Hello World!! Fukushima not FUKU-NOBYL !!! Chernobyl ‘solution’ not an option!

Chernobyl ‘solution’ has NOT been done at FUKU, will NOT be done and is NOT available for Fuku!

Put the reactors under water now.  Questions?!  Read on….

OK…..  Let’s deal with the concerns about ‘SAVING THE OCEAN’ from Fukushima radiation contamination.  

The short answer is:  TOO LATE.

It seems that people who can remember or who can read and watch youtube think that the Chernobyl solution is the answer.

That is easily dispelled since Chernobyl’s neutron “switch” was killed with Boron and it did not do a China syndrome number into the ground and ground water below the reactor.

The Chernobyl ‘solution’ was not done at Fukushima and is not available for Fukushima.  

The result of cementing the Fukushima Daiichi Reactors would be a huge pressure cooker and resulting long series of horrendous steam explosions as the earth under Fukushima tore itself apart.

It’s the Chernobyl “neutron flux” that they killed. Many brave, deadly serious, about-to-die helicopter pilots bought the farm from lethal radiation doses holding over the open, destroyed reactor to drop Boron, sand concrete and water to destroy the radioactive engine in the reactor core. Many of us owe them our very lives.

Chernobyl. Millions died.  Officials numbers are substantially reduced and suppressed on behalf of the nuclear states.  Radiation experts world wide have documented 1.5 million deaths, so far, from Chernobyl.

Chernobyl did not do a China syndrome number into the ground and ground water below the reactors, for all the wanna-be-rocket-scientists out there….. just sayin…read on, please…..


If the people, who are not empowered to make decisions about a solution for Fukushima, cannot even reach agreement that:

  • Something must be done about Fukushima now and;
  • The only solution known to mankind is to put the reactor cores under water immediately via a cooperative and swift action by international humanitarian, military, engineering and governmental communities;
  • Evacuate;
  • Drop the reactor cores and accompanying land masse into the nearby ocean without further delay;
  • Send international team of fully equipped and capable nuke submarines to retrieve the hot reactor cores;
  • Deal with storage of reactor cores in accordance with ‘safety guidelines;
  • Commence trials for high crimes against humanity for all involved in the nuclear disaster at Fukushima and all complicit in the cover up of the global radiation contamination….




…..how on earth can you expect any government or corporate entities to touch this topic and ruin their political or corporate careers and risk the wrath of ‘unpopular’ public opinion.

They will also die from the radiation….sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

Shhhhhhhh…..Consoling thought:  Psychopaths believe they are exempt from radiation poisoning.  


Search Facebook land for resources and people who survived Chernobyl. Millions died.  Officials numbers are substantially less, due to ‘plausible deniability’.  Share and compare notes, resources and survival skills. 

Remember: ALL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIMEThere are 1,946 known isotopes spewing from all reactors, all the time.  There is more than just cesium.  Radiation kills.  It causes illnesses first, usually, but not always.


Reminder also, if you’re of those who OCCUPY Non-Virtually, please tell your next-of-kin that if you suddenly and mysteriously drop dead, to demand a CORONER’S INQUISITION and if your death is deemed to be attributable to radiation poisoning, the Coroner (at least in the USA) is required to file criminal charges.  Your deaths will not be in vain.



We continue to LINK UP AT ‘8 O’CLOCK, LOCAL TIME’ daily (pm and am) in thought / prayer / meditation / silence with and for all impacted by Fukushima (that’s all of us) and with and for all who OCCUPY (on behalf of all of us)!  WE ARE THE MANY.  WE ARE NOT ALONE. Anonymous PRECEDES Unanimous. All Ways and Always!


Government Explained:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUS1m5MSt9k    (10 minutes of brilliantly done video…alien has traveled across space to check on the progress of our species.)  


The pro-nuker killer knuckleheads are formidable (i.e. large, powerful, intense) adversaries  and enemies of humanity (i.e. Something destructive or injurious in its effects).  They have many long-time anti-nukers bamboozled by their double-speak and dis-information, future tense stories, and out and out lies and baseless rumors.



Put the reactor cores under water; have nuke subs pick up reactor cores….that’s the first step. The pro-nuker killer knuckleheads are lying when they say they don’t know what to do.

Scientists advised decision makers last year…. the choice was to do nothing….

‘homicide, isn’t it??!’

Judge everything by how it feels in your Heart of Hearts; read everything with the Eyes of your Heart, and listen with the Ears of your Heart!!





It’s been posted several times and ways….. Hint:




All the know-it-alls and naysayers, and hand-wringers and those who helplessly hope that the government or some agency will ‘save humanity’ are in for a rather rude awakening, and/or a rather sudden and surprising death.

