Hello World! Open Letter to Academics, Scientists and Smart People Concerned About On-Going Nuclear Meltdowns

On March 11, 2011 the world changed, for us all.

More MOX News out of Japan!  Huh?  D’oh!!  What else??!!

While Rallies and Demonstrations are underway……Uh-ohh, here’s what really happened recently in Japan. Uh Ohhhhhh….. 

Pu 239 is the product of reactors and as you well know, there is only one real use for Pu 239 – H-Bombs.     D’oh!!!!!

Japan Resumes Work on Nuclear Processing Plant

The Japanese government on Tuesday [June 26, 2012]  authorized the construction of additional facilities to reprocess spent nuclear fuel. The product is known as mixed oxide fuel, which contains plutonium blended with natural uranium, reprocessed uranium, or depleted uranium.

Construction of the MOX processing plant was halted following the nuclear accident in Fukushima last year. Some critics worry that the authorization was rushed through to give Japan a plutonium production facility that can be transformed for military use.  Last week, the Japanese Diet revised the Atomic Energy Basic Act to include a controversial clause that nudges open the door to defensive use of nuclear arms.

see link for the balance of the article

see more:

“Japan’s Other Nuclear Disaster”  Rokkasho

(…Rokkasho is operated by Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. (JNFL), an industry consortium led by Tokyo Electric Power Co, TEPCO)




On March 11, 2011 the world changed, for us all.

What began as a response to a heart-filled missive from Japan is shared here with the world-at-large.  Take what you like, and leave the rest, but do your own research, and think think think!

Dear Friend-san:

Thank you for the clarification of your concerns.   I have pondered deeply and it is my hope and prayer that you, your colleagues, aware members of this group, and respective friends will immediately tackle these problems directly.  The power to ‘Astonish’ may be a gift of being a woman.

The reactor cores must be put under water immediately if any lives are to be saved, around the world.  If that is not done soon, nothing else really matters, as the amounts of radiation released have already been sufficient to maim and kill everything on earth.  It’s just a matter of time. 

Our immune systems are breaking down now…..everywhere.  This is due to the Fukushima meltdowns.   The issues you mentioned of Reactor #3 are still ‘up in the air’ so to speak. Reactors #1, #2 ,#3  and #4 are a clear and immediate danger to all. 

Reactor #4 seems to be the media-tool of the nukers, to minimize the imminent dangers we are all facing now.

March 2011 – There was and continues to be IMMEDIATE DANGERS

There are people in this group who are very influential and powerful.  They must come forth.  As Einstein said, “THOSE WHO KNOW HAVE THE DUTY TO ACT”.

The nuclear industry people and their outlets have made a horrible trick and deception on Japan, and on other countries about the safety of ‘nuclear energy’.  As you know, all reactors are simply very, very, very large, slowed down Atomic Bombs.

The industry ‘experts’ are still promoting baseless rumors and lies and the noise about Reactor #4 core swimming pool is more of their distractions and deceptions.   The extinction level event HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

You are still there.  You must certainly know that three nuclear reactor meltdowns have triggered the extinction level event, STILL RELEASING lethal amounts of radiation in Japan and around the world.

Here is a list of blogs that discuss what must be done.   Each day of delay means more illness, maiming and death, faster, to many, globally.
Hello World! Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes….

The nuclear industry need do nothing more but wait till sickness and death comes to The Many; then the nuclear industry MIGHT take action on the reactors in meltdown, and put them under water.

Remember, everything Hitler did in Germany during that war was deemed ‘legal’.   The people surrounding the gas chambers did not know what was happening.  How many people in Japan know what is really happening with Reactors #1, #2 and #3?  What is the truth about #4?  Few know the dangers, if measured by the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in the streets!!

This esteemed facebook group has many extremely smart people in it; educated people who cannot say they do not know the horrific realities of Fukushima.

People of Truth must lead the way, and if one way does not not work, other ways must be found and implemented.   Find people in your government who are not monsters or who have not been severely handicapped by LOEF (loss of executive function) already by the radiation poisoning….. Arm them with truth about multiple reactors in meltdown.   Then, the truth will be exposed.

Fukushima is killing the entire world…………….the reactor cores must be put under water now, and the criminals responsible — from Tokyo to Washington and beyond —  must be brought to trial for high crimes against humanity.

Remember, with the ‘reorganization and bailout’ at TEPCO, the money has already left Japan.   In brutal frankness,  the nuclear industry, it’s sympathizers and advocates sees no further ROI (return on the investment) in Japan, with the exception of bogus and expensive remediation efforts.

Some now call Japan a ‘nuclear wasteland’ as they bilk remaining monies from fake attempts to deal with the nuclear disaster.

The nuclear industry people are moving on to …..what is their next target, India?

Stop them if you can, or die trying!!!   You are not alone!


These links and resources may be useful as you move forward…..

Occupy virtually; you’re being poisoned…. here’s more…tell your friends and neighbors……TELL ‘EM IN PICTURES, TEXT, MUSIC….JUST ‘TELL ‘EM!!! WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW…
Hello World! Fukushima Blogs, Videos and More !!! Remember that WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….KEEP FIRING!!!!
“RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL: You Can’t See It, and You Can’t Smell It Either”Japanese Anti-Nuclear Reggae Song: by Rankin Japan reggae artists MC Rankin and Dub Ainu Band deliver a cautionary message about radioactive


「humanERROR 100万人パレード」2012.3.10( 土) ~ 3.11( 日) 全世界+日本全国47 都道府県一斉決行・参加者大募集!!







Hello World! You are being Poisoned. THINK locally. ACT globally. Occupy virtually. D’oh!
Hello World! Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes….
Fukushima – Put the reactor cores under water now New FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/FukushimaPutTheReactorCoresUnderWaterNow
Hi World! Put the reactors under water now. Questions?!
OK….. Let’s deal with the concerns about ‘SAVING THE OCEAN’ from Fukushima radiation contamination
The short answer is: TOO LATE.

Questions?! Read on…. https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/10/hi-world-put-the-reactors-under-water-now-questions/
HELLO WORLD!!! OPEN LETTER TO NUCLEAR POWERS! You’ve got the tools! Let’s Get To Work!!

We are the Media now, ever grateful that Anonymous PRECEDES Unanimous!! xoxooxo

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