Hello World!!! TEPCO and NUKE GANG SUCCESSES!!! Let’s Count Them!!! (THEN LET’S TRY THEM!!!)

All nuke reactors leak all the time.  Some leak more than others.    Meltdown is another story. 

Multiple meltdowns are often considered catastrophic in civilized society.

FYI,  TEPCO and complicit associates, apparently have been successful in completely destroying the oceans of the planet last year via meltdowns at NUCLEAR Reactor #1, NUCLEAR Reactor #2, NUCLEAR Reactor #3 and severely damaged NUCLEAR Reactor #4, along with unknown damage at NUCLEAR Reactor #5 and NUCLEAR Reactor #6.

Concealment of condition, dangers and damage also successfully extends to 8 other Reactors in NE Japan.     No mentions of Plutonium in NUCLEAR Reactor #3 of concern anywhere.   

The ‘unsuspecting global public’ bought the stories of Japan being NUCLEAR FREE and “off line” and “NUCLEAR MELTDOWN disaster averted” …. Hook line and sinker!!!   Many of the anti-nuker crowd gleefully cheer and share the stories.

Plausible deniability is operational regarding dead marine life and human life globally. 

Concerns of “radiation poisoning” have been successfully replaced with concerns of ‘RADIO-PHOBIA’ along with a ‘flu epidemic’ in Japan, impacting millions. Deaths, mutations, abortions, declining birth rates, sudden and mysterious deaths around the globe have been muted.

The cleverly orchestrated pleas for assistance from the USA and the UN – suggested at a timely year later — are working mightily around the internet right now!

Mention also must be made for the Tourism opportunities extended by Japan and complicit entities and promoted by pro-nukers to Facebookers with more than 1,000 friends.  The offer invited a visit to Japan—most all expenses paid—in exchange for writing all nice things about the experience.  (Leave all Geiger counters at home!  Small price to pay!!!!)

Extend and Pretend!

Corporate media is also getting involved in the stories and sharing and spreading of baseless rumors.  Somebody is surely up for a promotion!!!

Contamination of the atmosphere with tons of radioactive particles— already in the air, up to 5,000 meters or 16,404 feet —-around the Northern hemisphere was another successful feat last year.  This feat continues to be enhanced by incineration of radioactive rubble, adding to the volume of radioactive particles already in the air, around the world.

The radiation is already contaminating the Southern hemisphere, too, and the baseless rumors of the safety ‘down under’ has been hugely successful, promoted by top experts, enhancing the credibility factors of that particular pro-nuker media blitz.
Concealment and skewing of NUCLEAR MELTDOWN facts last year was yet another successful operation–world wide– with complicit global assistance and cooperation by TEPCO, Nuke cartel gangs, and pro-nuker killer knuckleheads everywhere.

Periodic and inconsistent assistance by gullible investigative anti-nuker expert groupie killer knuckleheads deserves mention for success in the effort to distract/deceive/divide/confuse mainstream populations.

TECPO reorganization and shareholder bailout successful and progressing nicely this year.  No apparent losses to the 1%. 

Business is up for the sale of Geiger counters, for a variety of potions to protect and defend from radiation poisoning, pharmaceutical companies and all arms of the ‘health’ industries are surely gearing up for big growth and improved bottom lines…..and death-and-accessories businesses have cause to be optimistic about future growth….. for a while. 

And then, there is WALL STREET…..vigilently protecting the interests of the 1% behind the 1% to replace the lost ROI (return on investment) for client-state, Japan.

“No immediate danger”

     perceived or announced

Plausible deniability factors are strong and in place.”

More stories and more radioactive particles being released daily, with a vengeance, globally.

Have a nice day.  RIP.


For more info, thoughts, ideas, resources and links…..see also… pictures and words…… read the words too!

