Re:      US Military Personnel alleged TEPCO lawsuit for radiation contamination

From:  Lucy Occupy and Friends

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is a lawsuit against a nuclear government by sailors in the most nuclear navy ever built! BRAVO!!!

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$30 million in punitive damages for fraud, negligence, strict liability, failure to warn, public and private nuisance, and defective design…. “

They are all GE reactors designed for submarines. That’s why it has 60 big old holes pre-drilled in the bottom of the damn reactor and why the bottom just dissolved in the 5000 degree heat.  It is said that Tepco is responsible.  Well, no shit!  Who else??!!

Triple Nuclear Meltdowns, in progress since 3.11.11

Triple Nuclear Meltdowns, in progress since 3.11.11

Social media outlets are moving stories about brave and courageous US Military personnel taking a stand against the outrageous coverup, deceptions and dangers to human life caused and facilitated by the triple nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima, Japan since March 11, 2011 and the consequent radiation contamination exposures to the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan.

Simultaneously, some videos are being circulated to undermine the courage and integrity of those ‘first responders’ to the nuclear meltdowns.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   The masses are unable to grasp the magnitude of the consequences of the Fukushima Triple Meltdowns.  Sensible leadership is required.  You are lighting the way.  We are grateful.

The psycopaths of the nuclear power cartels are formidable foes of all of humanity.

How may we, the People of the World, help you help? 

We are the Media Now...We do not..FORGET.  How may we help you help?

We are the Media Now…We do not..FORGET. How may we help you help?

Many of us know that immediate trials for high nuclear crimes against humanity must result from the deceptions and genocidal actions of all complicit in this extinction level event.

Please have your legal and/or media representatives contact Lucy Occupy with any media releases they are directly putting forth.  There may be other ways and means that Lucy and Friends may be able to offer assistance as the USA First Responders have allegedly taken a first step toward judicial consequences for the killers of humanity.     

LucyOccupy@gmail.com  and/or as a comment to this blog at https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/

Pass these links on to your legal team.  Stat.

10 million Bq of cesium-134/137 is still released every single hour from reactor1, 2 and 3






For those of you most immediately and directly exposed to the radiation contamination in those early days, know that you are not alone.  The contamination is global and the events have triggered an ELE / Extinction Level Event.  WE ARE UNAFRAID.   Knowing the consequences of radiation poisoning in the massive amounts released around the planet, those who have the ability to grasp the consequences, have the ability to KNOW THE FUTURE.


You and your ship hold hope for extending the lives of millions of lives around the world.  Please read these blogs on the necessity of putting the reactor cores under water, with the military equipment of the USS Ronald Reagan, and having a team of international nuke subs retrieve those hot cores.

  • “The US is the only Super Power in the world today. The other “used-to-be” Super Power, the former USSR doesn’t even exist anymore. Japan consists of a number of islands, the largest of which is Honshu, with Tokyo, 103 million people and the Fukushima Daiichi reactors. The nearest large land mass is Asia, dominated by China. The aircraft base is likely to be controlled by the US, China or Japan, a US ally.”

  • “If no other nearby land base is available for whatever reason, whether political, logistical, the weather, or whatever, that leaves the giant Super Carriers to do the job that must be done. The first response of an approaching US Super Carrier was to turn tail and run when confronted by the heavily radioactive wind from Fukushima, Japan. That kind of “leadership” is disgusting. The Carrier was the 1,092 ft, 333 Mt long USS Ronald Reagan, CVN 76, estimated cost, US$4.3 Billion. The Super Carriers must be written off, if need be, to do the job.”

  • “After all, it is only money and lives. If the US Government loses a few Super Carriers to radioactive contamination, So What? That’s War. The Human Race is worth it. Besides, I’m sure, if we come out of this nuclear “challenge” alive  the boys, and gals, at Newport News Ship Builders will be more than happy to make the US Government a “deal” on Super Carriers all funded by an obliging and grateful Congress.”

  • “The American President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the US Navy’s Eleven Aircraft Carrier battle groups have a job to do and only they can do it. Suit up and get on it.” – Bob Nichols

  • http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/04/22/fukushima-2000-atomic-bombs/

    Government Explained in less than 10 minutes; Watch and Share http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUS1m5MSt9k

    Government Explained in less than 10 minutes;           Watch and Share http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUS1m5MSt9k

That is the only way known to mankind to interrupt this extinction level event.

