Hello World! Here’s an Open Letter to the President PLUS a little more “why” on ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW

 ‘All reactors leak, all the time’   Yes!  All the time!


Dear Mr. President…Yo! Things are falling apart on your watch….anybody telll you that? Things are not so good in America. Here’s the deal….people need the truth about Fukushima. Yes, we know that when the Truth comes out, there will also be Americans on trial for high crimes against humanity, no doubt.
People are concerned about the elections…. I don’t care about the elections. Whoever ends up in the White House next term will be scooping up bodies of citizens dead and dying from radiation poisoning. (ps that department that does the radiation reports has some…probably criminal accusations coming at them….skewed numbers, evidenced by the skewing…)
So…..The People are talking about detention camps being organized on your watch…. that is so not cool. Let’s do this…can you pretty please let the People know that you’re going to do a surprise house cleaning and those camps will be for the psychopaths and those complicit in the Fukushima disaster and related nuclear events around the world…that might help calm things…. That’s what I keep telling people. OK. Hope this helps. My guess is nobody on your staff has alerted you to the challenges in the ‘hoods of America.
I watched a movie about Alexander the Great recently….here’s a tip—> TRUST NO ONE. Looks like the deal you made has gone south…that’s apparently how those folks play… Alrighty…then.
Later.   Lucy
ps A bunch of us link up at “8 o’clock, local time” in a pray-er, thought, meditation effort.  It was a concept started with convicts in America’s maximum security penitentiaries back in the 1980s, when America’s prison population was a fraction of what it is today. The group was called “Prisoners Unanimous Embracing All Planetary Prisoners.”   The guys reminded back then that, “Prayers change people–> PEOPLE CHANGE THINGS.”   Back then, they also suggested dealing with Washington if change was desired in the country, as they were not the problem, but the ‘end result’ of the problems in America.  That was too ‘frightening’ back then.  Today, spiritual, human and patriotic duties demand addressing issues directly, or at least as directly as protocols allow.   When people get alarmed about threats of a ‘police state’ it’s useful to try to tell them it’s old news, as 1 in 100 citizens are currently locked up, and the private prisons are what they are (are these kamps privatized too??)
PS…You had to think back to your younger years and chuckle and applaud about that gala song, WE ARE THE MANY (link below)…. ‘Chutzpah’ is the word, isn’t it? BTW, I keep you in my prayers…and the photo that goes with this little post….was a gift from a friend abroad…. Looks like we’re buddies, huh? OK….Have a nice day.
Intention: 1,000,000+ more people immediately aware of Fukushima PDQ (by 12-31-11; current Google hits 62,800,000) who will ask about Fukushima and tell their friends, tell their neighbors; ‘united as one; divided by zero’.
Yes! 1,000,000 more by the end of the year;
tell your tell your friends; tell your neighbors;
thanks! xoxox
Current media dis-information seems to be amping up and leaning toward more delusion that the reactors at Fukushima will be contained real soon, maybe even a ‘cold shut down’ within a short time.  That folks, is a scientific impossibility.  It would be like TEPCO advising that they have discovered how to ‘turn off the sun’.  Ain’t happening.  And we didn’t really read that the US is moving forward with more nuke reactors, did we??  What about the sorry condition existing leaking reactors are in?  SONGS–San Onofre; Diable Canyon, Indian Point…What’s that one with all the icky bomb grade plutonium…Savannah?  Oh, it’s gone now? All of it??  :/   Sort of brings to mind thoughts of:        #LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE WAY#
This video will bring you up to date about Fukushima. Note, the video assumes full Japanese responsibility; this is inaccurate. Investigations and trials for high crimes against humanity will verify.
Ask the  government staff, “civil servants, ” about complicity, censorship, and current radiation readings in America and around the world….Ask the hard questions..the answers or silence may terrify you…ASK THEM ANYWAY……xoxoxox
“8 O’CLOCK, LOCAL TIME” LINK UP … in prayer, thought, meditation… WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….. and Fukushima has been melting down NINE MONTHS…imagine the horrific genetic mutations, illness, disease, and death happening around the globe now; thanks “knk” (killer nuke knuckleheads!!!
“As Edmund Burke famously said,  Those who don’t know  history are doomed to repeat it; but the true history of the health effects of exposure to the radioactive substances released by both the Chernobyl and Fukushima catastrophes have been covered up by the power of the nuclear lobby. “
Included here is also the  report: Fukushima and Health: What to Expect, http://ia700705.us.archive.org/5/items/FukushimaAndHealth/FukushimaAndHealthWhatToExpect.pdf
PLAY IT. PLAY IT LOUD. PLAY IT OFTEN. PLAY IT EVERYWHERE.  Share the lyrics with ALL WHO OCCUPY AND ALL IMPACTED BY FUKUSHIMA.  We ARE the media now!! POST ON!  http://makanamusic.com/?slide=we-are-the-many  Every ‘movement’… needs an anthem…… and this got played ‘as a surprise’ for the president of the USA….in my book, the artist is a hero….y’all still playing and sharing this song???….DO YOU REALIZE THE COURAGE IT TOOK FOR the artist to PLAY IT at that gala dinner in Hawaii??………..  🙂

