open Letter format to Mr. Nichols, describing what I had been doing, and the results and non-results, and asking for help.  He kindly provided more data….scientific data, for consideration by those who think in those terms.  He does not get paid to help Facebook groups sort out truth from fiction, and his sharing of expertise has helped many of my friends better understand matters nuclear.  Last year he probably responded to several questions from bright thinkers in a few Facebook-land Fukushima groups.    www.veteranstoday.com

Side note:  Did you read his recent article on IRAN and Reactors?? It’s awful.  There is data there that is relevant to Fukushima killer isotopes and deaths.  The link is in my most recent blog.  It’s a pretty horrific article with gruesome photos.  I have seen photos of the genetic mutations elsewhere on Facebook…………..and the apathy of the masses will continue to pave the way for death………not unlike the holocaust of nazi times………..where the people quietly walked to their deaths.  So are the people of the world, quietly walking into death,  pretending we are not experiencing a nuclear holocaust, on top of ever-leaking nuclear reactors.  It is what it is.

The Veterans Today, Bob Nichols  articles about Fukushima and some comments for Facebook-land users will be consolidated and included in a future post.  Please stay tuned and ‘follow’ this blog……..Here is an excerpt from a FB repost:

It seems that the FB mutual-friend, the one so absolutely adamant against putting the reactors into a quick-fix cooling system is quite familiar with the concept, strategy and a variety of involved parties addressing Super Powers to take the diplomatic and military action required to ‘put the reactor under water.”  

She may have more ‘insider’ type information than I have gleaned from readings and I suggest we inquire of her knowledge on those matters further.  Those facts could help save humanity, or add names for upcoming Trials for High Crimes Against Humanity in World Court.

Combined with the lies out Tepco, the silence of our the world governments, and the quiet deaths and complacency, anybody who THINKS about the on-going global disaster at Fukushima will reach the same conclusions that the many have.

The reactors need to be under water.  Even the inventor of the original GE reactor spoke out early on about the need for cooling systems to be functional after the meltdown. Remember also that the reactors contained bomb-grade plutonium, apparently an unheard of atrocity and complication to this ‘situation.’

Eliminate Fukushima Reactors; Eliminate Reactors Worldwide; Commence Trials for Crimes Against Humanity Immediately

DOING NOTHING IS NOT ENOUGH.   If the World Trade Centers could be dropped, so to speak, with high tech equipment (or airplanes, whatever story-line you believe)  carving a new harbor where the existing Fukushima Daiichi reactors currently exist as a possible solution to this extinction level event should be done without further delay—BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

That requires international, diplomatic, military and humanitarian cooperations without further delay.  Trials for high crimes against humanity will follow for any and all criminal conduct in the actual disaster and coverups.

To put the reactors under water, the technique is called ‘subsidence bombing’ where engineers strategically place explosives to separate portions of the earth, dropping them into the sea.  The follow-up step requires nuclear submarines to pick up the radioactive debris.

Massive evacuations are required PRIOR TO SUCH AN ACTION, and should have taken place also in March 2011.   The propaganda machinery seems busier convincing people to laugh in the face of death, and poison their children, and bury the genetically mutated beings born these days.

I have had brief FB interactions with ‘entities and committees’ that appear to have close links to government agencies via hostile posts and accusations that there is no problem with radiation in Japan, nobody has died and nobody probably would die.  That’s contrary to scientific evidence and actual facts.  It seems to be symptomatic of psychopathic behavior, which is not favorable to life

I trust this answers your questions about who else may be advocating life rather than deaths of millions, if not billions around the planet, in order to stop those who provide for  ‘profits’ and bailouts for the KNK/Killer Nuke Knuckleheads and their entire industry.  Psychopaths notoriously have ‘no remorse’ and the industry…the killer nuclear industry…..has exhibited dreadful psychopathic tendencies throughout this on-going nuclear catastrophe.

Thank you for your comments.  These will be widely circulated to encourage more thought on the life and death issues we face all together, as members of the Human Race. The question is….is our current race TO LIFE OR DEATH.

Thoughts are Things.......Join in Thought at "8 o'clock, local time" We are the Many

Please see earlier blog posts for more info and resources.  Next month’s posts will have an updated list of resources.  If you have a group or blog active about Fukushima, let’s include it.

If you believe in the value of life, know that WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW;




Expose the Lies. Stand in Truth. Stand in Light. Stand in Love. STAND TOGETHER!

Act now or rest in Peace.

 Link up at “8 O’CLOCK, LOCAL TIME” with and for all who are impacted by Fukushima (that’s all of us) and with and for all who OCCUPY (on behalf of all of us)

What can YOU do with this information?  Think about it. Talk about it.  Tell your friends.  Tell your neighbors.  See earlier blogs for more resources. 


This is it for today without fluff, in hopes that it may cause more of you to take action, and if you’re already taking action, that, God willing, you will amp it up a 100-fold, as if your life, and the lives of your loved ones depends on it!!     It is what it is!

2 thoughts on “Hello World…CAN WE TALK????!!!! We act now or We Wait … till the remaining tons and tons and tons of radioactive isotopes EXPLODE INTO THE AIR

  1. pore says:

    In my humble opinion – we are inside a science fiction novel, we have to be responsible but it’s too strange… even when faced with the facts people won’t wake up about Fukushima (it might become the waking alarm for the whole nightmare called History). As for the japanese people, the smart ones must lose some respect for the government and escape. Considering all contexts and realities of the present, it’s not healthy to get all stressed about this – how to lift the weight? – there are many ‘fukushimas’ now. It’s a dream..

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