Hello World! It’s Too Much!! Way Too much!!! Way too much radiation !!! 1400 / 542 / 858


In response to  Open Letters……..we still have not yet heard back from the Emperor of Japan, the Samurai, the Yakuza, or the President of the United States.  We have, however, heard back from Veterans Today Writer, Bob Nichols.  We can rely on grass roots every time! 

“We ARE the media now”

Here is the important FUKUSHIMA data requested by a few Fukushima Warriors …with links and further support documentation.  Read, ponder, and pass it on to at least 5 others.


To: Lucy Occupy   [And Friends]

for your info:        “Courtesy Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Lab In Tennessee, USA.

1400 known radioactive isotopes first come out of the reactor or Atomic Bomb and for as long as the source is still fissioning.

542 Radioactive Isotopes decay in the first 8 days.

858 Radioactive isotopes are longer lived. 55 of these are very long lasting radioactive isotopes.

All are radioactive and extremely dangerous.”

Bob Nichols


Sources and Notes.



File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
by IIV DATA – Cited by 2 – Related articles
SCALE 6 ANALYSIS OF ISOTOPIC ASSAY BENCHMARKS FOR PWR SPENT FUEL. Germina Ilas and Ian C. Gauld. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge 

Or, Google the title of the paper: 


AIPRI Blog of EU Physicist Dr Paolo Scampa:

Association Internationale pour la Protection contre les Rayons Ionisants. L’AIPRI a pour but la divulgation scientifique dans le domaine de la physique nucléaire et des dangers radiologiques de la contamination interne.




THANKS, BOB NICHOLS….THAT WILL GIVE US MUCH TO DISCUSS ON FACEBOOK, BLOGS, AND BEYOND.  Many of us take seriously the admonition that WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.  We may be Rookies, but many of us are giving it all we’ve got!  Commenters are invited to contact you directly….  duweapons@gmail.com


It took a follow up missive for this quick reply to the lengthy OPEN LETTER; more detailed response to follow at another time.  This is a powerful ‘short, sweet and to the point’ piece of information, already discussed by many FB groups. 

Some ‘FUKU Warriors’ requested more details, which Bob has graciously  provided.

Apparently Bob Nichols has been working on radiation matters on the other side of the world.  Yikes!  This nuclear madness is truly truly mad.   A link to his article about Iran and Reactors and… some extremely grim and harsh….and horrible realities are included…….which seems to also indicate horrors to come regarding Fukushima.

“This is but another case of where the psychopathic “smartest guys in the room” at the DOD create a life on Earth ending apocalypse as the air-borne killer radiation spreads throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Bushehr’s soon to be vaporized 200 tons of lethal reactor cores are projected to produce no less than a life choking 26,128.20 hot particles per cubic meter in the Northern Hemisphere up to 3000 meters in the sky (9,842.51 feet.)

Each highly radioactive hot particle is at least 85.78 times the Maximum Allowable Human Dose Permissible Per Year after 300 days in the doomed. Bushehr reactor.  The resultant RadPoison takes about a year to go world wide…”

There are several Facebook-Land friends and Fukushima Warriors  interested in matters political, on the other side of the world, beyond Fukushima.  This link is for you!

This is about MATTERS NUCLEAR, BEYOND FUKUSHIMA.  You are warned— it’s an extremely difficult article to read……………….if you have a pulse. 


The above excerpt from the article seems to also relate to the devastating and on-going nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, at least in the devastating consequences. 


You can sign up for regular missives from Veterans Today at their website, www.veteranstoday.com    They also have a Facebook page………welcome them!   https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Veterans-Today/170917822620

Links to other articles published by Veterans Today directly about Fukushima are:




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for your comments and follows and shares

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Hello World! It isn’t enough! Not nearly enough!!! Fukushima actions now!!!









Let’s prove it!!

All Reactors Leak (radiation) All the Time


1400 killer isotopes for Japan, and 858 killer isotopes for the rest of us

Daily, Without Thought…Can’t See ’em…..Silent and Invisible Killers

brought to us by the KNK=Killer Nuke Knuckleheads

“the 1% behind the 1%  ewwwwwwwww!”

