Hello World! Next Nuclear De-Pop-Op Imminent in Southern California, Approved and Sanctioned? ‘They’re coming for YOU now, are YOU ready?!’

'Plausible deniability' that there is 'no immediate danger'

‘Plausible deniability’ that there is ‘no immediate danger’

Is anybody else concerned that the impending restart of Fukushima, USA (aka San Onofre Nuke Power Plant) could just be another de-pop-op in progress?? 0.0

Humans in their right minds would not risk more than 18.1 milllions of lives in Southern California (and beyond) to make a few bucks, would they??!! Yikes!!

‘SCE intends to go forward with a bogus and dangerous experimental restart at   Fukushima, USA  aka San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in California?  Over our dead bodies?!!?’
Hear No Nuke Danger, See No Nuke Danger, Speak No Nuke Danger; Chant: THERE IS NO IMMEDIATE DANGER

Hear No Nuke Danger, See No Nuke Danger, Speak No Nuke Danger; Chant: THERE IS NO IMMEDIATE DANGER

As reference, we know that Chernobyl AND Fukushima contaminated their entire countries–AND THE WORLD!   To think for one minute that the ’50 mile area’ is some kind of magic shield or white picket fence the radioactive isotopes will ‘respect’ is absurd.  There is no barrier now and thinking the rads will change behavior in a nuclear disaster is PURE FANTASY.

The ’50 miles’ is merely what the US Government and the NRC suggested people should evacuate in Fukushima.  Of course, both entities are merely puppets for the pro-nukers.    The Fukushima rads hit the USA in less than 10 days, and continue to bombard the planet,  traveling thousands of miles, and the cover up has been ongoing since 3.11.11.

The ‘real immediate danger’ for a Station Blackout – MELTDOWN – for one reactor is a minimum 300 miles radius; more in the area of the prevailing wind.  US Census Bureau has documented 18,100,000 (18.1 million) population in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Areas, with Orange County at merely 3,055,745 as of July 2011 (probably reduced since Fukushima, will have to wait for future stats.)  

SanO 300+ mile evacuation plan?!

SanO 300+ mile evacuation plan?!


Did YOU send YOUR kids on educational [eugenics?!]  ‘field trips’ to Fukushima in 2012, like so many ‘parents’ and ‘institutions’ did? Or take them to play in the waters at Fukushima?  D’oh!

Remember also that nuclear reactors are simply stationary nuclear weapons.  Consider that in your ‘guns and weapons’ and ‘1st and 2nd amendment’ discussions.   Remember also the DU exposure of military personnel deployed around the world.  Nukes.  Gotta go.

aliens responsible

CRIMES DEMAND PUNISHMENTS!  Nuclear Crimes Demand Indictments and Punishments at the Speed of Light! Rather than more petitions and hearings and wishing and hoping they won’t Restart SONGS (aka Fukushima, USA) why not have PUBLIC TRIALS and SWIFT PUNISHMENTS for all involved in the immediate lethal threats to the 18.1 million people nearby Fukushima, USA (San Onofre)??!!


assholes still in charge

These nuclear profiteers are getting off way too easily with their 3D practices….DELAY, DENY, DEFY (and serial killiings with plausible deniabilities).  Following the money in such trials may also lead to indictments for crimes and profiteering related to Fukushima, globally, and may lead to putting the Fukushima reactor cores under water, to interrupt the on-going extinction level event created with the 3.11.11 meltdowns.

4 Nuclear Reactors EXPLODED on March 11, 2011 OCCU - 464461473565728

Do not Walk Quietly in this Open Air Auschwitz!
No San Onofre Restart. Shut it Down. Commence trials for nuclear crimes against humanity.  Experts Agree, SanO Unsafe. Restarting San Onofre is Unsafe.

Remember Fukushima. We do not…Forget.

All nuclear reactors leak, all the time.
All nuclear reactors leak, all the time.

All nuclear reactors leak, all the time.

Remember Fukushima.  We do not…Forget.



Remember, everything Hitler did was ‘legal’….. TILL NUREMBURG.  During ‘those times’ the terror of historical killer psychopath regimes required rounding up of people for exterminations.
In the 21st Century, some of the same ilk are attempting ‘exterminations with plausible deniabilities’ which include, but are not limited to, deaths by radiation poisonings…..and we don’t even have to ‘leave home’ to be included!!?!
We can’t see, touch, taste or smell the lethal 1,946 known radioactive isotopes, and denial does not extinguish them.  Look up into the sky, and recall what blue skies used to be.  Be alarmed, and BE ALARMING!!  It’s your money and your life!!
  • Is SONGS another example of such imminent threats to humanity??!  
  • Are Fukushima ignored TRIPLE NUKE meltdowns another example of such complete threats to humanity?!  
  • Is YOUR local reactor just another weapon of the Enemies Of Humanity??!
Is it now … TIME FOR NUCLEAR TRIALS…. from Sacramento, to Washington, to New York, to Tokyo, to London, to Paris AND BEYOND?  Wherever the nuclear ‘carteliers’ are lurking, turning over rocks may expose more criminals!   Is the time for trials for nuclear crimes against humanity…. OVER DUE??!!


First they came for the Conspiracy Theorists, and I did not speak out- Because I was not a Conspiracy Theorist.

Then they came for the Tree Huggers, and I did not speak out– 
Because I was not a Tree Hugger.