The USS Ronald Reagan was unable to get you out fast enough from the immediate first responder doses, and the 1,946 known lethal isotopes do not just ‘rinse off’ of anything.

Ask your Commanders and Lawyers to ask for an Executive Order to eliminate the nuclear reactor cores at Fukushima Daiichi immediately.

Evacuations must take place immediately while the subsidence charges are placed.  CHILDREN FIRST.   It is said that the entire operation can take place in less than 10 days, upon proper authority.

We’re all dead from Fukushima, some of us sooner rather than later.   Better to die on our feet than on our knees.  READ ON….

2 OF 2 ok, signing off for a while here s two more


Put the reactors under water now.

Questions?! Read on….

OK….. Let’s deal with the concerns about ‘SAVING THE OCEAN’ from Fukushima radiation contamination
The short answer is: TOO LATE.

1 . RUNAWAY REACTORS!! SCRAM!!  https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/05/hello-world-runaway-reactors-scram/

2. FUKUSHIMA NOT FUKU-NOBYL  https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/06/hello-world-fukushima-not-fuku-nobyl-chernobyl-solution-not-an-option/

3. OPEN LETTER TO US SENATOR ON SUICIDE MISSION TO JAPAN https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/04/18/hello-world-us-senator-on-suicide-mission-to-japan-open-letter/

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also see:
March 15, 2011     Alert: Fukushima Coverup, 40 Years of Spent Nuclear Rods Blown Sky High


March 15, 2011 …“We’d be lucky if we only had to worry about the spent fuel rods from a single holding pool. We’re not that lucky. The Fukushima Daiichi plant has seven pools for spent fuel rods. Six of these are (or were) located at the top of six reactor buildings. One “common pool” is at ground level in a separate building. Each “reactor top” pool holds 3450 fuel rod assemblies. The common pool holds 6291 fuel rod assemblies. [The common pool has windows on one wall which were almost certainly destroyed by the tsunami.] Each assembly holds sixty-three fuel rods. This means the Fukushima Daiichi plant may contain over 600,000 spent fuel rods.”

ALL REACTORS LEAK, ALL THE TIME:  PS: San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant is referred to, by some, as Fukushima-USA.  It’s understood that military exposures from training in close proximity to “SONGS” has severe consequences, with plausible deniability.

SONGS! No Restart! Start Trials!

SONGS! No Restart! Start Trials!


unity of time space action

Know that your collective exposures to DU (depleted uranium) while ‘deployed’ have not gone unnoticed by the scientific communities.      “We are sorry. Please forgive us. Thank you. We love you.”  – [Ho’ono pono prayer]

silently killiing us all fukushima daiichi meltdow

We are in this all together.   Let’s all join hands, hearts, minds and souls and confront the nuclear killers.


As suggested to those who, globally, have been OCCUPYING various entities, those doing so outdoors have been requested to leave word for their next of kin to demand coroner’s inquests upon sudden or mysterious death.  That is another way that these criminals will be slowed down.  As the rising number of deaths are ‘categorized’ by honest coroners to be ‘death by radiation poisoning’ then arrest warrants will be issued for the murderers and their accomplices.

Tell us who is the legitimate contact for your representation, and we will tell our friends and neighbors, and tell them to tell their friends and neighbors, around the world.  We will start with:  “Paul C. Garner, an Encinitas, Calif., attorney who is representing the sailors, said a copy of the complaint was delivered to TEPCO’s office in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 21.”   WHO ELSE?!   Websites, blogs, social media…. note: WE ARE THE  MEDIA NOW…

Radioactive Material: You Can’t See It, and You Can’t Smell It Either    Watch this (less than 5 minutes!) then share it!


FUKUSHIMA - 350 Times Maximum Annual Radiation Dos

The United Nations has failed the world in addressing this global nuclear catastrophe.  It is on the people of the planet to address the killers now, wherever they are discovered.  The TEPCO shareholders have been aided and abetted by international ‘friends’ in their bail out while the world burns, rendering TEPCO nationalized, to a country that has been “written off” as a client state, apparently, because of less than ’10 years’ remaining existence due to the 3.11.11. meltdowns, per some ‘experts and economists’.

ELE = Extinction Level Event.


Here is information and a link to the US Military registry for those impacted by Fukushima, with some additional commentary from September of this year:

Hello World! US Military starts registry for people developing FUKU health conditions: 5/11/11 Arbitrary Cut-Off Date??!

September 8, 2012

5/11/11 Arbitrary Cut-Off Date??! to Determine No Further Danger Risk…? Really!?  D’OH!