These are participants in practices of willful ignorance and/or learned helplessness.  They are weak and prey of sonderkommando.   Keep moving forward.  No distractions.

It seems that people who can remember or who can read and watch youtube think that the Chernobyl ‘solution’ is the answer. 

That is easily dispelled since Chernobyl’s neutron “switch” was killed with Boron and it did not do a China syndrome number into the ground and ground water below the reactor.

It’s the Chernobyl “neutron flux” that they killed. Many brave, deadly serious, about-to-die helicopter pilots bought the farm from lethal radiation doses holding over the open, destroyed reactor to drop Boron, sand concrete and water to destroy the radioactive engine in the reactor core. Many of us owe them our very lives.

It was not Done and is not available for Fukushima.

The result of cementing the Fukushima Daiichi Reactors would be a huge pressure cooker and resulting long series of horrendous steam explosions as the earth under Fukushima tore itself apart. 

Therefore, kill the reactors in the Pacific waters.

Does that solve the cognitive challenge some are having with the necessity of putting the reactor cores under water now?




Have you READ the words of the recent blogs and related links??!!!

By some of the comments, it seems that some people just looked at the pictures and screeched “NOT THE OCEAN!!!!!!    D’Oh!!!!  

Here’s the link again! PUT THE REACTORS UNDER WATER NOW.


By another way, not one person mentioned or questioned the 8.3 vs. 9.0  3.11.11 earthquake magnitude reference.

No, it was not a typo.


And by yet another way, Nobody else commented or questioned about the allegations of the extra 21,000 pounds of bomb-grade plutonium in #3.  Do you have a clue what that means??!  If you’re in the USA, it means get-off-your-damned-high-horses and THINK THINK THINK and ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW.

Do your own research.    


Are they kidding about the Plutonium?!!!  The most lethal element in the Universe!!!

Fukushima – Plutonium Is Good For You !!!


OMG, the insults and accusations have been flying regarding the Hello World!! Runaway Reactors! SCRAM! blog and links…… 😦    Some reminded of a nasty thread from last year of some expert-groupie’s comments on a proposal that was shared via the internet— everywhere— to attempt to reach concerned and powerful people and entities. 

[Yes, we do NOT forget!]

One of the complainers even said the posts, comments and responses about putting the reactors under water were ‘impolite.’   Imagine that!  Demands for polite talk and doormat attitudes when the lives of millions and millions and millions are at stake! 

A more recent encounter with a similar group and administration was met with an arrogant threat of banning from a group, with a statement that, “Your heart is in the right place, but your head is not.”

With those types of early encounters with some in the anti-nuke crowd, it became apparent that a bigger outreach was necessary, to include those nice people at OCCUPY and Anonymous, as they seemed to be the only ones truly “making a difference” anywhere.  Anybody else concerned about the horrific events at Fukushima was also invited and encouraged to comment.  The posts circulated widely and openly for months, and were probably read by a few.

There have also been other not-so-positive responses.  One poster recently accused of sharing photos of radiation contamination to the ocean ….. and since nobody wants to believe the ocean is contaminated by radioactive waste from Fukushima, said to please stop posting about the ocean being seriously contaminated.   :/  

The insinuation seemed to be that one talking about ocean contamination is responsible for the ocean contamination.  Helllllo, I think TEPCO is the primary party here…..with all accomplices in the cover up….


One scientifically oriented engineer responded fully, with some horrifyingly harsh truths and revelations, including his projections that since Japan, as a ‘client state’ of the USA, was essentially a ‘nuclear wasteland’  and had less than 10 years survival and that there was therefore no further ROI (return on investment)  and there would be NO international aid provided.  He was right on that.  What else was he right about??!!!

If you read the recent post: HELLO WORLD:  RUNAWAY REACTORS! SCRAM! then you also no doubt read the Japanese professor’s projections that the radiation will “kill Japan by 2015.”

There are 1,946 known lethal isotopes in all reactors, that leak all the time.  It clearly does not require a physics degree or a rocket scientist to do the math to calculate deaths that will result in Japan from Fukushima, and deaths that will result elsewhere on the planet.  Multiple meltdowns happened March 11, 2011.  We are in YEAR TWO of NUCLEAR MELTDOWN.

More days of radiation spewing into the air and ocean from multiple reactors in meltdown, combined with incineration of radioactive rubble = greater quantities/more volume of radiation spewing into the air and the ocean on this ROUND PLANET.  


Simplified:  More and increasing daily doses of radiation = more and increasing disease and death, in Japan, and around the globe.   Ask an Indigo kid!