We Are The Many    makanamusic.com

SOS & ALERT:::: “Is there anyone on your Fb Walls with a clue as to a plausible explanation other than criminal tampering with the official isotope report numbers?”   Nobody had a plausible explanation other than…     :/

What if….YOUR government deceived YOU about the CURRENT dangers and risks of radiation contamination to you and YOUR loved ones, , or ‘cooked or skewed’ (reporting inaccurately!) the numbers???!!!    Would you investigate or just do nothing and say, ‘oh darn; mean psychopaths! tsk! ‘???      Choose your path!!

As you (all) know, ‘all nuke reactors leak, all the time’.  Fukushima has been melting down nearly 9 months….   1400 isotopes—lethal radioactive isotopes are the resulting contamination. (If mainstream media reports on these isotopes, they ‘keep panic down’ apparently by reporting them 1 or 2 at a time.  Note: THERE ARE 1400 OF THEM!)  There should be 22 times more Sr89 than Sr90, the way it comes out of the crippled, destroyed and open reactors.

“In this data from the criminal US organizations DOE and NNSA one of the isotopes, Strontium 89, is “out of whack” in relationship to Strontium 90.  Is there anyone on your Fb Walls with a clue as to a plausible explanation other than criminal tampering with the official isotope report numbers?”

Breaking news ; 610,000Bq/m3 of Sr-89 was measured in Tokyo, 3/18/2011
Posted by Mochizuki on December 3rd, 2011
http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/breaking-news-610000bqm3-of-sr-89-was-measured-in-tokyo-3182011/   http://tinyurl.com/6nafbhu


In recognition of another artist, here are the lyrics to another powerful song….
we wish we were wrong
we wish the truth away
fukushima killer dust
more coming every day…… the winds that blow
the world around
the rain that falls
down to the ground spreading poison
spreading death
how are we going
to fix this mess?fukushima
nightmare dreamer
wake up shake up
wake up shake up
chain reaction
global action
hang the nuke gang
hang the nuke gang♥ Brett Burnard Stokes ♥
Thank you Brett…. This shakes the Soul….xoxoxo  Indeed….”we wish we were wrong….. wake up shake up chain reaction global action…….” xoxooxoxoxooxoxox
Open Group. Anyone can see the group, who’s in it, and what members post. — askaboutfukushima@groups.facebook.com.  Members can also post to the group by sending an email to this address.  https://askaboutfukushimanow.com/?p=33&shareadraft=4ee1bec2cf176
FUKUSHIMA: “All nuke reactors leak, all the time” SOLUTIONS NOW
Open Group    Anyone can see the group, who’s in it, and what members post. — allnukereactorsleakallthetime@groups.facebook.com
Members can also post to the group by sending an email to this address.   For sharing more, link is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/allnukereactorsleakallthetime/
Let’s take some time to appreciate one another for all that we are collectively doing….remembering that …. all we can do is all we can do…..and if one thing doesn’t work, try something else. So let’s keep moving forward, singing, posting, sharing, liking, loving, supporting, helping, tweeting, telling friends and telling neighbors…and please, UNDERSTAND THAT FUKUSHIMA IS YOUR BUSINESS ALSO…IT IS GEARED TO KILL MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS…. so…fight the good fight, post the good post, and KEEP THE FAITH…..and love one another, like there’s no tomorrow….. XOOXOXOXO
Yes! 1,000,000 more by the end of the year!!
tell your tell your friends; tell your neighbors!
thanks! and
link up at “8 o’clock, local time
“We are the Many” and –> Anonymous Precedes Unanimous

Hello World! Ask About Fukushima Now …. ‘all nuke reactors leak all the time’ Ask about your local reactors also….