Then they came for the Children, and I did not speak out– 
Because I was not a Child.

Then they came for the Scientists, and I did not speak out– 
Because I was not a Scientist.

Then they came for the BLOGGERS–and there was no one left to speak for me.

#Fukushima, USA aka SONGS aka San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant! Weapons of Mass Destruction!  Disarm them Now!

einstein ignoranceignorance is a choiceyour ignorance their power

Suggestion: READ AND FOLLOW THESE BLOGS….and Share the Info, Links and Videos With Your Friends And Neighbors, and tell them to share the info with their friends and neighbors….TODAY!  Do it now….. expedite!  Are YOU blogging yet?  Without fear or caution??!!!  Carry on!  Have a nice day, and keep reading and firing!


Do not Walk Quietly in this Open Air Auschwitz!

Fukushima, USA aka SONGS aka San Onofre Nuke Plant  http://allreactorsleakallthetime.com/2013/01/19/do-not-walk-quietly-in-this-open-air-auschwitz-fukushima-usa-aka-songs-aka-san-onofre-nuclear-power-plant/



cat preparing to meet the new dog
einstein cat scientistnuclear emergency
Lucy Occupy: Note: SONGS, Nukers playing off key, again…. DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY…. in alignment with the USA National Cathedral icon, DARTH VADER
  • Lucy Occupy What you may not yet know about SAN ONOFRE, aka Fukushima USA …. tell your friends and tell your neighbors…


    Experts Agree, SanO Unsafe Restarting San Onofre is Unsafe.  
  • Fukushima’s Melted Reactors


    ‎- “….Radioactive particle emission through the air from Fukushima is not only 3.7 times higher than Chernobyl, but 28.3 times more radiotoxic with every breath taken….”

    “…Because of the nature of long-lived and short-lived radioactivity, this summation of the radioactive Fukushima inventory is valid for many years. Dr. Scampa’s inventory is current as of Friday, June 29, 2012.  There are 1,946 radioactive products produced by nuclear weapons and atomic reactors according to the Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Lab in America.

    Fifty-five are considered to be long-lived; 898 are considered to be short-lived but last more than eight days. These nine hundred fifty-three radioactive isotopes are included in this analysis.

    Nine hundred ninety-three (993) radioactive isotopes are considered dangerous and undergo radioactive decay within eight days; they are not included in this analysis….”

    fun science extrapolate
    FB FRIEND:  I am […also concerned that the impending restart of Fukushima, USA (aka San Onofre Nuke Power Plant) could just be another de-pop-op in progress…]  but until the elites are gone, nothing will happen. We still need to progress & people still need to know all about it but unless we dislodge a global mafia, it will just go on. They will do whatever they want until they are stopped physically in the material world. No amount of protest will pressure a dictatorship that is why it is called a dictatorship. Still we have no choice but to keep rolling along. When people realize those facts & get up & remove them, that nothing else will prevail .
  • FB FRIEND: It has been successful to change opinion of the masses & when it is enough they knowing what will happen if they don`t the fear will force them to act. They will fear it more than invasion when they have full understanding of the ramifications. Thank you ” L” for putting your heart & soul for so long into trying to save the people. It is a big job & takes many hours of concentration & research & much sacrifice of your time & effort for a very good cause & serious issue. Global warming is a midget compared to this problem.
  • Lucy Occupy That brings up some great questions…. I like the one, “How do we dislodge a global organized crime family, aka nuclear power cartels, the 1% behind the 1%?”…..
    Well, energy follows thought, and thoughts are things, so as we collectively improve our abilities to THINK THINK THINK….and ACT ACT ACT and POST TWEET DIGG PIN SCREAM SHOUT SING PRAY MEDITATE SHARE… results will come because they must come….. As above, so Below.   What goes around, always comes around!
    WE ARE, after all is said and done, THE NEW MEDIA TEAMS ON THE PLANET… https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/

    Ask About Fukushima Now …. all reactors leak all the time ….
    What’s next in the on-going de-pop-ops?!!   gRRRRRRRR!
  • Lucy Occupy Lucy Occupy Says….
    ‘We ARE the Media Now…..We are the NEW MEDIA TEAM ON THE PLANET….’ xoxoox http://lucyoccupy.com/ xoxoxox

    Lucy Occupy Says…    DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON SAN ONOFRE NUKE POWER PLANT….. and do it now….the ‘time-bomb’ is ticking…..  
    Lessons Learned from Fukushima??  Thank the Survivors of Fukushima Daiichi Triple Nuclear Meltdowns of 3.11.11 for putting this video together….it’s simple…and powerful….Watch this video with your loved ones:  
    Wake Up World!  think LOCALLY.  act GLOBALLY.  occupy VIRTUALLY!!!  WE are the media now!!

    Wake Up World! think LOCALLY. act GLOBALLY. occupy VIRTUALLY!!! WE are the media now!!

    THE INVISIBLE BOMB  (11 minutes, begins….Once Upon A Time…)
    ..Tsunami, TRIPLE NUKE MELTDOWNS....



    Ruger gunHOW TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT THOUGHTS Keep Postingunity of time space action

    SONGS! No Restart! Start Trials!

    SONGS! No Restart! Start Trials!

    Occupy Fukushima Cover Page

    pawns and gun controlANTS

    guns and protectionAre you outraged about the killing of the children - 476022239076318

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