For many months, there were prayers and hopes for an ‘Anonymous Fukushima Division’…..  and  goodness, it seems that there just may be one or more now!!!  Energy indeed follows thought!!!  It’s a tough crowd to reach….with people Everywhere!!!!  Anonymous does indeed precede Unanimous!


Once upon a time, there was a clearly stated post in facebookland, that said,  ‘ANONYMOUS IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY’ and some thought, “Oh. Darn.  Well, Ok.”  (It wasn’t taken personally, it was on some post to Somebody) xoxooxoox

ANONYMOUS PRECEDES UNANIMOUS!   It seems to be like a 12-step program.  You’re a member when you say you are, and Nobody can say differently.  There are Anonymous groups for just about Everything and Everywhere, or so it seems!  That might be encouragement for Everybody to be kinder to One Another in our little Nuke Ghetto in Facebook Land.  We’re all in this together!

(Does Anybody remember Zorro, the sign of the Z….from another era…..another masked Fighter for Goodness, Truth and Justice??!   Zorro has been described as ‘a dashing black-clad masked Outlaw who defends the people of the land against tyrannical officials and other villains. Not only is he much too cunning and foxlike for the bumbling authorities to catch, but he delights in publicly humiliating those same foes.’)

Anonymity is a state of mind.  It’s about making a difference.   It’s about caring for Humanity, One person and One ideal at a time!     WE ARE THE MANY.   WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.  Ever grateful that Anonymous Precedes Unanimous! 





There have been some “likes” and “high fives” and “keep firing!” comments to the recent blog, HELLO WORLD! RUNAWAY REACTORS! SCRAM! https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/05/hello-world-runaway-reactors-scram/

What can YOU do?  Know all you can about the facts of the Fukushima global nuclear disaster.

Find those working to enhance awareness of truth and strengthen their hands and walls; expose and expunge the psychopaths responsible for the disaster and it’s cover up, shun sonderkommando, be alarmed and alarming.

POST, TWEET, SHARE, BLOG, EMAIL, SHOUT… Tell your friends and tell your neighbors that Fukushima has multiple reactors in meltdown and tell them to tell their friends and neighbors.  

If you can’t pry open a mind or you are afraid they may call you a Tin-Foil-Hatter….. send them some links, and encourage more investigations……and open a discussion from there.  You can simply say something like, “I dunno about this, but what if they’re right??”

 * * * * *

Fukushima How Many Chernobyls Is It     


“Three thousand billion (3,000,000,000,000) Lethal Doses of Radiation means there are 429 Lethal Doses chasing each and every one of us on the planet, to put it in a nutshell. This is up from about 70 Billion Lethal Doses March 23, 2011. It is getting worse everyday without any intervention by the US and the other nuclear powers.”  3/23/2011

* * * * *

SPRING 2012 QUASI-FUKUSHIMA DIRECTORY: https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/04/12/hello-world-mic-check-what-we-do-and-how-we-do-it-we-are-the-media-now-spring-2012-directory/     OCCUPY virtually.  Occupy beyond virtually.  There’s something in the air!


* * * * *

Hello World! Runaway Reactors! SCRAM!!!  https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/05/hello-world-runaway-reactors-scram/

* * * * *

Hello World! Start Spreading the News! First Corporate Media Got it, Then Censored it, Now they Got it WRONG!


 * * * * *



* * * * *

Or send them one of the links straight out of Japan:

FRYING DUTCHMAN “humanERROR”   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5p283KZGa8

 * * * * *

Japanese Anti-Nuclear Reggae Song: “You Can’t See It, and You Can’t Smell It Either” by Rankin Taxi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpsnXiitHv8

 * * * * *

We are the many.  The Many are being irradiated by the Few.

All reactors leak all the time.

FUKUSHIMA is in meltdown. 


DEMAND THAT THE FUKUSHIMA REACTORS ARE PUT UNDER WATER NOW…..then retrieved by an international team of nuke submarines, stored in accordance with current ‘safety standards’ and commence trials for high crimes against humanity to include but not be limited to pro-nuker killer knuckleheads and their complicit accomplices in the cover up of this horrific extinction level event that threatens all of humanity….. SINCE MARCH 11, 2011.  RIP.



More follows……please do attempt to get through the text before whining about ‘the ocean’ like it’s not already contaminated and like we’re not ALREADY in an extinction level event.


ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW…. https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/

Tweet @LucyOccupy       LucyOccupy@gmail.com     xooxoxo

Capture Chernobyl Consequences

Download a free PDF of……

CHERNOBYL:  Consequences of the Catastrophe For People and the Environment Book http://www.strahlentelex.de/Yablokov%20Chernobyl%20book.pdf

Written by Alexey V. Yablokov, Vassily B. Nesterenko and Alexey V. Nesterenko, Edited by Janette Sherman-Nevinger


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