It’s nearly nine months [as of 12/08/11]  of non-stop spewing  of radiation from Fukushima.   It’s time to ask the hard questions  LOUD AND CLEAR about Fukushima, and what it means to you, to your loved ones, to the people of Japan, and yes, to the people of the entire world….    Let’s set an intention right here, right now for more than 1,000,000 people to have enhanced awareness of the Fukushima situation, and for those 1,000,000 to immediately tell their friends, tell their neighbors, their doctors, their lawyers, and the elected officials. ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW.    

“The cornerstone of Science Philosophy is the Canon of Agreement, which states that the antecedent conditions of a phenomenon, when repeated, will produce the same phenomenon.  Let no one doubt that the Chernobyl experiment, repeated in Fukushima, will cause the same result, a result reported in these proceedings in all its terrifying clarity. “

Link up: “8 o’clock, local time”
in thought / prayer / meditation

Some scientists sugar-coat it and suggest that ‘yes, sadly, many people will have shortened life spans’ as a result of of Fukushima.  I guess scientists don’t say things like, “OMG!!! MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE, AND NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT?!!”     In America, people are focussed on an upcoming election, and our government allegedly is preparing to incarcerate a few million of us, if that news has any validity.   Whatever.  If the population is primarily dead or dying, how important can that be???    THIS IS A POTENTIALLY EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT….. Google it for more clarity.

This blog will serve as a resource for friends not on Facebook……and since mainstream media really has been what some might consider as “criminally negligent” in reporting facts about this apparent ‘Extinction Level Event’ it is important to share all aspects of Truth.  This blog will also serve as a reminder that “all reactors leak, all the time”….so –> TELL YOUR FRIENDS, TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS AND DO IT NOW.  Think globally/Act Locally….one heart, one mind, one post, one question at a time….

There are many, many good, fine, bright, brilliant, educated and not-academically education people pouring their hearts out on Facebook about Fukushima, and related matters.   It’s a growing group who take it seriously that WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, and for that, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE.       Many of us link up at “8 o’clock, local time” in thought / meditation / prayer with and for all who OCCUPY, and with and for all who are impacted by FUKUSHIMA.   No leaders, no dogma, no religion….Just people of goodwill…..linking up….THINKING UP.    We take seriously the action of Posting, Sharing, Like, Joining, Creating, Supporting, Tweeting, Telling our friends and Telling Our neighbors about Fukushima…..and other related matters.  Some even refer to the nuclear industry advocates as the “KNK” –> KILLER NUKE KNUCKLEHEADS.

Intention: 1,000,000+ people more aware of Fukushima, and telling their friends and neighbors now… xooxoxo

If you are one of the more than 800 million Facebook members, c’mon….check out some of the many groups about Fukushima, empathetic about Fukushima, and/or organised for humanity saving efforts.    A list follows for your reference…it’s a growing list…..if you have a group not listed, or if you have a website that the FB people might want to know about, please leave it in the comments.  There is also a FB group called:  ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW.   Check it out, join it, strengthen it…. another one is  FUKUSHIMA: “all nuke reactors leak all the time” and another is FUKUSHIMA ON FACEBOOK.  They are open,  light groups, and getting brighter day by day….Join us and others.

For the first little while, this blog will primarily have daily (sometimes more) reposts from posts out of Facebook…. Kindly don’t expect perfection…..these are death-defying times….. PROGRESS, moving forward, always forward one of the intentions.

Pool resources …. and hurry….   Here is an important report:

Fukushima and Health: WHAT TO EXPECT.     http://ia700705.us.archive.org/5/items/FukushimaAndHealth/FukushimaAndHealthWhatToExpect.pdf

(page 328) All of these are described in this volume in great detail, by the eminent scientists who have studied them. As Edmund Burke famously said,  Those who don’t know  history are doomed to repeat it; but the true history of the health effects of exposure to the radioactive substances released by both the Chernobyl and Fukushima catastrophes have been covered up by the power of the nuclear lobby. And the main instrument that has been used for this is the radiation risk model of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, the ICRP. But as far as scientific evidence goes, the simplistic ICRP risk model is now bankrupt. It is now clear to all, except governments who depend upon the ICRP model to justify their support of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, that the model is unsafe. With terrifying prescience, the matter was raised in 2009, in a videotaped meeting between the Scientific Secretary of the ECRR Prof. Chris Busby and the just-retired Scientific Secretary of the ICRP, Dr Jack Valentin. In this meeting, and presented in this volume, Valentin states quite unequivocally, that the ICRP model cannot be used to assess the risk from a major accident at a nuclear power station.  It is not what it is for,  he said. Yet this is just exactly what it is being used for 7 months after the Fukushima catastrophe.