“May all psychopaths go straight to hell and may NOT ONE be left behind”

We are the Many; they are the FEW….




7 thoughts on “Hello World! It’s Too Much!! Way Too much!!! Way too much radiation !!! 1400 / 542 / 858

  1. sillymickel says:

    I won’t waste time pointing out the statistics that prove the premise that the current trends we are following are apocalyptic.

    We need simply to look to our daily headlines. Need I remind of the dangers from catastrophes like Fukushima and the Gulf Oil Spill?

    Care for Some Radiation with that Milk?

    We have radiation mixing into the world ecosystem as I write. Fukushima alone is spreading radiation that’s off the charts into food, air, oceans, and has made it to the East Coast of the U.S. and beyond in just a short time. We also know that nuclear waste needs to be guarded for 25,000 years because of its toxicity…it is still deadly for 250,000 years. Yet we continue to excrete massive amounts of it into our globe and even after the Fukushima meltdowns to push for building more plants.

    Dead Zones and Dolphins

    We have watched baby dolphins by the hundreds washing up on Gulf coasts and the creation of hundred mile dead zones in our seas. BP stupidly used toxic chemicals to disperse the oil rather than to collect it. The dispersants themselves are toxic, but the much bigger crime was to make sure the even more toxic oil, which depletes the oxygen in the water and thus creates the dead zones, would be spread far and wide throughout the global water. Good for BP shares looking like they could fix it, bad for survival of oxygen-breathers on Earth.

    So BP’s egregiously criminal move was the equivalent of sweeping dirt under the rug to clean up…. We have, in this incident alone, precipitated greatly the dying off of the life of the oceans—the oxygen-producing plankton—and, hence, the basis of all life on this planet.

    *Cough, Cough*

    To this ravaging of the lungs of the planet add worldwide runaway deforestation, already in full swing. I am practically choking as I think how we then stink up the air with industrial emissions and auto exhausts. So to the dangers bringing on our demise we need to add globally increasing air pollution.

    Forget Your Sunscreen, We’re All Gonna fry.

    Environmentally also, we have the greenhouse effect—global climate change or warming—the depletion of the ozone layer, and so on….

    Meanwhile lots of folks think we have solved the ozone layer problem. We banned fluorocarbons, and we don’t hear much about this problem anymore in the media. Environmental nay-sayers are arguing that we “fixed” this problem, as part of their stance that we need not worry about what we’re doing to the planet. But not long ago—April 2011—CNN broadcast the news that the ozone had been depleted by 40% in the last two months alone! They immediately then turned to an item of dire importance—a snake had gotten loose in New York!

    Only One Earth, Don’t Blow It!

    Nor need I elaborate on the the nuclear threat–whether precipitated by terrorists, rogue nations, or accident. We know, but don’t want to, of the possibility of any one or more of these mad actors employing weapons of mass destruction, possibly leading to ever-mounting rounds of retaliation with eventually no one left standing. Relatedly we push out of our minds the threat of other kinds of weapons–such as biological weapons–getting out of control and creating a worldwide epidemic or holocaust.

    Eight billion and Counting…Now Let’s Attack Planned Parenthood! *sarcasm*

    Need I mention the continuing explosion of the world’s population leading to likely famine, wars, diseases, and so on? We have twice as many people alive now as the combined total of all humans who have ever lived! We are no different from bacteria who overrun their petri dish only to die off. We certainly aren’t showing ourselves to be any smarter than that.


    How about the possibility of virulent epidemic that cannot be cured? Does that catch your fancy? Strains of micro-organisms are evolving that are immune to our much-touted antibiotics.

    But why go on? If you are not aware of these things, you are from some other planet. If you are dismissing these facts, you are in actual psychological denial of your dire situation. If you are not paying attention, you are spending your life desperately running away.

    No, I won’t go into stats and figures to support the premise. The evidence and statistics are there for all to see, crying for attention, put out, published, and promulgated by the best scientists of our time, mixed in with the more mundane messages of our daily newspapers and nightly newscasts, though we mostly turn our ears from them.

