“Honey, Are you Going to Work Today In The Forbidden Zone?” #Fukushima

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See them all….. and….. ASK MORE QUESTIONS TODAY…. SUCH AS what are CPMS in my town today? 



The reactor area is running up to 10 Quintillion (18 Zeros) Bq or counts of radiation an Hour.

There is no human or robot capable of simply living long enough to do this. Get it?

What now?


 Ask and tell your friends and neighbors about Fuku - 459244797420729

“Honey, Are you Going to Work Today In The Forbidden Zone?” 

If you were working there what would you do faced with that question? “Would you go to work today?”

Honey Are you going to the Forbidden Zone Today
Read entire article here:
fukushima workers



Here are a few….
Forbidden Zone 9
Forbidden zone 3 Forbidden Zone 2
Forbidden Zone 5
Forbidden Zone 6
Forbidden Zone 7

Forbidden Zone 8

 Forbidden zone 4

“Start With The Science.”

All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time

 Radiation What Radiation

#Fukushima is NOT A LEAK.

radiation zoneSwearing WTF
 What are CPMS in your town today?
Refer also to: http://www.netc.com
San Diego the other day, 8/20/14, was:
San Diego  August 20 2014on the beach pic 2
Capture NETC site

 “Do not walk quietly in this Open Air Auschwitz”

 What s next, Moms around the world ask about fukusCAUTION BEACH IS HOT TODAY

We are the Media Now.  Carry On.

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