Yo! What makes the alphabet agencies think something happened circa May 11, 2011 that would cause them to suggest the radioactive isotopes stopped spewing out of the FUKUSHIMA multiple reactors in meltdown or that at least ‘the dangerous and/or weaker ones stopped spewing’?!!!  ….. Read on…


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Gentle history reminder for gentle and fierce frends: 

TAKE NOTE:   “Bonus Army: US military attacks demonstrating American War Veterans”  7 MINUTE VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sNOsIB5VMSQ#!


HELLO WORLD! OPEN LETTER TO PRO-NUKER KILLER KNUCKLEHEADS and their lurking Sympathizers in Fukushima Nuke-Ghetto GROUPS! CRY!

ALL REACTORS LEAK ALL THE TIME.  FUKUSHIMA HAS MULTIPLE REACTORS IN MELTDOWN, SINCE MARCH 11, 2011. FUKUSHIMA MELTDOWNS have already dumped radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean.  Continued willful ignorance, arrogance,  learned helplessness, and defiance of the knowledge that the ocean contamination has already happened is—> brutal stupidity.  There is no Chernobyl-type solution.  How …

#Fukushima #Nuclear #Meltdowns still in progress N

HELLO WORLD!!! OPEN LETTER TO NUCLEAR POWERS! You’ve got the tools! Let’s Get To Work!!



Hello World! Here’s an Open Letter to the President PLUS a little more “why” on ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW

’All reactors leak, all the time’   Yes!  All the time! Dear Mr. President…Yo! Things are falling apart on your watch….anybody telll you that? Things are not so good in America. Here’s the deal….people need the truth about Fukushima. Yes, we know that when the Truth comes out, there will also be Americans on trial for high …

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Hello World!! Fukushima Fix-it Strategy?? Remember, Dead Demonstrators don’t get the job done!!

Remember, Dead Demonstrators don’t get the job done. Dodge those radioactive isotopes if you’re out and about today……. and remember, we are the media now; keep firing! OCCUPY VIRTUALLY !! FUKU RADS IN THE AIR, EVERYWHERE! All reactors leak, all the time….. yessssss, alll the time. Nuclear meltdowns are kind of like leaks, too. Both …

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Hello World! Open Letter to Academics, Scientists and Smart People Concerned About On-Going Nuclear Meltdowns

On March 11, 2011 the world changed, for us all. More MOX News out of Japan!  Huh?  D’oh!!  What else??!! While Rallies and Demonstrations are underway……Uh-ohh, here’s what really happened recently in Japan. Uh Ohhhhhh…..  Pu 239 is the product of reactors and as you well know, there is only one real use for ….

21,000 Lbs of Plutonium Was Sent to Japan Where is - 484931891518686


To: Sidney McPhee President of Middle Tennessee State University –   MTSU Office of International Affairs –  Parents of All Students at Middle Tennessee State University –  And Many Others……….. “We are the Media Now…..“ RE:  OPEN LETTER TO FOLKS IN TENNESSEE, USA:   SUICIDE FIELD TRIP TO FUKUSHIMA Dear People:

#FUKUSHIMA Industry Lessons Learned Trying again i


FUKUSHIMA OPEN LETTER TO UNITED STATES SENATOR(S) with Copies to DOE, DOS, NRC and the President of the United States of America, Friends and Bloggers on Facebook, et al Dear Senator Ron Wyden: Thank you for sacrificing your life for the American people, and for the people of Japan, and indeed, for the people of …

How many senators are owned or leased by the nuker

Hello World! Here’s an Open Letter to the President PLUS a little more “why” on ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW

 ’All reactors leak, all the time’   Yes!  All the time! Dear Mr. President…Yo! Things are falling apart on your watch….anybody telll you that? Things are not so good in America. Here’s the deal….people need the truth about Fukushima. Yes, we know that when the Truth comes out, there will also be Americans on trial for high CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY….

Mr President

Hello World! Nearly 40,000 blog direct views 1st year: ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW….. WE did it! WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….

On December 8, 2011, the first issue of ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW was ‘published’ having been watching and posting and shouting about the unfolding global catastrophe since 3.10.11. The triple-meltdowns were first seen reported on 3.12.11.  No actions have been taken to interrupt the ELE. Together, this year, WE achieved nearly 40,000 direct views, and …

LUCY OCCUPY answered a question 30 minutes ago Wha - 439249702753572

Hello World!! Fukushima Fix-it Strategy?? Remember, Dead Demonstrators don’t get the job done!!