    In fact, if you are not already aware of the global crisis that besets us, I do not think you will get much out of reading further in this book and would probably better spend your time doing something else. There will always be those that will have their heads in the sand and will be cast about like flotsam upon the waters by the events swirling around them–impotent in the face of them and dependent upon other’s actions for the result. If you are one, know we’re trying to save you, too.


  2. sillymickel says:

    …we struggle between these two opposite feelings throughout our lives. It is because of this contradiction we carry inside that we can never be truly sure of who we are and even that we can question our motives and intentions (those more self-analytical of us). It is because of this contradiction that we can always feel we could have done better, that people don’t know everything about us, even when they say they do, and that sometimes we fear, especially when we are younger, that if people knew what we had inside they would shy away, not like us, think us to be bad, even monstrous.

    By the way, about that inner monster of yours…

    It is because of this contradiction that people are so terrified of revealing themselves, lest some of that not socially appropriate, not socially sanctioned, not socially approved part of themselves slip out. And the fear there is that then we will be seen to have been found out; and that then we will be confirmed in our worst fears that indeed that “other” part of ourselves is—the horror that cannot even be spoken in one’s mind—that dark part of ourselves is the real us…which carries with it the view that any of the “good” in us is just a cover up so that other people will not know.

    Mask on a monster, lipstick on a pig

    But Freud took it beyond our inner struggles and talked about how the events of the world, the actions and movements of history, the dramas of all the ages, are in fact the products of this inner struggle. Desperate between these poles, we join together with others of the same feeling—whether of lightness or of negativity—in multiple relations and groups on both sides of that struggle. More than that, while driven unwittingly from sources on one side, we expend ourselves in complex ways, in concert with these other, to represent these groups as well as ourselves as acting out from sources on the other side; we mask ourselves as the other.

    Babel’s inner blueprint

    Ultimately, these groups magnify our powers. And the cumulative acts of many individuals, along with the actions of groups and their leaders, all within complex and contradictory motives at all levels and in every matter, create the complex events of all times. All these happenings are at base the story of inner conflicts—complex outer conflicts notwithstanding. In a cumulative manner and over time, things are ever more convoluted and twisted and complicated through the actions of the myriad characters—all of whom conflicted inside, act inconsistently, and out of their own unique struggles which have all of us perceiving and interpreting things in ways totally unique to ourselves.

    Again, The Question

    These huge world events, then, Freud laid at the feet of the individual struggle. Basically the world becomes an arena of the acting of the Will to Life against the Will to Death, of Eros versus Thanatos.

    That is why I say what we are discussing is an age-old question. Although to our detriment…or fortune?…it is now more than any other time crucially relevant, and it is the most immense importance and consequence as to the winner of that inner struggle.

    For while we watched with paralyzed hand on one side, on the other our lesser selves are presently taking us on a path that leads inevitably, one way or another, to total species extinction. And not just that alone, but in fact total life extinction on this planet, and possibly even to planetary annihilation—the destruction of this planet itself.

    …I do not address this Will to Death in a general sense. I deal specifically with its existence as an element of the current struggle between those of us who would live and those opposing that.

    I deal with the question of the sway of the the “dark side” as over against the Power of Truth, Love, Higher Power; God…if you will; Sathya Sai, that is, Truth Love…if you will; the Universe; or simply the Better Angels of Our Nature manifesting in increasing numbers of lives….

    The questions we need to ask are about which side will win in the end. For certainly it will be decided one way or the other, and soon, of that we can be sure. And that is what makes this time and this question different from any other time. Because this question is not an academic one, now. It is one whose answer will become known far sooner than we would ever wish….


  3. sillymickel says:

    Thanatos Walking, Part Three: “Quit Hitting Yourself!” and Sycophantic, Suicidal Ape

    Sycophantic Ape

    How to Make Someone Love You: Tell Them Something Wonderful About Themselves They Normally Doubt Is True

    “Quit Hitting Yourself!”

    …how many things do you know you do which are “not good for you”? How many things do you not do which you know would aid the cause of our supposed universal desire to Live and to Live as long as possible?

    The point is that humans, along with a Will to Life that is undeniable, also have a Will to Death.

