Fukushima reactors must be under water now! “Yo! We have a situation here. Who wants to solve it?”

FB Comment on blog:  fukushima alert. act now or rest in peace.

What do you suggest we can do over something which has occurred already?

Response:     “Yo! We have a situation here.  Who wants to solve it?”

Hi … There are no simple solutions.  Worse, the reactors are still running, burning towards the water table in the dirt under the reactors. All require the nuclear powers and the broader international communities to come together NOW, on diplomatic, humanitarian and military levels and more. 

If the nuclear powers and other governments continue to fail, the people must come together.  The reactors must be under water.

The surface of the water is the only thing radiation cannot escape from, other than a few radioactive gases. This is the only hope for humanity. Scientists around the world know this.

We have extreme censorship and misinformation happening around the world.  The reactors must be dropped into the sea, via military means, with immediate evacuations and diplomacy.  To have allowed the reactors to contaminate the planet for going on 10 months facilitates this extinction level event. 

The first, and most important matter, is to elevate awareness of this situation…. to everyone and to anyone who will listen. 

Secondly, as referenced in this blog and the earlier posted Open Letter to the Emperor of Japan, the Samurai, the Yakuza and the President of the United States, certain countries have the means to put the reactors into the sea.  None have apparently come forth yet, and there is no knowing of whether or not discussions have, are or will take place. 

Third, we have issues of responsibility, and requirements for criminal investigations for high crimes against humanity, to include participants from Japan, the USA, and elsewhere. The allegations surrounding this incident do not lead thinking people to believe it was in any way, shape or form an ‘accident’.   Citizen’s Tribunals organized from outside the USA and Japan may be the required initial step for investigations and hearings, which are, in my opinion, secondary to solving the melting down reactors situation, guaranteed to kill millions and millions, and likely billions, in the not distant future….

In the meantime, we can collectively ‘link up at “8 o’clock, local time” with and for all impacted by Fukushima (and with and for all who Occupy, on behalf of the rest of us…)


We can work mightily to form an International Citizen’s Council to sort through the volumes of data collected about Fukushima by caring people from around the world, and take it to all the Super Powers and say something like:

“Yo! We have a situation here.  Who wants to solve it?”

Just saying…

Thank you for your question. 


Take care of one another…

That’s how we survive.    

xoxooxoxox  L

It's an extinction level event; THE REACTORS MUST BE UNDER WATER NOW.

It's an extinction level event; THE REACTORS MUST BE UNDER WATER NOW.

7 thoughts on “Fukushima reactors must be under water now! “Yo! We have a situation here. Who wants to solve it?”

  1. Max Sokkur says:

    It would be really lovely to see links, because I don’t follow US media. I think the main strategy of the media today is to create panic. People in panic can be controlled easily. Keep us informed…

    • askaboutfukushimanow says:

      Hi Max… There are some links in each blog post, and I think that’s a great idea to make them easier to access. Thanks! I will make a blog post with just video links (and there are some excellent pieces already out)… I’ll pick some that may be relevant to you and your friends, too. It would be great if you would ‘follow’ this blog, or at least check back from time to time, and even share it! It is my intention to make it easier to read, with even more action-able items in each post. Our media in the USA is not creating any alarm…in fact, we have a quasi-censorship in place. Same for Japan, and the rest of the world. There are several “Occupy” walls, with varying levels of interest in Fukushima, that may also be of interest, as radiation contamination from Fukushima is also reported in Europe, and people are talking about it. On facebook, there is a group called 311 Watchdogs…it is a closed group…knock on their door! The best news, and most timely and accurate, is from the People… you know, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. In fact, some ‘experts’ indicate that when they are on mainstream media they guard there words so as purposely not to create a ‘panic’. [wtf!] ANYBODY WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH KNOWS THAT AN EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT THAT WILL KILL MILLIONS AND MILLIONS, AND PROBABLY BILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE PLANET OVER THE COMING SEVERAL YEARS… knows that it should probably make some headline news, and causing a little panic could be quite appropriate. Unfortunately, mainstream media has quite a lid on things, and it appears to be because of ‘executive orders’ so it’s likely we’ll have to wait for more ‘dead bodies and fetuses’ to get global attention. I actually, in October, submitted a ‘proposal’ for some significant action items to that nice group, Anonymous, and sought feedback from facebook frends and friends of friends. [Got some scary feedback, too…and posted it.] I posted it all over Facebook then someone gave me some other direct places to post it. I would like to see an Anonymous “Fukushima Divison” and do all I can until such action takes place, or not. I understand that’s not exactly how things work….but I can hope as I act. Prof. Chris Busby has some great youtube videos also… A friend who has just evacuated from Japan, and is now on the US East Coast, is producing a video… It’s listed in one of the blogs. On facebook, you may find more information on his wall, Chris Noland. It’s a powerful people’s video. Another friend in facebook land is doing a series of videos, Michael Adzema. You will find his links in this blog, and on his facebook wall (and mine). I will ‘private message’ another video that you may find…shocking at first…and upon pondering further…you may want to share it with close friends. I’m working on another blog post regarding the reactors being under water tonite, so it may be tomorrow that I can get those links to you. If I may, I will also suggest some groups on facebook that you may find of further interest. (I am new at blogging, so just finding my way… one thing lovely about it is there are no space constraints…for initial posts and comment threads.) It’s a pleasure to meet you. Take care of yourself and of one another. That’s how we survive. “WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, AND FOR THAT, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE”. XOXOOXOX L

