Congratulations Mr. President – about the Extinction Matters


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Lucy Occupy Says...

Dear Mr. President,

I didn’t vote.  I’m glad you won anyway!

Former President Obama allegedly left you a private note in the oval office desk top drawer.  He may have left a few things out, so I hope this Open Letter may help fill in some of the blanks.    I wrote the former president a few open letters, and also an open letter to the Emperor of Japan and to the Nuclear Power people around the world.

Links attached.  You might find them of interest, and you might certainly encourage your entire cabinet to at least peruse them; they will get NO STRAIGHT INFO FROM THE NUCLEAR CARTELS.  NONE.

Goodness, you know how they are!  Time Magazine in 2012 tried to convince the people that the 3.11.11. Fukushima Triple Nuclear Meltdowns had been’averted’ and they were busted on that.  They pulled the same nonsense in 2016. Monsters.

Back in…

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