    How many times have you woken up, thought about all the pressures and obligations, or complexities, responsibilities…. thought about all the seemingly insurmountable obstacles or challenges that you are facing… thought about all the things that just have to get done, yet you feel that you could not possibly have the time to do all of them…. How many times have you woken up and felt overwhelmed with what life has become and not wished to just curl up, go back to sleep, and never wake up again? How many times have you taken to drugs or intoxicants in full knowledge of their negative and even dire concomitants and simply thought to yourself, “Aw, what the hell. If I were to die, so what? What’s so great about life anyway?” Or, with less clarity, simply said, “Well nobody lives forever!”

    Do they sound like the pronouncements of a species that has a tremendous will to live? No, in fact, alongside our Will to Live, we have not only a Will to Die, but even a will to self-destruction.

    … this makes sense of so much, seemingly insane, human behavior we’ve seen of late. This Will to Die explains why we continue nonchalantly our march to armageddon. It shines light on how we can suck up air in cities that gives us raging allergies, clogs our lungs as bad as chronic smoking would, and will kill off the children we raise there long before their times. It reveals how we could drink poisoned water, blithely go about our business as the globe fills up with nuclear radiation and makes its way into our food supplies and as our government refuses even to test for it, and turn our backs as the oceans die, and killer tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis chalk up thousands in the kill column. It explains why people allow themselves to be enslaved and controlled by others—allowing fascism in established democracies—unconcernedly voting for rabid folk who would take away their rights and security and bring down their freedoms, health, and even lives, while watching those living under totalitarian systems risk their lives for a such freedom and rights and democracy. So much more.

    Suicidal Ape

    …just look at the evidence around you of addiction, chronic accidentalism, unhealthy behavior habits without number, and of course the ultimate evidence: suicide.

    And by the way, if we have such a strong Will to Live, superior to all other species, then explain why it is so that we are the only species that has suicide? And we’re supposed to be the conscious ones?

    [The Will to Death] has tremendous explanatory power, especially now in our current worldwide financial upheaval, depression/recession, expanding global fascism, nuclear meltdowns, oil spills, near environmental collapse, wars and terrorism, nuclear armaments of planetary annihilation, and tendency to pollute body as well as environment, and even to do it thoughtlessly, in full knowledge of the consequences.


  4. sillymickel says:

    …regarding our being special in our Will to Live, this kind of “protesting too much” and its flip side of repeating it ad nauseum, as Shakespeare obviously saw, points to a hidden agenda. Truths do not have to be repeated endlessly, mantram-like, even ritualistically. For they are self-evident and need as much propping up as the belief that the sky appears to be the color blue to us—and you don’t hear much about that, do you?

    My Dogma Barks Out My Specialness – But the pervasive repetition of the supposed Truth of our species Will to Life—especially the blown-up version that has it being the thing that makes us human, different from other species, “superior” to other species (there’s a clue), and even “special” (clue. Getting it?)—points to its being, not so much truth as dogma. And dogma does need to be endlessly repeated in that such things are exactly about things that are not obvious truths.

    In fact, this repetition of an obvious truth points to its being not true. In a previous post I showed how our “sad proselytists” have to say their untruths and unrealities out loud in order to buck up or reinforce their believability. So also human societies need to endlessly repeat, in order to reinforce against onslaughts of insight, their precious untruths….

    So what then? Well, this repetitive characterization of Us, as Humans, has all the indications of something that has an intention, however unconscious, that has a calculation, however desperate our desire to not see it, about it to achieve an effect on the audience—in this case—the masses of all humans.

    Humans’ Uniqueness Among Species? We Suck Up – What is that pathetically overlooked intention? Well, let us take a look at what that effect might be.

    Anytime you place our species above all others (true or not), you are making as much as anything else a play to butter up your audience of fellow humans and appeal to their vanity…and thus, making them feel good, hoping that they will feel good, or, like you in return. In commonspeak, that’s called “people-pleasing.” In the vernacular, it’s called “sucking up”….

    This pervasive, mutual stroking we do has a result which is of dire consequence currently: We scapegoat our planetmates because of this pathetically low self-esteem and those who play on it.

    More at – http://apocalypseknow.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/our-dogma-barks-out-our-specialness-thanatos-walking-pt-2/

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