Hello World! Your Radiation This Week No 20

“Three cities exceeded 1,000 CPM this week…”

 yrtw no 20 three cities
By Bob Nichols on September 5, 2015

“….Highest Recorded #Radioactive City in #America this week”

“A new and unfamiliar Leader this week in the race for the Most Radioactive Weather in America is Ft Wayne, Indiana with 1,306 CPM. Congratulations to Ft Wayne, IN as the Most Radioactive City in America this week. Other competing cities for the title were not even close…..”



Previous editions of YRTW

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“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!”


Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2015. Reproduce and distribute, give full attribution to Bob Nichols and Veterans Today.


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One thought on “Hello World! Your Radiation This Week No 20

  1. All Reactors Leak All The Time says:

    #MicCheck!!! “Your Radiation This Week No 21” Thirteen (13) cities exceeded 1,000 CPM this week in Your Rad Weather. Stay Alert and take all appropriate precautions.

    “Changes – Six New Cities Added

    “These cities are added to the Rad List in Your Radiation This Week. The cities are: Portland, Maine; Washington, D.C.; Montgomery, Alabama; Ft. Worth, Texas, Champaign, IL; and Atlanta, Georgia. The report period covers last week also to include the unnamed and unacknowledged, apparent nuclear event at Champaign, IL. Something spread radiation all over the country.”

    WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW – Take Appropriate Precautions and …. #OccupyVirtually! Be alarmed and Be Alarming!

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