Remember, Dead Demonstrators don’t get the job done. Dodge those radioactive isotopes if you’re out and about today……. and remember, we are the media now; keep firing! OCCUPY VIRTUALLY !! FUKU RADS IN THE AIR, EVERYWHERE! All reactors leak, all the time….. yessssss, alll the time. Nuclear meltdowns are kind of like leaks, too. Both …


Hello World! Fukushima: You ‘Get it’ or You Don’t; either way, you’re Inconveniently Dead Sooner Rather Than Later

“The three melted reactors combined in Fukushima Daichi contained 257 tons of nuclear fuel enriched to 3.7% Uranium 235 and divided into 1,496 assemblies,  each about 172 kg. Reactor No. 3 also housed 32 MOX assemblies, reportedly enriched to 6% or 330 kg of Pu239. In addition, the storage pools of these reactors have at …


Hello World! Fukushima on a Robot-Serial-Killing Spree!!! What’s next??!!!

“Humans and robots cannot get close enough to the available reactor cores for long enough to attempt any of the suggestions [other than put the reactor cores under water immediately].   The only feasible solution is to put the reactor cores under water immediately…

Here’s another Warning… Pass it on… Creatively… “At 211 degrees, water is hot…..” Watch this 3 minute video for some fierce inspiration….http://play.simpletruths.com/movie/212-the-extra-degree/ 


Hi World! Put the Reactors Under Water Now! Any Questions?? https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2012/05/10/hi-world-put-te-reactors-under-water-now-questions/

Triple Nuclear Meltdowns in progress since 3.11.11  What are efforts to contain Fukushima? None.  None? NONE.

Triple Nuclear Meltdowns in progress since 3.11.11 What are efforts to contain Fukushima? None. None? NONE.

Include those complicit in the cover up with the charges against TEPCO?

Include those complicit in the cover up in the criminal charges against TEPCO?


with Copies to DOE, DOS, NRC and the President of the United States of America, Friends and Bloggers on Facebook, et al

Dear Senator Ron Wyden:

Thank you for sacrificing your life for the American people, and for the people of Japan, and indeed, for the people of the World. To brave massive doses of radiation contamination during your recent trip to Japan is something only our rank and file military personnel have done. Thank you.

What about evacuation of the children in Japan? Other than a few grass roots efforts, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO SAVE THE CHILDREN. The children are suffering from radiation contamination. Where is the World outrage? Where is the hand of America offering humanitarian aid to a devastated collection of human beings, fighting for their lives, and for the survival of their children???

The Oakridge Nuclear Weapons Lab folks have determined there are 1,946 known radioactive isotopes that leak from all reactors, all the time. You and your entourage have just been exposed to mega doses from extremely hot reactors, in meltdown, with residual radiation from the meltdown date of 3.11.11. Your life span will not likely be ‘shortened’ immediately, but do plan on it.

When I first saw a reference to your letters, my first reaction was, “OMG! Didn’t anybody tell him there are reactors that have been in meltdown since 3.11.11 and that “cold shutdown” is simply another baseless rumor???”

Your letters made numerous references to the proximity of the reactors in meltdown to the ocean. Perhaps you are aware of the only plausible action that can be taken to help save members of humanity from the consequences of the meltdown?? PUT THE REACTORS UNDER WATER.

The reactors were designed to be in cooling pools. Most people who have been watching this disaster unfold since 3.11.11, when the 3 reactors in meltdown was first reported by the NRC and media, know that the cooling systems were destroyed last March. The NY Times recently had an article about how they were ‘sprinkling’ water on the unseen reactors cores to hopefully keep them cool. :/ For the most part, Corporate Media has been complicit in a horrific cover up of heinous crimes against humanity by the nuclear power industry.

All reactors leak, All the Time. Fukushima has been in meltdown since 3.11.11

A recommendation was made to the President of the United States of America, and others, by the scientific community last year to put the reactors under water; either put the reactors into the ocean, or bring the ocean to the reactors. The reactors at Fukushima Daiini are said to also have earthquake damage, and are also at risk.

This is an action that requires massive evacuations that should have taken place last year along with diplomatic and military cooperation, and a will to save humanity. The process is called ‘subsidence bombing’ and requires strategically placed ‘bombs’ to slide the reactors into the ocean, essentially carving a new harbor.