Hi World! Put the reactors under water now. Questions?!  https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/15/hello-world-why-wait-put-the-reactors-under-water-now-fukushima-on-facebook/

RUNAWAY REACTORS!! SCRAM!!  https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/05/hello-world-runaway-reactors-scram/

FUKUSHIMA NOT FUKU-NOBYL  https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/06/hello-world-fukushima-not-fuku-nobyl-chernobyl-solution-not-an-option/

OPEN LETTER TO US SENATOR ON SUICIDE MISSION TO JAPAN   (with Senator’s own links to official letters of support for Tepco assistance)   https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/04/18/hello-world-us-senator-on-suicide-mission-to-japan-open-letter/

It’s an extinction level event, folks…..there’s already enough radioactive particles in the air to kill us all dead….sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but always surely…. RADIATION KILLS.   SMILING PEOPLE GET RADIATION POISONING…..

THINK THINK THINK.   PUT THE REACTORS UNDER WATER NOW (a diplomatic and military and scientific orchestrated action including retrieval of reactor cores by international team of nuke subs, designed to accomplish such feats)……

Link Up!! “8 o’clock, local time” with and for all impacted by Fukushima NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS (that’s all of us) and with and for all who OCCUPY (in the radiation, on behalf of all of us)

in thought / prayer / meditation / silence / solidarity.  Eistein reminded us that ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT AND THOUGHTS ARE THINGS.

4 thoughts on “Hello World!!! TEPCO and NUKE GANG SUCCESSES!!! Let’s Count Them!!! (THEN LET’S TRY THEM!!!)

  1. aztex2012 says:

    It is hard to think about the reality of what is really going on here on Planet Earth and exactly how this recent nuclear disaster from Japan will continue to show everyone that Mother Nature is truly the Boss.

    Lots of irritating news in the air daily to distract everyone on the real important stuff! War on the way with Iran as of yesterday! More radiation and more human life, gone sooner rather than later. Why cant we all just get along? Those who have been pulling the strings for centuries will be unable to escape the consequences of their greed either, and just think almost all the slaves will be dead before them. Who will feed them, well we will not have to worry about food too much longer anyway, since they have already managed to contaminate centuries of Mother Nature’s natural defenses within the plant community with their own weeds and insects weeding and feeding as she thought best. Monsanto will not survive this disaster either, but they are still working on more GMOs for the “future?”

    I even had a hard moment yesterday as I started selectively hoeing certain weeds out of my garden area. I walked across a relatively ignored plot of unlandscaped land yesterday and noticed how beautifully all the different weeds were able to spread so evenly and flourish and all those different beautiful wild flower blooms on each one. And the mounds of different ant beds and the other irritating insects seemed to be busy doing their job.

    When I got back to my garden, I had a hard time deciding which weeds had to go, and suffered personal grief for each plant I irradiated. Can not help but remember an old Sci-Fi movie back in the 1960’s called “Soilent Green”. It has been a long time since I saw that movie and I am sure I do not remember everything important, but it sure seems like everything has gone according to that artistic portrayal of what was to come, but there was nothing about radiation and the end of the world before deciding how to feed so many people on the planet. It really did not show how things were going to “Go” sooner than I would have ever imagined! I am so sad.

    Our food, air, and water have been under attack for quite some time and we have all now become familiar with the term “global warming”. But now none of it is important the only thing important is how we spend what little time we do have left. We must get together and show everyone with whom we come into contact “unconditional love”. Try to help each one have the best last days of our lives.

    Share what we have with caution because we have to use some common sense to keep from exposing our generosity to those who have never had anything and are not aware that there is no time left to accumulate anything. Take what we need to survive each day, and help others to have what they also need. It is no longer a matter of taking everything we can find to take and leaving nothing for anyone else, including our own children!

    With the coming end of time as we know it, chemtrails, global warming, GMOs, cost of living, saving endangered species, we are now the most endangered species and the rest will heal in time with Mother Nature in control. We have to think more of what is really important to life. Man’s inhumanity to man has finally done unto each of us what we have allowed to be done to the least of these on earth. Now it is our turn to think about what misery there is to come, and hope for the best. Science already knows and now we have a pretty good idea, just try to enjoy the best days of the rest of our lives, each day, one day at a time.

    Hope to see the total eclipse of the sun today, not sure what time but am looking forward to this very rare occasion for my joy for this day. Hope you have a very good one also.

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