  2. Max Sokkur says:

    Put reactors under sea? Which dumbass proposed that? Yeah, let’s contaminate the world ocean with radiation! Sounds like a good crackpot idea, which is physically impossible.
    I have seen Chernobyl. My dad was there, he is 45 and still kicking. At Chernobyl reactor fuel rods melted and needed to be extracted manually. Dozens of people did not had proper defensive clothing and training. I had also seen the damage on Fukushima plant – that looks like a minor damage compairing to 1986 video.
    With all worldwide damage and panic, the Earth handled it (amazingly!) and the humanity did as well. I think the radiation background is much higher at Nevada or Arizona – at local nuke test sites.
    Enjoy your reality.

    • askaboutfukushimanow says:

      Thanks for your comments, Max. It’s a harsh reality that we are dealing with. The scientists call it an ‘extinction level event’ and it is actually thousands of times worse than Tchernobyl. Recent NRC reports are clarifying more truths in this matter, and reactors are built so that they are submerged in cooling pools. The reactors at Fukushima have not been in ‘cooling pools’ since 3/11. As to ocean contamination, you may have missed news reports of radioactive debris hitting the shores of the West Coast of North America. Radiation readings in the USA are, it’s apparent, somewhat skewed, but you may have also missed reports of approximately 100,000 ‘excess deaths’ in the USA in 2011 due to Fukushima. It’s a sad and horrible reality, difficult to understand. If you are in the USA, the news censorship of the of these horrors could account for your belief that it is not a problem. One alleged expert said a while back that ‘nobody had died from Fukushima and nobody probably would’. A week or so later the report of the “100,000 excess deaths” in USA came out. He must of felt a little dumb-founded. Another person recently chided saying, “this situation was resolved months ago”. I don’t know what planet he was from, or probably, more accurately, who he worked for. Anyhow, thanks for your comments…it helps me to better understand the desperate need to ‘tell the Fukushima story’ in a way that more people can grasp it. The ocean, Max, is already severely contaminated. You may have seen the recent stories of the mutated dead seals? More blogs to follow that may be of interest to you, and your family. There is also a report in the blogs, by a group of scientists, comparing Tchernobyl and Fukushima, and WHAT TO EXPECT. If you cannot find it, I would be happy to link it for you. Take care of yourself and of one another. That’s how we survive. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. ANONYMOUS PRECEDES UNANIMOUS…. XOOXOXO L

  3. poreofthemachine says:

    I salute your effort, i started my blog also to raise awareness on this issue. We might be on the ‘dark matter’ stage, an alchemist might appear..

    • askaboutfukushimanow says:

      Hi, thank you for your kind reply. I look forward to checking out your blog also. Write on. “The field is large; the toilers are few.” I wrote a longer reply, but somehow it didn’t post. I will comment on your blog when I have had a chance to take a look.

      Denial is a huge part of dealing with this harsh and horrible reality and extinction level event. Those of us who write can best help by gently repeating the truth, again and again, until such time people can see and hear. There truly are none so blind as those who will not see. Take care of yourself and of one another. That’s how we survive. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW. ANONYMOUS PRECEDES UNANIMOUS. XOOXOXOX L

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