Lucy Occupy Says…. RRRR … Review Remind Research RADIATION KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES!

Lucy Occupy Says...

Lucy Occupy shared  links via Nuke Ignorance Busters.

open your eyes

  • RRRR Review Remind Research: Radiation knows No Boundaries! Search YOUR Archives and (re)post 2011+ Fukushima news.  WE are the Media Now, and for that WE are Responsible.
  • About 2200 nuke explosions and this is a top 10 video from Japan
  • 地球上で最も放射能汚染された場所  TOP 10.

  •  “We are the champions” ….
  • Know all these places?
  • Ten Most #Radioactive Places on Earth
  • Capture Champions  top 10   nuked
  • Japan Earthquake Nuclear Crisis
  • Fukushima!! TOP 10 
  • “We are the champions” (JapanVersion)
  • Is your local site on or off the list?
  • Will SanOnofre aka SONGS aka FukushimaUSA make the list next year??!!! Guess that depends on whether or not the nukers proceed with the dangerous experimental restart that threatens more than 18 million Californians immediately, and plenty more depending on the WIND ROSE.
  • No Restart/Start the Trials for Crimes Against Humanity.
  • If the DA’s won’t indict, then the governor must

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