Wassup now, Mr. President???!!! Meltdowns of Multiple Reactors happened 3.11.11 ….. anybody briefed you with any truth??

You took cover then, that was then; wassup now, Mr. President???   It’s an election year….. and many say this is an ELE / Extinction Level Event!


Fukushima Rose ???

Mr. President……this is happening on your watch…..how many must die—millions and millions or billions and billions??!!!!  

All reactors leak all the time; FUKUSHIMA HAS MULTIPLE REACTORS IN MELTDOWN MELTDOWN MELTDOWN since 3.11.11   !!!!!

FUKUSHIMA not fuku-nobyl!! Chernobyl ‘solution’ NOT AN OPTION…. never was, isn’t now,

never will be…..

PUT THE REACTORS UNDER WATER NOW  https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/06/hello-world-fukushima-not-fuku-nobyl-chernobyl-solution-not-an-option/

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OPEN LETTER TO THE EMPEROR, SAMURAI, YAKUZA, PRESIDENT AND PEOPLE OF THE USA AND OF THE WORLD ET AL  https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2011/12/17/hello-emperor-akihito-and-others-in-the-world-to-whom-fukushima-may-concern/

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FUKUSHIMA BLOGS VIDEOS AND MORE…REMEMBER, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….KEEP FIRING!!    https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/04/12/hello-world-fukushima-blogs-videos-and-more-remember-that-we-are-the-media-now-keep-firing/

NUKE MELTDOWNS SINCE 3.11.11  – RADIATION ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE  https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/23/hello-world-3-11-11-nuke-meltdowns-radiation-all-the-time-everywhere/

radiation all the time everywhere  

FUKUSHIMA irradiated ROSE!!!!

fukushima ROSE !!!  wtf re-alert !!!

we are the media now go big, ever grateful that Anonymous precedes Unanimous!


Again, We ask…..Wassup now, Mr. President???!!! Meltdowns of Multiple Reactors at FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI happened 3.11.11 ….. anybody briefed you with any truth??

Wassup NOW Mr. President??

Wassup NOW Mr President??

…with a similar show by the cast of pro nuker experts and sympathizers…. ??!!

Multiple Reactors in Meltdown SINCE 3.11.11 ….. ???!!!!

….and demand investigations for HIGH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY from Tokyo to Washington and beyond….!!!!

Meldowns! Multiple reactors in meltdown

and they say ‘there is no immediate danger’!!! GOOOOOOO!

Congressional investigations into FUKUSHIMA-GATE NOW???

” Fuc  ing  nu  es   are   illing us now!!! ”    K !

K!!! we are the media now go big, ever grateful……………

Like ·  Follow this Blog   · Share ·   LINK UP   “8 o’clock, local time” with and for all impacted by Fukushima (that’s all of us) and with and for all who OCCUPY (Virtually, please!!!!) on behalf of all of us!!!

4 thoughts on “Wassup now, Mr. President???!!! Meltdowns of Multiple Reactors happened 3.11.11 ….. anybody briefed you with any truth??

  1. aztex2012 says:

    I have no idea…just like everyone. What are we to do. No one even knows it is a problem. Business as usual. I have been telling people in about every post and everyone I meet. My friends and family, the ones with whom I post already know about the problems. And we know it is the problem. Over and above GMO! Wake up people our world is really in trouble why cant someone get those rods under water tomorrow and why didnt they do it yesterday? Our lives are at stake. We are the media NOW. That is so true. But only the concerned are listening and we are already concerned. Writ to our Congressmen even if it is just an email. Maybe we could make a Care2 Petition to get signatures. Maybe we could get something done however long it would take. It is the only thing I personally can do except pray and cry. It is so sad, I am the first to post and looks like the only : ( I guess everyone is celebrating Memorial day, next year we will have many more memorials and more yet to come if they do not get those rods under water NOW!

    • askaboutfukushimanow says:

      We can tell our friends and tell our neighbors that Fukushima meltdowns happened 3.11.11 and have never stopped. Tell them to tell their friends and neighbors as well. Cry if you must, then keep posting. Pray for the dead and dying, and fight like hell for the living. Forgitabout petitions and letters to the politicians…… did you see the results of the Senator’s SUICIDE MISSION TO JAPAN…. ?? Only result I saw was finalization of the tepco shareholder bailout and nationalization/reorganization of the remaining entity. Be Alarmed, Be Alarming…… In light of the fact that it is Memorial Day in the USA, the OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT was shared. ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA-GATE NOW. Do not walk quietly in this open air Auschwitz, and do not just huddle together and die quietly. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….GO BIG. EVER GRATEFUL THAT ANONYMOUS PRECEDES UNANIMOUS. NEVER FORGET THAT THE CORPORATE MEDIA WAS SILENCED AND SILENT FOR THE FIRST YEAR OF THIS GLOBAL CATASTROPHE, THIS NUCLEAR DISASTER. EVEN THE UN WAS SILENCED AND COMPICIT IN THE SILENCE. BE ALARMED. BE ALARMING.

      There is no “Chernobyl-type” solution….never was, isn’t now, never will be. The only option the scientific community knows of is to immediately PUT THE REACTORS UNDER WATER (as described in multiple blogs). THE ACTION SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN IN MARCH 2011. Enough radiation has already been released around the world to kill and maim milllions and millions, if not billions…….soooner, rather than later, and each day the reactors are not under water, MORE AND MORE RADIATION IS RELEASED INTO THE AIR, OCEANS AROUND THE GLOBE.


      Many of us link up in thought / prayer / meditation / solidarity / silence at “8 o’clock, local time” with and for all impacted by Fukushima (that’s all of us) and with and for all who OCCUPY (please do so VIRTUALLY!) (ON BEHALF OF ALL OF US)……

      All reactors leak ‘permissible levels of radiation’ all the time, some more than others. THE FUKUSHIMA MELTDOWNS HAVE BEEN IN PROGRESS….UNINTERRUPTED….SINCE 3.11.11 TELL YOUR FRIENDS, TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS….. XOXOXOXO

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