Simultaneously, the reactor cores must then be retrieved by nuclear submarines, and then, the issue that you mentioned about ‘storing’ the nuclear reactor cores must be addressed.

These are the only ‘CAPABILITIES AND SUPPORT’ that may extend some life spans.

Remediation efforts are rather silly if the reactors are still in meltdown, as they are and have been since 3.11.11, wouldn’t you agree?


Then, as the facebook discussions and posts increased, I wondered if you had stepped on somebody’s toes to get such a mission, a death sentence, if you will. Then, I thought, well, we each have to do what we have to do in these times that try men’s souls, these days of nuclear meltdown which is contaminating the entire planet. You may not have seen any of the known 1400 lethal isotopes while you were in Japan, so here is a picture of one:

All reactors leak, all the time. 1400 KNOWN lethal isotopes, killing us now. Can’t see them, can’t smell them, can’t survive them long.

In the world of facebook, your communications about Reactor #4 and the TEPCO Bailout, Remediation efforts and some humanitarian aid are being widely discussed, internationally. Many of my friends have been cheering your efforts, before reading your letters.

I am somewhat alarmed (well, realllly, really really alarmed) by the lack of reference to the actual meltdown IN PROGRESS, the failure to evacuate in March 2011, and the failure to evacuate the children all year, and the failure to evacuate US Troops as the radiation readings are escalating, and the incineration of radioactive rubble (and concern that bodies are also being incinerated to keep death statistics low?), the contamination of the food and water supplies, the damage to the ocean, the death tolls and the declining birth rates, the radiation fall out in North America and around the world, and the extinction level probabilities, for not only Japan, but for the rest of us.  YOUR LETTER APPEARED TO BE A TEPCO BAILOUT PROPOSAL. ????


Your letter really, on deeper study, appears to be part of the mega-dollars bail out plan for TEPCO and further appears to be fully supportive of the pro-nuker industry. Your letter is quite ‘politically correct’ in a killer nuke-era world and discusses the ‘lessons learned’ from the multiple reactor meltdowns.

However, please understand that the leadership of Japan and of TEPCO have experienced 13+ months of radiation contamination, and the full destruction of their country and enterprise, combined with evident LOEF/Loss of Executive Function, destroying their ability to think clearly, and to have the fate of the world in their hands! They even sent in ‘geiger countered monkeys’ a while back to see if it was safe to enter the dead zones. Seriously. Does that sound right to you???

The People of the World are also working on a FUKUSHIMA LESSONS LEARNED compilation. The lessons don’t speak highly of any corporate or government entities handling of matters to date.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” — Voltaire

We talk in pictures much of the time in facebook land…… On your trip, did you see any parents of small children holding signs like these???

What happens next, Senator? What’s next?

As deaths from radiation increase here in the USA, many of us are hopeful for Coroner’s Inquisitions to determine causes of unexpected and ‘mysterious’ deaths. If said deaths are deemed to be by radiation poisoning, we will need brave Coroners to fulfill the responsibilities of filing criminal murder charges against the humans involved with the various nuke-plants (and their industry accomplices) with trials and prosecutions to the fullest extent of the law.  Under the circumstances of your accepted mission, perhaps you may be willing to create such a Committee?

You are, no doubt, aware of the media censorship and black out since 3.11.11 until this recent pro-nuker media blitz which has taken the media by storm, with, unfortunately, a great deal of misinformation and false-alarms, and deniability of the real alarms. You are on the ‘radar now’ as you are the only ‘politician’ who said anything much about Fukushima and the radiation contamination from Fukushima in the USA, so The People will look to your office for truth, and for exposure and expunging of any and all criminals in regards to the Fukushima Disaster and the mis-conduct all year.

“Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.” — Carl Sagan

Politics is not my strong-point, but it really seems to be a Fukushima-Gate matter requiring further congressional investigations, and trials for high crimes against humanity.  Nobody in the nuke industry will agree with that….but simply ‘follow the money’ and follow your heart, and the Truths will be revealed.

The Secretary of State visited Japan last Spring, and she is still alive, although she does look increasingly weary.

The Secretary’s speech at the UN nuke event last year caused no alarm for or on behalf of the people of Japan, the USA or of the World being subjected to radiation poisoning from the Fukushima meltdowns.

Another nuke-expert also recently visited Japan, as a part of a Travel and Tourism junket, or so it appeared to many. The Japanese tourism groups have also created a campaign inviting people from Facebook with more than 1,000 friends to visit Japan, all expenses paid, in exchange for writing nice things about the trip.  Invitations and Promotions to Death??!!