This is a political issue, an issue of democracy. It is also an issue for those involved, deciding whether to evacuate their children from the contaminated areas.  Perfect political decisions require accurate information. For those decision-makersand members of the public who want to know what will happen to the people of Fukushima and wider areas of Japan, the information is here.

 The cornerstone of Science Philosophy is the Canon of Agreement, which states that the antecedent conditions of a phenomenon, when repeated, will produce the same phenomenon.  Let no one doubt that the Chernobyl experiment, repeated in Fukushima, will cause the same result, a result reported in these proceedings in all its terrifying clarity.”

                                                                                                          *    *     *

As you or your friends experience new health challenges, this report may be useful to your health professionals, as causes attributed to radiation poisoning will have to be ruled out….  Bear in mind, there are 1,946 known radioactive isotopes…lethal elements …. now contaminating our planet.  “Do not walk quietly in this open air Auschwitz any longer”      

ps…here’s an action request • Action request INVESTIGATE FUKUSHIMA; TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS WHAT YOU HAVE FOUND….AND ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW….  (if you are so moved to forge links of goodwilll and hope)
• Let’s keep being the media we wish to see. POST AS IF EVERYBODY IS WATCHING, WITHOUT FEAR OR CAUTION…… Link up with more groups and get more friends, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, share data……join in meditation and prayer daily at 8 o’clock, local time….connecting telepathically…. Here are some group names again…. Link up with those you like and leave the rest for others….CREATE NEW ONES…Find those working for change, and strengthen their hands, blogs and walls…. xooxoxox ‘without fear or caution’ xooxooxox
1. ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW 2. FUKUSHIMA: “All nuke reactors leak, all the time” SOLUTIONS NOW 3. Fukushima Activities for CommUNITY Pray-ER SUPPORT 4. FUKUSHIMA VISION ALIGNMENTS 5. ASK ABOUT TRIALS FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY NOW 6. ASK ABOUT PLUTONIUM NOW 7. ASK ABOUT sonderkommando NOW and THEN 8. FUKUSHIMA ON FACEBOOK9. ASK ABOUT TELLURIUM NOW 10. A Group To Discuss Nuclear Events At Fukushima Daiichi and Around the World 11. Agape International Spiritual Center 12. Awakening As One 13. Concerned Citizens Radiation Knowledge Exchange 14. Conversations with Avant-garde Sages 15. DiaNuke.org – DIALOGUES and RESOURCES ON Nuclear 16. Fukushima Informations Give your hands to Stop Radiaton from Fukushima. Save Japan. Save Mankind. 17. Glowing Conversations 18. GONE Group of Nations Everywhere 19. HUMANIDADES-ENTREFLORES 20. Intenders of the Highest Good ~ The Founders Circle 21. Intuitive Thinker-Truth Teller-(I AM A WAYSEER) 22. K2 Autonomous Society 23. Meditation for Solutions to Global Issues: Fukushima Nuclear Disaster24. MENSCH / PESSOA 25. Mushajee 26. NESARA Now! 27. Nuclear Forensics28. Nuclear Hotseat – weekly podcast 29. OCCUPY FACEBOOK 30. Occupy Facebook-United We Stand 31. PEACE AMONGST ALL 32. Prisoners Unanimous Embracing All Planetary Prisoners 33. RAD Weather Watchers 34. Radiation Health Solutions 35. Rainbows 36. Safe Citizen Inter Agency Group 37. STAR STUDENTS COMMITTEE SUPPORTING A NUCLEAR-FREE WORLD 38. Stop Jaitapur Nuclear Plant 39. STOP nuclear industry / atomic power plants 40. The “Think” TANK 41. The Global Brain Project 42. The Mercury Project 43. The Power of Releasing 44. Translate Fukushima 45. Unite for Energy Independence of America 46. Warriors & Warrioresses of TRUTH! 47. Water Ceremony with Marasru Emoto 48. We Are The World PeaceMaker [ Awakening to The Golden Age of Aquarius 49. We Declare World Contact Day NOW 50. We the People vs. G.E., TEPCO and Hitachi. 51. Women for the Future: Women for a Future of LOVE PEACE & HARMONY7 52. 福島 FUKUSHIMA 311 WATCHDOGS 福島 53. 2012: Surfing The Shift
• 53. Any and all of the OCCUPY Walls….. America, Europe, The World, Everything, WE ARE THE MANY …xooxox  ; )  See More; Create More…               BE THE MEDIA WE WISH TO SEE……………………………for that, we ARE responsible…and remember always that:  Anonymous Precedes Unanimous….  so #Pray People Pray#