Hello World! Million a Week Club No 6 and … about Fukushima …

SPOTLIGHT on Rad in Colorado Springs

California Fires Boosted by Accelerant from Japan

What are efforts to contain Fukushima? None. The spewing of radioactive particles into the Earth’s atmosphere continues unabated. – Bob Nichols 10/11/12


MILLION A WEEK CLUB No 6 – California’s Boosted Fires

Are you in a city that gets a Million Counts of Radiation a Week? First, how on earth are you going to find out? Folks, that is a secret, isn’t it?

Look no further, Bob Nichols is the only Writer in the world that has the info for you. This is a Bad situation for all exposed to the Rad….


MILLION A WEEK CLUB No 6 – California’s Boosted Fires


Million a week Club is new publication by Bob Nichols in VT. Check out, at a glance, which cities in the USA are running a Million Rads a Week in Gamma.

This is for the 51st week of the Rad Count for 2017. Read it and weep. It is a done deal and cannot be changed.

To be eligible a city must sport a Gamma Radiation of at least a Million Gamma Rads a Week. It is NOT a good club to be in. There is no prize, only death and disease.

MILLION A WEEK CLUB No 6 – California’s Boosted Fires

Total Gamma Rad History since 2006

These are measured and recorded annual total Rads for reporting cities in the United States since 2006. Year to Date Rad readings for Million a Week Rad reporting cities are listed.

Most reporting American cities exceed Tokyo in Radiation levels. That was a surprise.

Ten Years of Annual US Radiation Measured Totals

* 2016 Rad CPM: 3,564,642,064 Gamma CPM 98 reporting cities

* 2015 Rad CPM: 3,365,375,052 Gamma CPM in 98 cities

* 2014 Rad CPM: 3,535,335,261 Gamma CPM in 98 cities

* 2013 Rad CPM: 3,269,359,674 Gamma CPM in 98 cities

* 2012 Rad CPM: 3,078,948,452 Gamma CPM in 98 cities

* 2011 Rad CPM: 3,332,873,138 Gamma CPM in 98 cities

* 2010 Rad CPM: 2,556,628,785 Gamma CPM in 69 cities

* 2009 Rad CPM: 1,649,403,564 Gamma CPM in 69 cities

* 2008 Rad CPM: 1,179,391,687 Gamma CPM in 64 cities

* 2007 Rad CPM: 1,151,948,142 Gamma CPM in 37 cities

* 2006 Rad CPM: 145,670,365 Gamma CPM in 19 cities

* 2006 RadNet public startup.

These are the 24 Hour a day recorded Total Gamma Radiation in CPM measured highs affecting people around the United States. Be prepared for a shock, these Year to Date totals are really big radiation numbers.

The Rad numbers are your guide to your exposure to the Rad. How much you already absorbed in your daily life is really hard to find out. The Nuclear Weapons Labs know, of course.

Notice: It is necessary for public health and because the many nuclear reactors are venting radioactive gases and steam at nights and on weekends. All residents should stay inside at nights and on weekends. It’s your life, your choice. The Rad is always cumulative. What you absorbed before now is still with you.

Especially hard hit are the cities listed in YRTW YTD ELE. See the latest Your Radiation This Week or TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION report for the most recent list of the 98 reporting contaminated cities plus Toneri Metropolitan Park in Tokyo, Japan….

MILLION A WEEK CLUB No 6 – California’s Boosted Fires


The SPOTLIGHT on Rad in Colorado Springs is added to present the records for the Total Gamma Radiation in Colorado Springs for the past Ten years.

Beta Rad Counts are no longer published by RadNet. The single word “WITHHELD” replaces the former mathematical notation “-0-“. That should be crystal clear now for most Americans.

The valuable Beta Count is history just when we need it most. It was used to track Beta water lakes under leaking reactors. Beta Water combines easily with Humans.

MILLION A WEEK CLUB No 6 – California’s Boosted Fires


READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE along with the Sources, Notes and Recommended Readings.


Copyright by Bob Nichols © 2017: Reproduce and distribute. Bob Nichols at duweapons@gmail.com


This is a public service message brought to you and yours Lucy Occupy and Friends, in compliance with copyright permissions. You are further encouraged to do more research, and share with your smart friends. #DodgeTheRads _________________________________________________

YOU CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE ELSE! Million A Week Club – Are you In It?

Additional articles on Fukushima by Bob Nichols can be found here: More on Fukushima Since March 2011

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What are efforts to contain Fukushima? None.

By Bob Nichols – October 11, 2012

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Nichols on Nuclear – Fukushima and More —- 


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