One thing to remember about the lethal radioactive isotopes, they are invisible….can’t see them, can’t smell them, can’t touch them, but they will sure as heck kill you dead.  The NRC people can provide you with statistics on how many people will die from ‘permissible levels’ of radiation contamination from USA reactors, as well as the Fukushima meltdown. The NRC Chairman was aired on Youtube.com a while back ‘laughing’ when asked about deaths in Japan due to Fukushima. You might ask someone on his staff for the statistics.

Yo! Surprise! It’s me again, Mr. President!

I did, by the way, write a few OPEN LETTERS TO THE PRESIDENT….. as well as to the EMPEROR OF JAPAN, et al. Not surprisingly, no reponse yet, but the situation is getting worse and worse, and the baseless rumors are increasing.  Time Magazine even recently “reported” that disaster had been averted at Fukushima in their disaster issue, and they reported “there was no meltdown”. That level of mis-information alarms the most cynical of Patriots! I trust that it alarms you as well.

Last year, there was much talk about a request allegedly by President Obama to the President of TEPCO to install 21,000 extra pounds of Plutonium 239 in Reactor #3 for a “test”.  Reactor #3 had the biggest explosion.  Plutonium is the most poisonous substance in the Universe.

The bottom line of your letter to the alphabetic agency chair people isn’t enough. A bail out of TEPCO is not the issue; there should be trials for high crimes against humanity for their part in this disaster, and in the cover up. I often share with my friends that those trials for high crimes against humanity must commence and include all complicit from Tokyo to Washington and beyond.

What’s next? What’s next, Senator?

Please do what you can to help save humanity from this extinction level event at Fukushima, and to demand ZERO NUCLEAR REACTORS, WORLD WIDE, STARTING RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. SONGS IS FALLING APART. BYRON, IL IS RADIATING CHICAGO AND SURROUNDING AREAS. THREE-MILE ISLAND has similar leaking tubes problems as Songs. Hanford made a list of the TEN MOST RADIOACTIVE PLACES ON EARTH (and the list was criminally negligent in omission of other lethal facilities).

Last year, there were reports that in the first six months from the time of nuclear meltdown at Fukushima that there were more than 35,000 ‘excess deaths’ in the USA, and that by the end of 2011, that number was expected to reach beyond 100,000. The death counts will continue to rise as the meltdown continues to spew lethal radiation around the world. The killer-nuke-knuckleheads must be held accountable for their deeds.

All reactors leak, all the time. Fukushima is in meltdown.      Be Alarmed! Be Alarming!

You have stood up in front of The People and sounded alarms about Fukushima. Is your concern for TEPCO and client state of Japan, or for the human lives that have been and will be destroyed by the nuclear devastation of Fukushima meltdowns.

By the way, someone who appeared to be from one of the ‘alphabet agencies’ responded, last year, to one of my SOS missives on Facebook desperately seeking solutions. The response was rendered ‘anonymous’ and shared with many, but he said not to expect any international intervention for Japan as the ROI wasn’t there, as they had less than 10 years to exist from the time of the initial meltdown. NO BAIL OUT FOR TEPCO! CRIMINAL TRIALS, IN ACCORDANCE WITH INTERNATIONAL LAW, for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

I am glad to see US representatives finally responding to this global disaster, after too many months of silence.

May I respectfully suggest that you reconnect with the Ambassador of Japan and advise that the humanitarian issues will absolutely be addressed along with immediate actions with all Agencies, National and Global, to ensure that the reactors are quickly and as safely as possible put under water, for the protection of the Human Race.  You might also wish to request an immediate cessation of incineration of radioactive rubble and possible human remains.

Please feel free to respond at your convenience and your response will be shared in facebook land, as this letter will.

Thank you for your consideration, and your service to the World Community by your fearless travel to Japan.

Linda Ayres
email: FukushimaOnFacebook@gmail.com
blog: https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/


…..and the children are cheering and dancing and singing…..

We are the Media Now……

“there is no immediate danger”


Click to access Ambassador-Fujisaki.pdf

Click to access Secretary-Chu.pdf

Click to access Secretary-Clinton.pdf

Click to access Chairman-Jaczko.pdf


FRYING DUTCHMAN “humanERROR”    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5p283KZGa8

Japanese Anti-Nuclear Reggae Song: “You Can’t See It, and You Can’t Smell It Either” by Rankin Taxi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpsnXiitHv8